'Finding Neverland' provides very little inspiration.
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Welcome back to Project Runway season 14, where designers can design whatever they want! Challenge guidelines: Who needs them? With “Broadway or Bust,” we have yet another week where designers can just go rogue. But, hey, it led to a pretty impressive runway — you know, if puffy vests, hot pants, and leather corsets are your thing.

But before we get to that, we have to talk about this:

Was it ’90s theme week on Runway and only Kelly got the message? She always has had a funky style, but this may be a step too far.

Kelly has to change out of those street clothes, though, because the crew is going to Broadway. And who is there to greet them? No other than a bearded Matthew Morrison. Is he going to be apart of the challenge? Nope. He just wants to say hey and invite them to his show, Finding Neverland, which they get to attend.

All the designers are overjoyed that they get to watch the play, but let’s get real: They probably are excited just to have the night off. Their challenge doesn’t start until the next day, when they can do anything they want. It’s not a costume challenge — Finding Neverland is simply inspiration for whatever each designer chooses to do.

After getting fabric at Mood… wait a second. Fabric at Mood! Let’s just pause a second to contemplate this season 14 rarity.


And we’re back! For some reason this challenge was incredibly personal to the designers. At least two of them got choked up in confessional just discussing their inspirations: Lindsey is thinking of her grandmother and Candice talks about her rough childhood. And then there’s Kelly, who was inspired by pictures on the wall on her way to the theater bathroom. I guess inspiration has to come from somewhere!

There is very little drama during worktime — Candice kept her sass to a minimum, Swapnil had his smoke breaks under control, and all the other drama-stirrers have left. Tim is pleasantly pleased during his critiques and excited for the runway. And let’s be honest: This episode was a bit of a snooze, so let’s get to the runway!

NEXT: A very naughty Tinkerbell

Even though this was a Finding Neverland challenge, there’s not a cast member in sight. Instead, model Coco Rocha joins the judges to critique the looks. And unlike many guest judges who just second whatever our veteran judges say, Coco has a very clear idea of what she likes and doesn’t like. Even though the season has been generally so-so, the guest judges so far have been pretty strong.

Swapnil, with his giant bow top and flowy skirt (a look I loved), and Merline, with her black dress and armored shoulder pads, are both safe. The rest are critiqued as follows…


Ashley thinks of her grandmother as a guardian angel, which she used as inspiration — I got a little lost in her explanation of how that related to the play, but that’s par for the course now. The gauzy, ombre fabric she chose was beautiful. However, that’s where the beautiful ends. She took on too much and didn’t have time to compete her gown. The model ended up in a poorly fitting mess of a dress.


Somehow bathroom pictures inspired Kelly to create a vintage, yet modern, gown. It’s a little costumey, according to Coco, but the other judges appreciate it. When Heidi says it wouldn’t be something people would wear, Nina counters with, “It’s editorial.” And Kelly gets bonus points from Zac for making her own gloves.


What can I even say about this? Laurie was inspired by fairies and pixie dust. Somehow that led to her sending a nearly naked model down the runway. What most confused me is how she used a “fabric” completely made of holes and was then SURPRISED when her model’s nipple covers were showing. Where did she think they could hide!? The judges are as confused as I am.


Poor Lindsey. I thought she was finally going to gain some favor with the judges with this dress. She said watching Finding Neverland gave her belief in herself again, but Nina and Co. tear that right back down. Heidi says the only good thing about the dress is the color. And Nina doesn’t let that stand — apparently green is the color of hope (that’s a strange piece of trivia to know off hand), and Nina says Lindsey’s dress is “hopeless.”


Edmond wanted to create a dream. So he made very-well-fitting high-waisted pants, and a crop top with a giant cloud vest over it. I don’t really get the connection, but it’s made well, which is more than some of the other designers can say. Coco doesn’t like the vest; Zac calls it “the muppet,” but Nina’s a fan.


And then there’s Candice, who made a “literal translation on Peter Pan” with a leather corset, cropped skinny pants, and an oversize, off-the-shoulder floral jacket. It’s a great runway look. Nina says she could also see this in an editorial spread because it’s dreamy, fantasy, sexy. So it’s no surprise that…

Winner: Candice

Out: Lindsey

The judges clearly had problems with Lindsey week to week, but did they seriously just let that sexy Tinker-Hell costume designer go through to another week? I’m in shock. What about y’all?

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