The cold never bothered them anyway
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Tonight’s Project Runway challenge was a winter wear challenge, and I have to wonder if they created it just so Heidi could say “snow way, snow how.” Because that was amazing. The gorgeous coats and winter wonderland on the runway were just a nice side perk.

Tim lets the designers know they’ll have $400 and two days to create a high-fashion winter look. And to sketch, they’re going to the “coldest place in Manhattan.” They show up at Minus5 Ice Bar, and Margarita is legitimately worried she will freeze to death. I went there last winter and it was warmer in the bar than it was outside — I think she’ll be fine.

Anyway, they head back to Mood and shop for fabrics. Margarita buys rabbit hides because she wants to create a luxurious look. As her items are being rung up, Tim tells her that this is a cruelty-free show and she can’t use fur. I feel like that’s something he should have mentioned before they started shopping for fabrics for a winter challenge??

And I’m right — that is something Tim should have said. He feels so bad for not giving Margarita the heads up that he asks the other designers if they’d be okay with allowing Margarita five more minutes to pick out a replacement textile. She grabs a faux fur, but she’s already emotional about her mistake and worried that this sets her off on a bad foot.

Back in the workroom … nothing really happens on day 1. On day 2, Tim comes to do critiques: He says that Kentaro’s look is rich and gives basically no other notes. He tells Kenya that she should stop overthinking and give the judges something that will “take the prize.”

Then, he tells Brandon that he’s already pushing this beyond what he expected, he talks Ayana out of her white painted coat idea, and he tells Margarita to start over.

Yep, Margarita is off on a bad foot. She created a lime green dress with faux fur sleeves, but with advice from Tim, she starts on an all-faux fur dress with a wrap coat. Hopefully, she can pull it all together on the big day… (Recap continues on page 2)

“This is the big day,” Heidi says on the runway. She introduces Katie Holmes as the guest judge. After all five winter looks walk the runway, Heidi tells the designers it was an “amazing” runway show, and they get right down to the critiques.

Credit: Barbara Nitke/Lifetime

Brandon explains that he hung out in Park City a lot growing up since he’s from Utah, so he felt comfortable with this challenge. Zac says he loves how Brandon played with layering and dimension. Nina appreciates the sense of proportion he brought into the coat, but she feels the matching bag was a bit too much. Heidi says the look is “impactful” — but stops short of calling it great from head to toe. (She dings him for using open-toe heels for a winter challenge.)

Credit: Barbara Nitke/Lifetime

Margarita says she wanted to create surprise with her fur dress and wrap coat. Heidi says a full-on fur dress could have gone wrong, but this works. She thinks it looks good on Liris and the coat is beautiful, too. Katie likes how the dress perfectly frames the face, but she does call out out Margarita for not finishing the back of the dress. Nina loves the wrap coat and the dress reveal. “The surprise was everything,” she says, while noting this made her think of Margarita in a new light.

Credit: Barbara Nitke/Lifetime

Ayana says the fur at Minus5 made her think of “rebel,” and she thought “outlaw.” I see neither of these words in this look, but Nina and Heidi like how she played with color in the coat. However, Heidi isn’t a fan of the jumper underneath. “It’s costume-y and childish,” she says. Zac says it’s overstyled and “theme-y” — but he does think there is a freshness to it. Katie likes that the coat is a two-in-one with the ability to make it a shorter coat.

Credit: Barbara Nitke/Lifetime

Kenya stuck to her guns with this challenge: presenting a classic, well-tailored look. But was it a “prize” look like Tim asked for? Zac likes that Kenya’s coat has “attitude” — but says that she needed to go more high fashion. He says each piece is great, but all three together don’t work. Heidi agrees. She thinks it’s all nice, but she’s not into it as a total look. Nina also agrees, saying that the coat is very downtown while the pants and blouse are more uptown.

Credit: Barbara Nitke/Lifetime

Kentaro explains that his inspiration was his model, Meisha, whom he’s become very close to because they both speak Japanese. (“We can bitch about whatever in Japanese and no one knows about it,” he says in a confessional.) Nina says he did a great job, that it is modern and sculptural. Heidi says it’s “heaven from head to toe.” Zac says it’s the chicest snow woman he’s ever seen, and Katie says each piece is perfect.

Heidi then makes the designers say why they deserve to go to fashion week and pick the other two designers they think should go too. In the backroom, Margarita is mad that no one chose her, but in the end it doesn’t matter. Everyone is making a fashion week collection! Heidi is basically up there like Oprah, saying “You get to go to fashion week, and YOU get to go to fashion week.”

Does this mean everyone will show their collection at fashion week? TBD next week.

What do you think? Do we need/want FIVE collections at fashion week? Do you think everyone deserves to show at fashion week? Let’s talk it out below…

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