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Is there a technical, Bureau-approved term for “information overload”? Because that’s how you could describe tonight’s episode. Quantico has never been a show to slow down and let you put together pieces before making you solve 10,000 new puzzles, but tonight’s episode threw so many answers at us, I might need to write a recap of this recap later. I apologize ahead of time, but let’s get to it anyway…

The Academy

Now that the Twin Twist is out in the open, the NATs get to “meet” Raina. Instead of “the fat one” and “the skinny one,” we can tell these twins apart by who wears a hijab (Raina) and who doesn’t (Nimah). (Am I the only one who can’t stop comparing this to Big Brother?) Now that they’re each their own person, Raina keeps her single room, and Nimah moves in with Alex.

Simon has calmed down about the twins’ big secret — they were required to do it, so he couldn’t stay that mad — and he’s trying to figure out which half of “Franken-Nimah” said what. He loves all these stories he thought were from Raina but turn out to be from Nimah. Uh oh.

Shelby and Caleb are bunking up together across the hall from where Brandon and Natalie are bunking together… Not only has that “no hookup” rule just flown out the window, but apparently co-habitating is totally okay now, too.

In class, Miranda tells the remaining agents that the rest of their time at Quantico will be about “the outside world,” which they’ll get to actually visit now. Just like when they’re in the field, their Lesson of the Week is to take individualized assignments and figure out how to build a case before reporting to their superiors. It takes about .2 seconds for the NATs to realize their cases are all connected. Miranda applauds them on a job well done — no one is ever alone in the FBI — and says they’ll be presenting it at FBI headquarters.

It’s very convenient for Alex and Ryan that this Lesson of the Week is taking them to HQ because they can retrieve files on her father from there. A contact of Ryan’s gave him a photo of Alex’s dad with Liam O’Connor. Apparently Alex’s dad was Liam’s boss when he was first out of the academy. The photo has a Nebraska license plate in the background, and somehow this leads the duo to the exact box and file they need, but they don’t have a lot of time so Alex stashes it in her bag.

The NAT class, led by Nimah and Simon, present their findings to two FBI bosses. They pass, but then are told the lesson isn’t over: This was a real biological attack that the FBI stopped in the past, which the agents must attempt to do now. They all go undercover at a park to catch their perp. Ever the star of the class, Alex IDs the perp and tackles him. However, she doesn’t find the container of Ebola on him, so they head back to HQ with him in tow, but ultimately empty-handed.

Or so they think. Because everything is a test at Quantico. When Alex was tackling the target, someone put the contagion in her bag. They all failed the lesson — and Liam had the file taken from Alex’s bag.

NEXT: No one trusts anyone these days.

Alex isn’t the only one having a bad day: At the park, Shelby and Caleb are scooped up by the FBI bosses and sent back to HQ early. Shelby is being investigated for sending money to the Middle East every month (which I’ve been curious about myself). Miranda comes in and sticks up for her agents: She knows all about the account, which was set up to take care of Shelby’s half-sister in Saudi Arabia. And to make matters worse, Caleb was the one who reported this. He was suspicious of all the random calls she was getting from the Middle East on her cell phone.

Back at Quantico, the NATs are preparing for their first night on the town, but all Alex wants to think about is that file. She confronts Liam, and he finally, finally confesses: He says that he, her father, and a dozen other agents covered up the true instigators of a bombing in Omaha in 1993 because they all missed the signs leading up to the attack. Liam asks Alex to let it go, or else it will destroy lots of people’s lives and careers. I’m not sure I believe this, and neither does Alex. She goes to Miranda’s house to get confirmation.

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Miranda had brought her son to work with her that day; he got really into watching the NATs assignment for the day — so much so that he asked his mom if he could become an agent. It was really adorable until Miranda said that agents have to have a clean record, and then it became really depressing.

