Alex and Lydia have a conversation that likely foreshadows the rest of the season
S2 E6
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Keeping track of truths and lies, good guys and bad guys was as difficult as ever this week, but most people managed to survive it. Most people.

Let’s start by seeing which lies crumbled in the past on the Farm:

The lesson of the week involves deciding whether or not to approve a drone strike. Of course, it was introduced with Owen trying to be vague and deep about it: “It’s not always our actions but their aftermath that haunts them. Today we’re going to find out who among us is strong enough to face themselves.” First, the gang was told the issue existed in the past and they were weighing in on something that had already happened. Then he told them it was for real. And then, when they voted NOT to call the strike, he called it anyway. Dirty.

His justification for that mood? Also kinda dirty. “Pain doesn’t know right and wrong. It lives with you regardless,” Owen says. “I want you all to know the target that was killed was guilty. There’s no doubt. It’s easy to live with a righteous kill.” Yeah, well, something tells me this is going to turn out not to have been so righteous and Owen’s not going to have such an easy time living with it… in prison (more on that later).

That story Harry told Sebastian about his boyfriend committing suicide? Well, Mr. MI6 told Ryan that such a tale was B.S…. and unbeknownst to Harry, Sebastian overheard it. Still, Harry gave big speeches about going with his gut this week, and his gut must have told him that something was up with Sebastian, because Harry closed the episode by telling him that he lied to Ryan to protect a personal life that was none of his business. Personally, I’m going to go with door No. 2 here — the story is complete and utter hooey.

Still, we’ll give Harry a little love for spotting the love between Alex and Ryan, and offering to cover for Ryan so he could comfort Alex on the anniversary of Simon’s death. Maybe he’s a romantic at heart, despite all signs to the contrary. But probably not.


It may have felt like a bit of an afterthought, but this week’s episode was the one-year anniversary of Simon’s death. That wasn’t a lie. In his honor, we got a rather lovely scene of Nimah, Alex, Ryan, and Shelby visiting his gravestone and reciting the Mourner’s Kaddish. I felt a bit of a lump in my throat myself, because I genuinely miss Simon — none of these new characters have stacked up (at least not yet).

This episode also featured more father-daughter fighting between Owen and Lydia, but zzzz… Let’s move on.

NEXT: That death and whatever else happened in the present

Allow me to pat myself on the back for a moment: When Lydia’s collar went off and Alex had to save her from choking to death, I knew there was something fishy about it. And I sensed we’d be seeing such a death coming very soon. Well, there was — Lydia had the remote control (R.I.P. wedding planner Leigh). Still, it was a good ploy for Lydia to gain Alex’s trust and get her hands on the hard drives.

But, let’s be honest, gaining Alex’s trust is too friggin’ easy. She and Lydia had beef from day one — perhaps she shouldn’t have been so willing to trust her after just one incident. Speaking of beef, I’m pretty sure this was the most important conversation of the episode. It certainly set up what’s clearly coming later this season on the Farm…

Lydia: Still bitter over being kicked out?

Alex: I wasn’t kicked out, Lydia, you threw me out.

Lydia: I don’t regret what I had to do.

Alex: Why would you? With me gone, your prize pupil rose fast.

Lydia: Ryan made his own choices. My father, on the other hand, didn’t have a say, did he?

Alex: I tried to apologize for that.

Lydia: Try it in person next time. Federal prisons allow visitors once a month.

That redhead hostage who claimed she worked for CNN was clearly bad news. When she overheard Leigh say she’d been to Surabaya, Indonesia, on her way to Jakarta. Apparently, that’s redhead’s a big trigger, and she ran her into another room. A few minutes later, Leigh came running back into the room and had begun recounting being asked about her travels when her collar went off and she died a bloody, bloody death. Again, R.I.P.

That final scene was a bit of a jawdropper: We think we’re seeing Raina say to the terrorists, “You were right: Dayana may be one of them,” but then — BOOM! — it was Nimah. Raina is cuffed to a chair in another room.

Lingering questions:

  • What kind of trouble did Alex cause at the Farm that got her kicked out and Owen thrown into prison?
  • Ryan was Lydia’s prize pupil?! How’d that happen?
  • At the Farm, Alex was nagged at least twice — including by Ryan — about not having made a media statement about her whereabouts. By the conclusion of the episode, she still hadn’t done it. How will this issue rear its ugly head?
  • When did Raina and Nimah make the switch? And was it by choice or by force?
  • Who is Sebastian married to in the present?

Episode Grade: B+

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