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Ugh. I mean… where do we even begin? Not only has Quantico not really moved forward in the last couple weeks, but now it’s actually moving backward via a series of over-developed subplots.

Let’s get those out of the way, shall we? First and most time-consuming is Harry Doyle, the tragic case of his deceased ex-partner Elliot Bishop, and the new, looming (potential) case that Harry is developing against Elliot’s father, Sir Lawrence — a good Anglican churchgoer and shipping magnate who, by withholding his trust fund, drove Elliot to substance abuse and suicide. So maybe not so good…

This begins to dominate this episode when Harry says he’ll only agree to help Alex spy on the AIC recruits — who, like last week in Germany, are tacking their own mission onto this training mission — if Alex helps him gather a bunch of documents on the not-so-good Sir while they’re inside the security agency. (So just so we are all on the same page: Harry and Alex are going to spy on Ryan, Dayana, Sebastian, and León while they are all, collectively, also spying on the NSA, sort of.) Harry leaves Sebastian without backup while he is on the lookout for Alex, and Sebastian is fuming when they get back to the Farm.

It’s worth noting, also, at this point, that the Arctic tundra is warmer than the space between Harry and Sebastian, so I’m confused as to why Sebastian thought Harry would have his back. As opposed to the indignation I think I would respond with if someone (Sebastian) told me that they viewed me as an obstacle placed in their way to try to tempt them away from the one right and true path, Harry actually confides in Sebastian about Elliot. Crying by the end, he tells Sebastian to be true to himself, “whatever that is.” Later, Sebastian — literally — tries to kill Harry. He’s just come back from telling Carly about his battle with his sexual orientation, as Harry advised, and she promised that she would help him resist temptation. But Sebastian is still upset. He never used to have temptation before Harry, and he wants to do away with it.

The Sebastian-and-Carly bit comes back into play quickly. In the future/present, as Alex is leading the hostages through the underground tunnels out of the crisis zone, Carly takes Harry hostage after stealing Alex’s gun. Sebastian can’t bring himself to shoot his wife, and he and Carly end up in a gunfight. Sebastian is injured, but Carly is killed. Oh, also, Carly is an AIC member. And before she dies, she tells Alex that she isn’t a terrorist — she’s just a CIA operative. She also taunts Alex — why is Alex the only one who is allowed to go rogue and take the law into her own hands whenever she pleases?

Honestly, it’s a good question. The Harry versus Sir Lawrence drama appears to be put to bed (for now!) when Harry finds nothing useful in the NSA documents.

NEXT: Some allegiances are broken, and others are formed…

Other things bubbling: Shelby is in love with León — “I fell for a mark,” she tearfully admits to Nimah — and also, León has been kicked out of training. Dayana and Lydia set him up inside the NSA to get caught, earning him the bottom of the murder board for the second time, and he’s gone. He tells Dayana that he’s glad to go, relieved, even. And the rift between Alex and Ryan, which should be more central to the storyline, IMO, finally begins to show. Alex has to spend the entire challenge/assignment spying on him. She’s not sure she believes he is just undercover anymore. Also, there’s a stalker watching

In terms of big developments, Owen Hall is on board with Alex’s investigation, which she is conducting on behalf of… herself? Owen? They’re going through Lydia’s emails trying to figure out who she is reporting to, but nothing has a name on it. Which brings us to something else important: The president has sanctioned the AIC operations. Lydia tells Ryan as much when he presses her on the motive behind their missions. He calls Alex to tell her when she is on a surveillance mission with Owen. They’ve found a secret spy station outside of town where someone has been holed up stalking everyone at the Farm. (Lydia also tells him that the Parks Department employee isn’t dead; that was staged. This relieves some guilt for Ryan, and I imagine it’s news León would love to hear.)

Owen insists this isn’t the work of Lydia or any other high-level operative. It’s being done by an obsessive. I know what you’re thinking: “Great. A new character with a questionable set of motives!” And… I agree! More on that next week, I assume. Anyway, the warehouse blows up just as someone is trying to enter. Alex tries to stop him and doesn’t get a good look at him before he’s consumed in the blast.

The two other major players this week are Will Olsen and Dayana, both of whom become vitally important. Will is the only one who has figured out how to target the AIC members, and the AIC knows it. Carly putting a gun to Harry’s neck was actually a diversion — it was in that moment that the rogue agents kidnapped him. And finally, it appears like Dayana is a ringleader for this underground circuit. Lydia, who is surprisingly in the base camp for the FBI on site, tries to convince Alex she can trust her. She also says that she needs Alex to go back inside the crisis zone. She says Alex is the only one she can trust — because Dayana is inside.

Questions lingering at the end of episode 12:

  • Dayana was recruited by Lydia. Did she go rogue from Lydia, or is Lydia still not to be trusted?
  • León was kicked out of the Farm, and he quit the AIC and, we assume, was discarded by the FBI as an informant. How did he end up back inside the hostage zone, and does his helping Dayana hobble down the hall indicate that he has been recruited to whatever her cause is?
  • Who was entering that offsite location that blew up when Owen and Alex were there? Will Olsen seems like the obvious first choice.
  • Is Harry getting his own spin-off? This beef with Mr. Bishop has to tie into the hostage crisis… but how?
  • When do Ryan and Alex break up? I barely even remember they are together at this point!

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