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A movie-inspired challenge brings out the designers' creativity.

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August 31, 2017 at 10:32 PM EDT

Let’s leap into another episode of Project Runway.

Not sorry. If Project Runway is going to use a children’s movie as a theme, then I’m going to use bad puns.

That’s right — we got ourselves a sponsor in the new animated film Leap! And to be honest, that Carly Rae Jepsen song is hella catchy, so I’m not that mad about it.

Anyway, Heidi and Tim show the film to the designers and then tell them they need to create a fashionable look inspired by dance, movement, and innovation. They’ll have 30 minutes to sketch, $200 to shop at Mood, and one day to pull it all together.

Before they head off, they get to watch hiplet dancers, who I am absolutely obsessed with. Go watch this video now.

Welcome back. The designers all say how they’re inspired by this challenge: Batani says this is the perfect challenge because she does hip-hop and belly dancing. Deyonté wants to showcase movability in a traditional gown. Margarita hopes to incorporate the style of Bomba, a traditional Puerto Rican dance, into a fashionable look. Ayana plans to create something that looks like stars in the night sky. Kentaro is leaning toward something a bit more classical: the Black Swan from Swan Lake. And Claire and Shawn just run around like chickens with their heads cut off.

The designers this season must have the nerves of steel and the patience of saints because wow, those twins. Claire and Shawn are not the quietest people, and they can’t seem to get through one sentence without using pet names like “punkin” for one another. In a confessional, Kudzanai says, “Project Runway, stop sitting me next to the twins.” Same, Kudzanai. Same.

We learn more about Kudzanai, who is using his African and West Indian roots to create a bright, colorful look. In addition to his backstory, we get Michael’s, who I am not sure was even in the previous episodes? (Commenters, please confirm.) Michael has a lot of sisters and has been designing since he was 10.

Tim comes later to give thoughts: He’s nervous about Deyonté’s chartreuse color and ruffle neckline, he tells Claire to “stay away from Red Bull and coffee,” he warns Aaron against a pu-pu platter of construction, and he advises Margarita to not go full-tilt costume. Tim’s also a bit concerned with Kudzanai’s design being “a lot of look,” but he says it will definitely wake the judges up.

Before leaving, Tim tells the room that he’s happy with the ambitiousness and great work in the room. The models come right after, and Margarita sticks one of her models with a pin and gets a bit of blood on the white garment.

But that’s the least of the blood situations in this workroom. Earlier, while fiddling with the arm on his sewing machine, Deyonté inadvertently puts the needle through his finger. My skin is crawling just writing about this. Medics come and wrap his finger, but obviously it makes finishing more difficult for him, and it throbs nonstop. It’s a real make-it-work moment! (Recap continued on page 2)

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