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There are four distinct collections, but there can be only one winner.

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November 06, 2015 at 03:57 PM EST

Season 14 of Project Runway — the season where not one, not two, but THREE designers showed up without tools; the season where Tim blew up in the workroom and screamed the f-word at a designer; the season where we got to hear the musical stylings of Merline and the clever catchprasing of Kelly From the Deli — has come to a close. And what a season it was…or not.

After last week’s judges’ critiques left the final four scrambling to get whole collections ready in two days for New York Fashion Week, Tim tries to build the designers’ confidence back up. He tells them that they should feel great about the critiques. And in case you missed the “previously on Project Runway” from two minutes before, he gives each of them a rundown of what the judges just said: Kelly needs to go bananas and bedazzle it up. (“You don’t have to tell me to go bananas ’cause I will go bananas, apples, and oranges all at the same time.”  Kelly is the best.) Candice needs to tone down the drama. Ashley needs to work on the detailing. And Edmond needs to “sex the living daylights out of” his collection. Tim Gunn, ladies and gentleman.

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Only Ashley and Kelly need things from Mood, so Tim opts to go shopping for them, which gives them all equal time in the workroom. Kelly and Ashley would probably be okay with less time. But Candice and Edmond have to do serious retooling on their collections, while the other two are really just fine-tuning. Tim comes back from Mood with 20 pounds of glitter for Kelly, who makes a concoction of colors with it all to slather on shoes. “I want to eat it, but it’s probably toxic and will kill me,” she says.

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Turns out Kelly isn’t the only fan of glitter: When Tim comes to check on them, he says he wishes he could stay in the workroom to help. “I’d be glittering the living daylights out of this,” he tells her. Who knew Tim loved bedazzling so much? (Video proof here.)

It gets less fun when he turns to Edmond. Edmond has decided to create new pieces, without so many ruffles, but Tim tells him that’s a bad idea, that he should just be making minor adjustments, not making big last-minute decisions. He reminds Edmond what happened with Sean Kelly last season: He was given a bad critique from Nina about the fringe, but his final collection was all fringe, and he still ended up winning. So I guess that means bring on the ruffles?

Candice has decided to pare down to avoid going full-on costume. She takes out the giant hoop skirt from the finale look and the wooden skirt she made. The biggest thing she has to do is create new pants because the ones the judges hated were on backward. (I’m assuming she meant sewn together backward because otherwise I think you could just turn it around?)

Ashley is doing the most minor edits: re-dyeing zippers and looking through model measurements to make sure she’s getting the best fits. However, Tim warns her that in the past, people who had the best critique ended up dropping below the others when it came to the final collection.

In successive order, the designers do model fittings, get to meet with Sally Beauty for hair consults, are given Lexus cars to arrive at the show “in style,” and pack up their bags.

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