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The designers create looks in pairs — which is just like every week for the twins

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September 28, 2017 at 10:33 PM EDT

The morning of the challenge, everyone wraps up their looks early, so early that Margarita is annoyed that she’s the only one still working. But she finishes in time, too, and they all head down to the runway.

On the runway, Heidi introduces them to their guest judge: Billions star Asia Kate Dillon. After all the looks walk the runway, Heidi tells Michael and Ayana they’re safe. When they go back to wait for the results, the judges give critiques to the top and bottom two groups.

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Brandon and Kentaro took a risk going with sportier looks, but it paid of for the Dream Team. Heidi is in love with both looks and thinks the fabrics mix well together. Nina says it’s effortless and cohesive at the same time. Zac says it’s perfectly ready for JCP and the most cohesive collection. Heidi asks which person should win; they hem and haw and ultimately refuse to answer. Brothers for life!

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Batani and Margarita may not be brothers, but they had great success, too. Heidi is also in love with both of these looks. Heidi is a fan of Margarita’s dress and would run to JCPenney to buy it. I highly doubt Heidi has set foot in a JCP ever, but sure. Zac says he loves the asymmetry of Margarita’s dress. Nina says the two dresses are polished and sophisticated, and Asia says they both look comfortable yet effortless.

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The twins tell the judges they worked in true collaboration, but that doesn’t mean they created cohesion. Zac says Shawn’s dress is trashy, uninspired, and banal. He also goes in on Claire’s top, saying it’s a bad design. He does say the jeans are the most finished look, but even those have a “dumpy butt.” Asia says the look is confusing and many components feel like an afterthought. Nina wants to know who would buy these clothes, and Claire tries to say that JCP customers would be inspired by influencers like them. Zac says they don’t have enough of a brand to do that. And then things get real heated.

Shawn tries to say that maybe they need to cultivate their brand more with time, and Claire tells her to stop selling herself short. Heidi then goes for the jugular: asking which sister should go home. Shawn acknowledges that she should be out, and Claire doesn’t want to answer.

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Amy and Kenya are probably feeling much better going after that critique. Amy says that she and Kenya were collaborative, but Amy kind of sort of tries to say all of this was Kenya’s idea and therefore her fault. Heidi says the looks are boring and definitely not modern. Asia gives a Michael Kors-level burn, saying the designs look like flight attendant uniform rejects from the ‘70s. Zac just says they’re a snoozefest, and Nina says it makes the models look old.

Winner: Margarita, rightfully

Out: To be continued…

Heidi tells the twins that one of them will be out…[Ryan Seacrest-length pause]…“but not yet.” Instead, the two of them will have an hour to re-do the challenge ALONE, and whoever has the best design will stay. “My success will result in my sister’s failing,” Claire says. Which, yes, I realize is a complicated position for her to be in, but all I can say is: Let the Hunger Games begin.

Gotta go now, I’m heading to to buy Margarita’s look!

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