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S2 E14
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And we’re back! After a short hiatus, Quantico returned this week with a whole new, single timeline plot: Ryan, Alex, Shelby, Nimah, and Dayana have teamed up under the direction of President Haas to figure out all the collaborators who are working off the material — dubbed “the cash” by Director Keyes, who is also overseeing the crew — from the national security discs stolen from the G20 summit for their own benefit.

Of course, the problems the group is dealing with aren’t just coming from external forces. There are also problems within the circle. Alex and Ryan are awkward, still reeling from their recent breakup. Shelby is angry with Nimah, because, you know, she helped out the AIC. Clay Haas, who is running the show under his mother, is T.O.’d at Shelby for that affair she had with his father, and Owen, who is released from prison to oversee the team, is livid with Alex for forcing his hand. As you might imagine, this makes working together bumpy.

Their first attempt to “follow the money” leads them in the wrong direction; they simply uncover a Ponzi scheme rather than one eighth of an international terrorist ring. The only good part? Alex bumps into Harry Doyle during her mission. The two reconnect — mainly because Alex stole Harry’s wallet and he has to come looking for it the next morning — and Alex enlists his help immediately.

Turns out, Harry + Alex = Masterminds. Just as Clay Haas and Director Keyes are disbanding the group, Alex presents her theory. She’s found the money trail and it points toward someone named Christian Kelly. He just made $200 million off the most recent abuse of stolen disc information and, tellingly, it turns out this isn’t the first act of terror that he has benefited from. Alex finishes her pitch by pleading that the group officially hire Harry Doyle, who helped her. TBD on whether that works out; Keyes isn’t looking very inclined.

After, Alex and Ryan are catching up on the porch. She tells him she still loves him but that she still needs more time, which he, well, doesn’t love hearing. Shelby and Clay also make nice inside the house, though when Clay invites her for dinner at the request of his fiancé, that’s too much for both of them and they agree to not.

Because subplots are still very much a thing, León gets in touch with Dayana and Alex to warn them. He says that someone is out to kill everyone from their recruit class. He references one of their fellow trainees, who, he says, died in a very suspicious car accident. Dayana takes this to Director Keyes, who assures her there is nothing to worry about — or even a death. She and Alex relay this message to León, but rather than comfort him, it leaves him livid. He says Keyes can’t be trusted, and when he leaves the bar, the episode closes with him being being assaulted, drugged, and shoved into the back of an unmarked van.

Silly you if you thought there was just one subplot stewing. There’s a reporter who catches on to Ryan this week while they’re doing their spying. After she googles a few of the odd keywords he mentioned, she finds a picture of him with his name on it. Something tells me it won’t be long before she begins to follow their more-than-classified trail.

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