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As a designer's 'fairness' is called into question, the episode ends on yet another cliffhanger

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October 05, 2017 at 10:33 PM EDT

To be continued again!? What is this, The Bachelor???

This week’s episode of Project Runway begins with the drama that is Claire and Shawn and ends with the drama that is Claire. It’s a twin-storm of an episode. Let’s get to it…

Claire and Shawn have one hour to complete a second look in a head-to-head challenge. Claire immediately gets to work and has a nearly finished look in 15 minutes. All Shawn has done in 15 minutes is drape fabric on her dress form, pull it off, knock over the form, and repeat. After bursting into tears, she asks for Tim. Her mentor asks what’s going on, and Shawn says her sister deserves to stay: “I want her to continue in my stead.” Then Claire starts crying, too.

The three of them trek down to the runway to tell the judges the twins’ decision. Then Tim starts crying, too. He lets the judges know what they’ve decided. Heidi asks Claire if she’s okay with that, and she says, “It’s a very hard place to be in.” Guest judge Asia Kate says that when you love someone, you can let them go and then starts crying, too! (It’s a sobfest, but I have pretty dry eyes over here — am I a monster?)

Anyway, the next morning, the designers gather in the workroom, where Tim and a representative from Dixie come to greet them. You know, Dixie? A reputable name in fashion and also those little paper cups your grandma kept in the bathroom. As this week’s sponsor, they will be gifting the winning designer with the chance to get their custom print on a Dixie cup — just what every designer dreams of. Oh, and $25,000, which the designers seem much more thrilled about.

The challenge is to design a print and use it in a look for a “woman on the go.” And the hook is they aren’t working with their models: The designers will be creating looks for friends and family of the crew. After getting matched up, the women-on-the-go describe their styles and tastes. Claire could have the biggest issue because her client Cecelia hates prints. Ayana is excited that her client wants long sleeves, and Kenya and her client Michelle instantly fall in love.

After the clients leave, the designers create their prints and then head to Mood for additional fabric and supplies. Once they all get to work, Claire is clearly at a loss. She keeps talking to everyone around her, and they don’t give her feedback like her twin Shawn would. As Claire starts working with the muslin, Margarita realizes that the top looks conspicuously like the top of her shirt dress from the week before. Margarita tries to stay calm, but she’s spiraling out.

The next morning the designers all get their prints; Batani’s is not scaled like she thought it would be and Margarita’s isn’t the right color. Batani decides to chop hers up and use pieces, and Margarita dyes hers. Couple of real make-it-work moments!

Tim comes for critiques along with the clients, and he gives primarily positive feedback. He’s concerned Batani’s dress doesn’t have as much print as it should and it’s essentially a gray shroud. He wants her to oomph it up. When he gets to Kenya and Michelle, he says, “I feel like I’m interrupting a love fest,” and he is. They love each other so much. It’s adorable.

Once Tim leaves, Margarita continues to spiral about Claire, but it’s no longer about the top — she starts speaking to Michael in Spanish about how she saw Claire with pants in the bathroom and a measuring tape in her room. Obviously, this is only half of the story, and I’m very confused what “pants in the bathroom” even means, but Michael says in his confessional that Claire isn’t “playing the game right.” (The drama continues on page 2)

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