Alex recruits Owen, but he won't come easily
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Alex is making promising inroads in the still-active downtown Manhattan crisis zone — but let’s get to that later. First, a jump back to the Farm, where Alex is trying to enlist Owen’s help. She’s told him that his daughter is the AIC ringleader, but he’s not buying it. He tells her she needs to be right. Clearly he’s forgotten this, but Alex’s favorite thing in this world is to be right.

Over the next couple days, Alex brings Owen every shred of evidence she can find against Lydia in hopes of convincing him. As Owen throws his hands up in exasperation after one such meeting in his kitchen, Alex spies that global map Owen and Lydia keep on the wall. She takes a picture of all the places Lydia has been. She brings that picture to Shelby — who she learns has been cut out of the plotting with Ryan and Nimah — and Shelby promises she will look for any corresponding AIC activity in Lydia’s past locations.

Meanwhile, Phillip, Harry’s handler’s husband, is in town. He and Harry are discussing digging up some old documents that could implicate Pip’s father-in-law in the death of Harry’s first love, Elliott. (While this is an interesting development, I’m loath to accept another subplot. Don’t we have enough going on?)

Nimah has drawn up a contract for León to sign. He will be granted immunity for any of the crimes he commits on this mission, but he has to bring back hard evidence of what the AIC is up to. Nimah wants León to focus on Dayana, she says. “She’s dangerous.”

In other subplots that we really don’t have time for, Owen tells the recruits about Helen Sharp, one of his former assets in Germany. She died, he reveals, because he couldn’t get her out of the country in time once her allegiances were blown. This week’s challenge for the trainees will be to get an asset out of Munich before they are discovered by German intelligence.

While the class is discussing options for how to pull this off, several important things happen: (1) The AIC recruits get a text with their next assignment. It’s to take out a German national while they’re in town. (2) León, under the advisement of Nimah, re-bonds with Dayana. And (3) Alex gives Owen proof that Shelby just gave her. She tells him about all the AIC activity that went on where Lydia has been traveling. He seems convinced.

When they all land in Munich, Owen reveals that the asset the recruits need to get out is none other than himself. This is dangerous, and everyone scrambles. Alex goes to find Owen with Ryan while Harry and Sebastian go to get fake travel documents made for his escape.

After Alex has found her “I have a death wish” instructor, she attempts to lead him to the safe house. Two foreign officers get to them first and stun-gun them, but Ryan barges in and saves the day, and Alex and Owen are able to get to the safe house.

NEXT: Owen gets out and León’s on the outs…

León and Dayana have abandoned this assignment entirely and are off doing their AIC duties. Unfortunately, the plan to kill this seemingly random woman isn’t sitting well with León, and he sabotages the plan just before Dayana pulls the trigger. In turn, Dayana sabotages his involvement with the AIC. Lydia promises Dayana that he will be gone within the week.

So that subplot about Owen’s old asset who died — yep, it’s still going. When Alex and Owen get to the rendezvous point, there’s a sweaty young man waiting for them with a gun. He wants revenge, and Owen actually wants him to kill him. Alex convinces the kid otherwise, and he leaves. We’re left to assume that Harry’s fake travel documents proved legit because next thing we know, we’re back at the Farm.

Alex needs Owen to cooperate with the investigation. He says he can’t. It’s his daughter, he reminds her. He gives Alex an entire packet of proof before she leaves. She takes it to Shelby at the Gold Leaf — sidebar: I feel so bad for this town. How can this be their only establishment?? — and they don’t have to talk long before it turns out Owen couldn’t stay away. Shelby and Alex are thrilled to see him added to their case.

Inside the crisis zone, in the present, the hostages are being shuffled around. Sebastian gets thrown into a room with Harry, and they’re joined by — Sebastian’s girlfriend? How did she get here? She says she’s been stuck in a room by herself, which seems suspicious to me.

One by one, the terrorists are leading people out for questioning. Will Olsen is in the command room, and the plan is that when the person being questioned has been injected with truth serum, the terrorists ask them to list the last few places they’ve been stationed. If they get three confirmed overlaps between stations and AIC activity, that person gets shot in the head. Gruesome, I know.

Harry is on the chopping block but gets let go — he’s MI6, so no worries there. And then it’s León’s turn for questioning, as well as Ryan’s turn to be tested. The terrorists aren’t sure that they can trust him, and they’ll make him kill someone to prove it.

But León proves a concern for other reasons. His answers match up with AIC activity, but that activity was supposed to be associated with a female agent. Will says León is covering for someone. (We all know it’s Dayana, right?)

The lead interrogator and Ryan spar over whether or not León should be killed, but Will ends up saving Ryan. He wants to take down the AIC, but not if it’s going to compromise his morals. Finally, Alex pops in. She says its time to evacuate.

After they get Raina — they promised Nimah they would — they lead out the hostages. All is going well until they realize that their hostage group keeps growing. The terrorists are blending in with them. What can they do? Get everyone out, and, as Alex says, “try not to get killed along the way.”

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