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The designers get 'cautious' with their second unconventional challenge

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October 19, 2017 at 10:32 PM EDT

The drama of season 16 is behind us and we’re down to the top six — let’s focus on good designs without any gimmicks, shall we?

Spoke too soon…it’s time for the season’s second unconventional challenge. “Why? Why? Give me some fabric,” pleads Brandon. But there’s no fabric for this challenge, not even supplemental fabric from Mood. Instead, the designers must use safety items stuffed into three Lexuses (Lexi?). The materials include caution tape, orange netting, knee pads, reflectors, rubber boats, tubing, a rope ladder, harnesses, ear plugs, and more.

After scrambling to rip it all from the car in three minutes, the designers head back to the workroom to get cracking. They only have until 11 p.m. that evening to make it work. Last week Michael said he thought Brandon was running out of ideas, and this week Margarita says she thinks that Brandon is a “one-trick pony.” You would have thought these two would have learned their lesson, but…no.

Anyway, Kenya is struggling with her design right off the bat because of a supplies shortage. She wants to use black seat belts but doesn’t have enough and the rest of the room isn’t sharing. Ayana says the vibe is tenser than usual, with people not wanting to help give a fellow designer a leg up.

When Tim comes for critiques, Michael basically only has rope to show. He’s doing something bondage-inspired with all the bungee cords…but in a “sophisticated way.” This seems like an oxymoron to me, but I am not a fashion designer, so what do I know?

Tim’s biggest concern is reserved for Kentaro, who is using fire hose fabric as fabric, which Tim says isn’t transformational enough. This just seems to perplex Kentaro even more than usual.

For the other designers, Tim gives bits of advice that the designers seem to ignore. I guess we’re at the part of the season where the designers feel confident in their own decisions (although I’m not sure they should be?).

The morning of the runway show, the final six are all scrambling to finish, but the designer in probably the worst shape is Kenya, who had a zipper rip out at the last minute. It wouldn’t be a season of Project Runway without a last-minute zipper break! (Recap continued on page 2)

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