We were THIS close to a Gretchen-versus-Mondo-level judging catastrophe. But alas, all is right in the Runway world.

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October 28, 2011 at 05:30 AM EDT


Let’s start with Kimberly’s finale looks. I despised Kimberly’s designs last week. Her cobalt and teal color palette looked cheap to me, and her abysmal styling made me think, “That’s so Raven!” Not even in a good way — it literally made me think of Raven Simoné (WHY is the “e” accented if it’s silent?!) in the overly loud, garishly costumed final season of her hit Disney Channel series That’s So Raven. This week, Kimberly cleaned up the styling and proved that she has a singular point of view. I liked a lot of the bold colors and jaunty angles of her collection, although unlike Nina, I hated the “peekaboo” holes in the clothes. Still, while the clothes were stylish, they looked out of place in a high-fashion runway show. Kimberly held on to the dreaded fuchsia, duck-bottomed bubble skirt from last week and paired it with a cream-colored bubble top — Heidi thought it was all too bubblicious. I loved her ivory pants and blouse combo, although I disagreed with Nina and guest judge L’Wren Scott about the lamé (now that‘s an accented “e” that makes sense!) dress; too much of the wrong type of sparkle makes a dress look cheap.


Speaking of cheap, Josh’s collection is up next! He opened with a blah purple version of that orange Flintstones dress he made a few weeks back. It made his model look like Grimace of McDonald’s folklore. Then came a few looks featuring that abysmal “Joker” print that Tim savaged during the home visits. The print won some compliments from the judges this week, but I have no idea why. Tim was right last week when he said it was sad-looking enough to make him cry. As for another previous bad idea that Josh forced into fruition this week, he had some looks that looked an awful lot like the “plastic stained glass” inspiration he came up with during the Governor’s Island challenge. Before, Viktor correctly talked him out of it, but here comes the stained glass to wreck the day. The neon green shorts, which the judges inexplicably liked, brought down what was left of the collection. They weren’t trashy in a chic way — they were just trashy, like some bottom-of-the-bin 2(x)ist creation you’d find at a thrift store for drag queens. As for the fabric, my viEWer buddy Nanette asked, “Who walks into a store saying, ‘I want something in neoprene?'” Many of the outfits looked disposable. I mean, the only way you could wash some of those looks would be to wipe them down with rubbing alcohol. I don’t know, part of me suspected the judges lavished praise on Josh’s collection to throw the viewers off. To me, that was the only explanation.

NEXT: L’Wren Scott rocks it as a guest judge despite the spelling of her name. And she kind of reminds me of Madeleine Stowe from Revenge, which can never be a bad thing…

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