Back at home, he’s upstairs moping while his mom is downstairs confirming Liam’s story to Alex. But when Miranda gets a phone call from a neighbor saying someone is on her roof, she goes upstairs to investigate. She’s gone for a long time, so Alex goes to find her and sees that she’s been stabbed. Miranda says “Charlie,” and Alex sees a window open to the roof. What is going on in that house!?

Other Academy Things:

• Simon may actually prefer Nimah; and Raina is distancing herself from him.

• Which may not be a bad thing considering Simon calls someone at the end of the episode and says he made a mistake joining the FBI. And that someone is MAKING A BOMB.

• Caleb apologizes to Shelby for ratting her out and says he has a hard time trusting because he was in a cult when he was 17. His dad had to lead an FBI team into the compound to get him out, and then he had it scrubbed from Caleb’s record.

• After telling her that, “Mark Raymond,” a.k.a. Caleb, goes to meet someone for an analysis. (We’re definitely talking about Church of Scientology here, right?) Is Caleb still in the cult? Or is he trying to infiltrate it?

NEXT: Another bomb?


Alex and Ryan are somehow able to escape the hundreds of FBI agents that were swarming them last week and end up in a conveniently empty home. Alex has to remove the bullet from Ryan’s stomach before they can go any further. Director Haas is telling the media that these fugitives are within a six-block radius in Astoria. They essentially have nowhere to go, which is why Alex turns to her buddies Mia and Duncan from The Unknown.

While Clayton was on live television, someone hacked his computer and made all of the bombing investigation public. Clayton thinks it could have been Shelby, but he tells Caleb if it wasn’t her, then whomever it is will probably go to private emails next. And that is where he communicated with Shelby…romantically. Caleb — naturally — doesn’t want to help his dad delete these emails, but dear old dad says that this will protect his mother, too. Caleb says he’ll do it, but that deleting the emails won’t make them unsend. Clayton hands him Shelby’s phone and says, “not if you delete hers, too.” I’m not in the FBI, but I’m 99 percent sure that still doesn’t make them disappear.

So with the worst job in the world, Caleb gets to read all of the emails that his father and girlfriend sent to one another. Luckily he doesn’t find any sexts, but he does find an email from Clayton’s assistant, Tracy, which says an agent at the New York field office saw that another agent used Alex Parrish’s badge to gain entry into the New York office. Clayton is super cagey about it, and it eventually comes out that Clayton opened that email while at the hotel with Shelby. He doesn’t want that IP address entered into the investigation and destroying his marriage and his wife’s run for VP.

But even without that piece of evidence, things are looking up for Alex. Mia combed through the leaked investigation files and found receipts for components that weren’t at Grand Central. That’s when Alex remembers the scrap of wire she’s been carrying around and has a light bulb go off: That piece of wire wasn’t part of the bomb at Grand Central either. Which leads us to: There’s going to be another bomb.

Alex decides the only way to save New York from the next attack is to walk straight into command and give herself up. Wouldn’t be my first choice, but hopefully this will work out for her…


Alex Parrish: Not Guilty. I think we might as well remove her from this list?

Liam O’Connor: Guilty. He still seems suspicious with that Omaha cover-up.

Miranda Shaw: Not Guilty. Mostly just because she got stabbed …or shot…or whatever that bleeding is from.

Ryan Booth: Not Guilty. Also because he got shot. Killers don’t take one for the team like that.

Nimah Amin: Not Guilty. She disappeared post-attack this episode.

Raina Amin: Not Guilty. So did she.

Shelby Wyatt: Not Guilty. She’s just confused.

Simon Asher: Guilty. Innocent people aren’t friends with bombmakers.

Caleb Haas: Not Guilty. He’s just a sad puppy dog.

Natalie Vasquez: Not Guilty. MIA.

Elias Harper: Not Guilty. Gone for good?

Clayton Haas: Guilty. He’s definitely up to no good. (We said the same thing last week, and we’re sticking to it.)

Brandon Fletcher: Not Guilty.

Charlie Shaw: Guilty? We have yet to see him post-attack, but this week’s academy ending was highly suspicious.

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