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Winter has come on Quantico. It’s cold and dark. (You can tell from the low lighting and puffy coats.) What better time for Alex and Simon to work out their demons?

You would think after last week’s episode that Alex would — I don’t know — ask for FBI help? Go into hiding? At the very least, make sure Natalie is really dead? But, nope, she instead puts on her most fashionable winter wear and hops in her car to go to Holland, Vt., where she finds Simon chilling (literally, he has no electricity) in a cabin trying to kill himself over his toast. I did warn you it was dark!

Alex says she’s there to give Simon his Medal of Valor, which he earned by running into the bank bombing to save people. He doesn’t want it, though; he feels the weight of those 32 deaths instead since he was one to inadvertently detonate the bomb. He’s retreated to this hideaway because he realizes he can’t ever have a clean slate from the death that follows him. Every morning he attempts to kill himself — but has yet to go through with it.

Oh, and did I mention they’re having this conversation while holding rifles and hunting a deer for dinner? This becomes problematic when Alex tells him about Natalie and he decides that Alex is the cause of some of his problems. He points his rifle at her and tells her neither of them has ever been innocent.

It’s my job as recapper to explain what happened here, but I’ll be honest: I’m not entirely sure. (Feel free to help me out in the comments.) I don’t understand Simon’s motivations or how Alex gets him to back off. But she does — somehow, Alex talks Simon out of killing her: She says they can get justice together, and he puts the gun down.

Miranda had told Ryan and Nimah that Natalie had emailed in to say she needed emergency leave and that Alex didn’t show up for work. Luckily, Nimah has an app for stalking your friends and family, so she and Ryan go to find her and arrive just after the murderous hunting expedition. (Thanks to the road trip, we also learn that Nimah has had fallings-out with both her twin and Miranda.)

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When they arrive, Alex says Simon isn’t the man they knew. And without any question as to why the two are there, Alex allows Nimah to drive her back to the city while Ryan follows. Nimah tells Alex, “No matter how dark it gets, you’ll have him.” Aww.

So once she’s back in her Brooklyn apartment, she calls him and apologizes. She wanted his to be the last voice she heard for the night. It’s very sweet…until you remember that her friend/his ex-girlfriend DIED THE NIGHT BEFORE AND NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT IT.

After she hangs up the phone, Simon comes to her door and asks for her to hold onto his Medal of Valor. He wants to earn it back by helping her. She gets a phone call from “Adult A,” and Simon puts a chip in it to track the blackmailer. Guess we’ll be finding out who he/she is soon…or not.

NEXT: Drama-rama

There’s a lot going on in the Quantico academy timeline. So much so that we’ll need to look at everything individually if we want to make any sense of it, so here goes:

Lesson of the Week: The Fast and the Furious, FBI Edition. The NATs pair up and get to know each other a little better while learning to drive like Jason Bourne.

Alex and Drew: There’s definitely a will-they-won’t-they vibe with these two, but Alex’s main focus is finding out the truth about Drew’s girlfriend’s death in Chicago. At first Drew isn’t interested in dredging up the past, but when Alex mentions that Liam might be involved, he decides he wants to know more.

When nothing in the case file rings a bell for Drew, Alex attempts to get some “human intelligence” (nice callback from last week’s Lesson of the Week) straight from the source. She uses her closeness with their instructor to get info out of him: He says undercover FBI agents sold Panther AR-15s to a militia group, but someone on the inside tipped off the group before they could raid the compound. The group got away with everything, and instead of Liam taking the fall, Ryan said the gun sale was his idea.

Because no one died, Alex tells Drew that there must not be a connection. But what Alex didn’t know is Alicia, Drew’s girlfriend, was killed by an AR-15. Drew uses this information to take down Liam in front of the whole NAT class.

Liam obviously isn’t happy and kicks him out of the FBI academy. I’m not sure he has the power to do that, so it’s unclear if that’s the last we’ll see of Lenny Platt and his abs.

Alex and Liam: Liam isn’t too happy that he confided in Alex about Chicago and she blabbed. She’s not too happy that he’s kicking Drew out for no reason. He says she’s using the Chicago situation as a way to work through her issues.

Miranda sees the exchange from across the hall, realizes Liam slept with a trainee, and calls for his resignation. It seems like Miranda can put a stop to Drew’s expulsion, but…it’s still unclear if he’s really gone.

Alex and Ryan: After being yelled at by Liam, Alex calls Ryan for the first time since he’s left the academy and leaves a voicemail.

NEXT: Who is Mark Raymond?

Will and Caleb: Will continues his creepy stalker thing and overhears Caleb introducing himself as “Mark Raymond” on the phone. He follows his roommate to what looks like an under-construction hotel. Caleb makes himself over into Mark Raymond and places a video call. We don’t see whom he calls, but Caleb tells the man he sent the money. “It’s not the money,” the man on the video says. “It’s a commitment to reach the highest levels of fulfillment.” Sooo Caleb’s trying to take down the Church of Scientology?

The problem is Will followed him and watches the whole thing from hiding. When Caleb leaves the building, he digs through his box of Mark Raymond belongings and confronts him about it back at Quantico. “Are you Caleb Haas or Mark Raymond?” he asks before unfurling all the info he has dug up about Caleb’s alter ego. All Caleb will say is that Will better not mess things up for him.

Will follows Caleb once again (the dude’s like Elias 2.0) to a diner, where Caleb meets Samar/Haifaa. She has given the $5 million back to Caleb, without telling her husband, and confirms that Caleb will do what he promised. He says yes, and she hands him an envelope.

Caleb and Shelby: Things are still icy with the two of them, but at the end of the episode she calls and apologizes to him. I bet things will go back to icy when Shelby finds out Caleb is using her millions to con Scientologists and hiding the fact that he’s in contact with Samar.

Shelby and Iris: Despite Iris’ help last week, Shelby still isn’t a fan of her new roomie. They fight over their approaches to the Lesson of the Week, but — shocker — it was actually Shelby just masking her feelings about Samar. She finally tells Iris what’s going on. Iris tells Shelby about her own experiences that lead her to believe that sometimes the unknown is better than knowing the truth.

Raina and Nimah: Raina keeps sneaking off and texting people, so Nimah decides to intervene. She dresses up as her twin and goes into the house she saw her in last week. She finds a room filled with guns. As she attempts to leave, she runs into a man getting a text from Raina — which means she most likely blew her sister’s cover.

A cover that Miranda apparently okayed. When Nimah confronts her sister about it, she tells her that this cell is the one that kidnapped Charlie and she was infiltrating them to figure out what they were up to. Nimah says she’s going to help her out, which makes me think she’s going to do the opposite.

With all this personal drama how do the NATs even have time to train anymore?

For an episode titled “Answer,” the show sure gave us very few answers. Did it help you draw any new conclusions? I know Alex trusts him, but my money is still on Simon. Hit the comments below with your theories, or find me on Twitter @realdalener.

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