Well, it didn't take long for EVERYONE to break that academy rule.

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Remember back in episode 2 when one of the characters casually said that there was a no-hookup rule at the academy and we all LOLed at the thought that that would last? Yeah, well, it took three more episodes for us to be right.

Keeping with the show’s one-word-title theme, tonight’s episode was called “Found,” but it may as well have been called “Lust” — because there was lots of action going down…and not of the FBI-approved variety.

The Academy

The NATs still have 15 weeks left at Quantico, but they are starting to get fatigued already. Nimah is an hour late to training because she doesn’t wake up; Alex is having daily phone fights with her mom; all Ryan can think about is pepperoni pizza; and Caleb has gotten his second demerit for using the gun range. The worst part is the trainees aren’t allowed to leave campus.

Well, Miranda is here to fix that…kind of. They all will get a night outside of the academy, but the catch is they have to do it while working on their Lesson of the Week: secret identities. The NATs (minus an MIA Natalie) have to infiltrate a company party under assumed identities and try to get to the CEO.

Liam helps them spend the day perfecting their cover stories — they have to know their personas’ likes and dislikes, favorite books, past crushes, everything. Once the stories are perfected, the recruits head to the hotel. There Liam tells them that developing a new cover story has to happen quickly in the field sometimes, so everyone has to switch the identities they’d been working on all day.

But these baby FBI agents are pros. Even with their minutes-old new identities, they infiltrate Dystek (a Fortune 500 company, according to Miranda) with ease…except for one NAT we’ve never met who gets yanked away by security. As our main five mingle the room, they spot Caleb and Elias mingling as well. Miranda thought it would be good for them to observe, too. Umm, real talk: There’s no way that someone didn’t notice that approximately 50 people they’ve never seen before are crashing their open-bar work party.

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Anyway, Caleb insists on messing up Shelby’s mingling. Every time she’s getting a step closer to meeting the CEO, he comes over and throws off her plan with a witty one-liner — the best being when he says, “You shouldn’t be drinking while you’re breastfeeding.” Infuriated, Shelby drags him into an empty (under construction?) room and yells at him. She says he never stops talking, so he says, “So shut me up already,” which was very eye-roll worthy, but quickly forgotten once they start smashing faces. So much for that no-hookup rule!

Simon took this away-from-the-academy time to invite his fake boyfriend to also crash the party. Max, who just recently accepted Simon’s friend request, shows up to the hotel. Simon introduces him to no one and makes him wait in a hotel room. If his plan was to prove Max was his real boyfriend, his execution is terrible. He’s filled in Max on none of this, so he’s just a sitting target when Elias inevitably finds him in the hotel room on his continued witch hunt. Max tells Elias all about meeting Simon the one and only time for their fake photo shoot.

Although Elias says he’s going to get Simon kicked out of Quantico once they’re back at the academy, Simon tells the “truth”: Simon says he was in the Israeli Defense Forces and can’t handle what he had to do, so he lives his life undercover. (Nice how that dovetails neatly with the Lesson of the Week.) I’m not buying it, but Elias does, so I guess Simon is sticking around the academy a little longer.

NEXT: Is anyone actually working on the lesson?

While all of this is happening, a few people are still doing their lesson at the cocktail party. Alex, Ryan, Raina (or it could be Nimah; they had to swap every hour), and some random NAT we’ve never met are led up to a room to wait to speak with the CEO. However, the woman Nimah/Raina had been speaking with all night comes in and announces that she will be the new CEO because the board just fired the other one. Nimah/Raina for the win!

But the real winner here is us. After the new CEO and crew go …somewhere else — to another room? back to the party? — Alex and Ryan think it’s a perfect place to co-opt that room for their love shack. Does anyone follow the rules at Quantico? Or have concerns about getting caught AT ANY SECOND?

But what can we expect when their trainers are making lusty eyes at one another in the other room. (Did this company party just take over the entire hotel!?) The last time Miranda and Liam were at this bar, they had decided to end their respective marriages. It didn’t end up working out then, but Miranda says she doesn’t want to let Liam keep secrets from her now. She wants to know what his Alex vendetta is. And he tells her…off camera. We only get to hear a snippet: He says Alex has something on “all of us,” and whatever that means, it’s enough for Miranda to tell Booth to keep working undercover.

