Miranda's secret is (kind of) exposed. Only 100 more to go.

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When Quantico first started, many of us probably imagined this would be an FBI version of Grey’s Anatomy: The agents in training, much like the doctors in training, would bond and build lifetime friendships in these first few days. And that does seem to be case in the academy days (minus the living room dance parties), but fast-forward to the days after the attack and these agents all hate each other. How did we get there?

Unfortunately, “Kill” doesn’t provide all the answers to that, but we are starting to fill in some gaps in the story. And that’s fitting because Alex is starting to fill in some of the gaps in her own story. Ever since she read her father’s FBI file, she’s been feeling the weight of killing a hero. And because she only has Ryan to talk to, Alex’s bottled-up feelings are starting to affect her training.

The Academy

Another skill these NATs will need is hostage negotiation. So the freshman class loads up for a field trip to Hogan’s Alley, the FBI’s fake town. They have to work through multiple staged-hostage situations and neutralize threats with paint guns and analysts’ help. Raina, stressed from having to now do all the training single-handed, accidentally shoots a cardboard hostage. Alex performs the circuit much better, but she deserts her team and does it solo. Shelby tries to talk to her about why she’s so distant, but her roommate doesn’t have time for chats. She’s ready for the next hostage scenario. Shelby tries to warn Ryan about Alex before they begin, so he follows her in.

Agent Booth has other motivations to follow her, though. Earlier in the day, Liam told him that it’s time for Alex Parrish to leave the FBI. Liam says she was flagged as an unfit candidate — but based on her exceptional performance in…well everything…that seems highly suspect. Liam says he needs Ryan to help push her into quitting.

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But it takes barely any pushing from him for Alex to get there on her own. After the second hostage encounter goes poorly, Alex has decided she killed a hero so that must mean she’s going to get her fellow FBI agents killed. (I would be okay if this show never used the phrase “I killed a hero” again.)

Later Ryan tells Miranda about his spying for Liam. So the AD calls Alex into her office, where the two talk to her about her father. Turns out Alex’s dad had a bad reputation — he was a drunk, abused authority, and threatened her mother’s life more than once. “Don’t let your guilt rewrite history, ” the wise Miranda tells Alex. Looks like Liam will have to come up with another plan for getting Alex out of the FBI.

Miranda also sussed out that Nimah had left the academy. She tracks down the rogue twin and finally comes clean about her twin plan…kind of. Miranda tells Nimah that she needs both twins in order for her plan to work. The reason she recruited them for this plan originally was because of her son. He was contacted by religious extremists online, and they were able to appeal to him and give him a purpose in a way Miranda never could. But she found out about this and was able to stop an attack on his high school; he went away for two years on possession of an unregistered firearm, but Miranda is hoping he doesn’t get parole. Nimah and Raina’s fused identity is somehow a plan to infiltrate and take down the group who recruited her son.

Lingering academy questions:

• WHAT IS UP WITH ELIAS? He’s a grade-A stalker.

• On a related note, is Simon in love with Raina?

• Nat introducing the phrase “blue flamer” (a NAT that’s raring to go but crashes before graduation) means someone will be a blue flame, right?

• Shelby confesses to Alex that the late-night calls are to her half-sister, whom she didn’t know about until her parents died. Do we believe this?

• Is Caleb actually a nice guy in disguise?

• Booth finally confronts Liam about his off-the-books op on Alex. The incident in Chicago comes up again, and Liam tells Booth that he’s actually on probation and re-training at Quantico. But Booth has his phone on so Miranda can hear the whole conversation. Who is playing whom??

NEXT: Oh there you are Shelby…


Alex is still holed up at Simon’s house; and Simon is still a double agent. Exec AD Clayton (who sadly got named this week, so I have to stop calling him Jacob) told him last episode to hold tight, but now he’s saying that a rescue team will be there any minute. Alex is ready to go visit a bombmaker “friend” of Simon’s, but he wants them to stay there just a little longer. Alex really isn’t reading the room here…

Booth texts Simon when he hears about the raid, but then Booth sees Clayton texting Simon, too, and tells Simon he knows. So at the last minute, Simon does the right thing and gets Alex out of there. I have to just point out: The FBI SWAT team was less than 60 seconds away, so either Simon and Alex are the best escape artists ever or our FBI is less competent than I would hope.

At the bombmaker’s house, Simon and Alex learn that the tiny piece of copper left in Alex’s apartment bomb annex is from a government contractor: Shelby Wyatt’s company. Next step, break into Shelby’s ridiculously posh NYC apartment. The super sleuths see that she just came back from Buenos Aires. But before they can dig further, Shelby comes home. Then Booth walks in, too.

There is so much back and forth about who is pointing the gun at whom it feels like a Three Stooges sketch. He’s there to tell them that the FBI tracked Simon’s car. (Wouldn’t the Command Center notice he’s missing? Maybe just send a text next time, Ryan.) Ryan gets Simon out of there and tells the women to do the same. Shelby has other plans, and she attacks Alex: They both put up quite a struggle before Alex gets the upper hand, hides in Shelby’s car (the FBI will never look in there!), and knocks her out.

Lingering post-attack questions:

• Are Nathalie and Booth together now?

• Where are Raina and Nimah?

• What’s “the truth” about Shelby’s parents?

• Exec AD Clayton tells Booth that he reinstated Simon as an agent when he started working for a company he needed access to. This seems suspicious?

Let’s talk theories and thoughts from “Kill” here and on Twitter @realdalener. But before we can get to that, let’s do our suspect lineup.


Alex: Not Guilty.

Liam O’Connor: Guilty, but he’s starting to seem less so since he was out of the loop on Simon being an agent again.

Miranda Shaw: Not Guilty. However, I need to know more about the twin operation to get a better picture.

Ryan Booth: Not Guilty.

Nimah and Raina: Not Guilty. Still need more info.

Shelby Wyatt: Guilty. Her parents’ secret doesn’t sound good.

Simon Asher: Guilty.

Caleb Haas: Not Guilty.

Nathalie: Not Guilty.

Elias Harper: Guilty as hell.

Executive Assistant Director Clayton: Guilty. Guilty. Guilty.

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