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Project Runway

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Also going head-to-head are besties Anya and Laura and former enemies Joshua and Bert. Joshua feels pretty confident going against Bert; he says, “I consistently bring a high-fashion eye.” Really. All season long, his main problems have been his taste level and failure to edit his over-the-top looks. Plus, he was wearing this vest during the episode:

For the love of books, he needs to edit those right out of existence.

And I only pick on Josh because I like him — he’s entertaining and very talented, and he sounds a bit like Terry from Reno 911!, who I also like — but he got off to a horrible start this challenge. At first, this is what he came up with:

That look is based on Lady Lemon Lime, a Candyland character who was nixed when makers of the game found that she scared children.

But luckily for Joshua and a couple of the other struggling designers, this challenge was chock-full of twists and turns. At first, Tim announced that everyone had to create a second look. Then, he announced that the designers could only walk one of their two looks, which should have made Joshua ecstatic, but he actually seemed a little hesitant about dumping the green and yellow monstrosity.

NEXT: Joshua is quick to hold a grudge after Anya refuses to share fabric. Will he out Anya for making unwearable clothes?

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