Academy Lessons:

• Miranda’s son, Charlie, is getting out on parole, and she isn’t happy about it.

• NATs apparently can keep their cars at the academy because that’s where Shelby and Caleb are going to start taking their hate sex.

• Raina admits to her sister that she likes Simon, and later she asks him on a walk. Aww.

• In addition to a Facebook account, Caleb has an email account under Mark Raymond. He is emailing someone about an interview. Curious.


Even the media narrative following the Grand Central Terminal attack is all about sex: News outlets are calling Alex the “bombshell bomber,” “terror babe,” and “Jihadi Jane.” It’s a good thing she’s staying holed up at Shelby’s because some passerby would definitely spot her hot terrorist bod now.

At Shelby’s, Alex is still trying to question her about that damn copper wire. Shelby doesn’t exactly deny that it’s her company’s, but she says it could be from anywhere, including from one of Simon’s Gaza contacts. But Alex doesn’t get much more out of her before Ryan calls with bad news: The FBI has switched to shoot-on-site mode. This, naturally, freaks Alex the eff out.

She panics so much that she goes into the Dark Web and contacts “The Unknown.” I had no idea getting into the Dark Web and contacting Anonymous was as easy as visiting a random URL and typing, “This is Alex Parrish. If anyone is out there, I need help.” But apparently it is because about 10 minutes later Alex is dragging Shelby to some dark room to meet Unknown #1 and Unknown #2.

NEXT: A dark Dark Web meeting

The two Unknowns want to question Alex before they give her live-camera time. When the questioning turns to Alex’s missing year in India, we learn she was visiting Pakistan and Iran to “see the world.” And of the people she met during that time, 10 of them have been killed, three by drone strikes. Hmm, this seems like a big conspiracy to brush past, but that’s what we’re doing for now.

The Unknowns give her the live-camera time, where she tells America that the FBI “framed the brown girl” and she’s the easiest person to blame. As she’s talking, Liam’s team tracks down her location: It’s a mosque. During Ramadan. Oh boy.

As people exit the mosque (and news camera crews show up to see guns and snipers trained on everyone), Alex and Unknown #1 and #2 are able to escape. The Unknowns set up Alex at a hotel with a new ID, laptop, and an encrypted phone. Good people to know!

Shelby was left at the mosque, where the FBI recovers her. She has a chance to tell Liam that Ryan and Simon are helping out Alex, but she decides to keep quiet. Although she and Alex have issues (though we’ve yet to learn why), Shelby doesn’t think her old roomie is a killer.

As we learned last episode, the bomb would have to be detonated by someone who was within a two-mile radius. Simon pulls the names of all the agents who were working the area. And of the newbie class only Booth, Alex, and Caleb’s names are on the list. Based on the surprised reactions from Shelby, Booth, and Simon, I’m guessing that’s not where Caleb was supposed to be.


Alex: Not Guilty. At this point it would take a very big revelation for me to think Alex is guilty.

Liam O’Connor: Guilty or just annoying?

Miranda Shaw: Not Guilty, but her involvement with the twins and whatever is about to happen with her son are making her look a little more suspicious.

Ryan Booth: Not Guilty.

Nimah and Raina Amin: Not Guilty since we’ve yet to see them post-attack.

Shelby Wyatt: Not Guilty. If she had been involved, she would have turned in Simon and Ryan and ratted out Shelby’s plan with The Unknown.

Simon Asher: Guilty. His academy story line is making me highly suspicious of him.

Caleb Haas: Not Guilty? I’m expecting this to change very soon.

Natalie Vasquez: N/A this episode, so Not Guilty.

Elias Harper: Maybe actually just really, really obnoxious? Not Guilty.

Executive Assistant Director Clayton: I still think he’s Guilty, but he was also MIA this episode, so I can’t say much.

What do you think Quantico fans? Who’s looking the most guilty this week? At this point, I’m thinking it may have been a Quantico-wide initiative to frame Alex. Hit me with your suspect list below or on Twitter @realdalener.

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