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Well, things are positively chugging along now! After a few convoluted weeks, “EPICSHELTER” answered a lot of questions — and only raised, like, 47 more!

Lets start back at the Farm. Owen wants to hand the entire investigation — of Lydia, of the AIC, of this weird warehouse — over to the authorities. He says his and Alex’s work is finished. Except it’s really not. The next day in class, which FBI Director Keyes is teaching, two FBI agents pull Owen aside. The man who died at that warehouse is none other than Jeremy Miller.

The FBI agents question all the recruits, and they all tell them the same thing: They barely knew Jeremy. He got expelled quickly. Only Owen’s questioning goes differently. His interrogators show him a tape from the NSA, revealing that they know both the tape and the information on it were going straight to Jeremy’s warehouse. They tell him it won’t be long before they can pin the crime on Owen, so he decides to take the fall for Lydia. Thanks to Ryan’s info, he now believes that she’s not a renegade agent but rather the leader of a president-sanctioned black ops crew. Sigh.

Meanwhile, Keyes’ objective is to remind the recruits of their mortality. He tells each of them they must prepare a will before they can go out into the field. Now that everyone is properly morbid, they head to the bar to get drunk and hopefully lift their spirits. But Harry’s spirits can’t be lifted. After catching up with Owen, who is equally in the pits, Harry heads to — obviously — the Gold Leaf. He tries to find levity in a chat with Sebastian, but Sebastian tells him he has hacked into his computer and realizes that he’s trying to take down Sir Lawrence Bishop. He emailed Director Keyes, he adds, to get Harry kicked out. I’m livid, but Harry is relieved.

Harry gathers a couple rounds of shots and, after ripping a couple, tells everyone he is MI6. He rips a couple more, thanks Sebastian, and runs out. In the middle of this breakdown, Shelby calls Alex and tells him about Owen’s plan to admit to a federal offense that he didn’t commit. Presumably, the recruits continue to take shots, drink, and write wills in Harry’s absence.

The next morning as Owen is saying goodbye to Lydia, she lets him tell her that she’s a good person! A perfect person! It’s too much. Alex finds Owen and Lydia on the way to his escort and tries to put her two cents in. As Alex is perhaps accustomed, no one actually wants to hear what she has to say. After Owen is handcuffed, Lydia tells Alex that she’s cut.

Ryan, meanwhile, will be staying at the Farm. He and Miranda have called off the investigation into the AIC since Lydia told him it’s an approved program, but Lydia has also asked him to stay behind. This likely explains how Alex and Ryan end up breaking up — but we won’t know until Quantico returns in three weeks!

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For the first time all season, what’s happening in the present/future is the more interesting story. Lydia and Alex round up Harry, León, and Ryan to tell them that they need to go back in to get Dayana and Will. Without Lydia, the four debate whether or not she is trustworthy. Ryan says she’s been good to him for the last six months. Harry and León share Alex’s opinion that she’s not so trustworthy, but they agree to go in anyway.

As they head back in to survey the crisis zone, we hear from Miranda and Raina, who are being questioned by a very angry Shelby at FBI headquarters. Miranda fills Shelby in on the very real AIC. She recounts how Jeremy found her a month after he faked his death at the warehouse. He told her she wasn’t wrong about the group that she was looking for, adding that they were even more dangerous than Miranda originally thought. He told her he’d been recruited following his expulsion at the Farm, but he declined. After that, he went to his former instructors — you’ll recognize them as the leaders from last week who were questioning and executing people — but they told him they were the orchestrators of the Citizens Liberation Front.

Miranda became involved when the CLF told her they needed FBI cooperation to stage the hostage crisis and draw out the enemy. Apparently, Elaine Todd was part of the enemy group (stretching much, Quantico?) and since she had rounded up a lot of suspected perpetrators, the hostage crisis had to happen at the G20 Summit. Miranda promises that she didn’t know it would be as deadly as it was.

Which means that when Alex approaches Dayana and Will, we already know she’s been set up. Dayana tells her that Lydia is her boss; she’s the one who told her to hide in the library with the hard drives. Lydia shoots Alex in the back (she’s wearing a bulletproof vest) while Dayana runs and gives her boss the drives. By the time Alex gets up, Lydia has already begun the uploading process. Will can’t stop it, either. The damage is done, and for now, Lydia has won.

That Shelby agrees to cover up Miranda’s involvement is not the most shocking part of this episode, though I’m not sure I respect her desire to avoid a scandal at the expense of justice. No, the most shocking part is that after a very weird “we’re broken up but we still love each other, and maybe we will get back together in the future” conversation between Alex and Ryan, we get the plotline for the rest of the season.

President Haas has summoned Alex, Shelby, Ryan, Raina, and Dayana. She and Director Keyes tell them that they have all been recruited to join a joint task force (plus Alex, who is employed by no one) to keep tabs on the AIC. Since the hard drive was uploaded, the entire world has access to the nation’s trade secrets. And just when you thought all the rabbits were out of the hats, the president reveals that everyone will be reporting to none other than Caleb Haas.

Take every minute of these next three weeks to digest that! We may be moving to a single-plot story line, but this show is hardly getting less complicated.

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