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A team paintball challenge has some designers ready to declare war.

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September 04, 2015 at 10:58 AM EDT

With all the painted dresses dried and every model’s manicure set, the two collections are finally ready for the runway — featuring guest judges Lisa Perry and Kelly Osbourne.

In addition to just really great designs, the Blue Team (which fittingly went with a blue color palette) went above and beyond. Their textile was exquisite and went over the top with Blake’s hand-painted flowers; they took the time to create matching shoes; and even the Sally Beauty manicures were immaculate.

Nina says the mini collection is sophisticated, yet fun and fresh. The judges love it as a whole, but their favorite looks came from Edmond, Swapnil, and Jake.

Although it is probably just clever editing, the looks on the judges’ faces when the Red Team’s mini-collection walks the runway say it all. When Candice tries to explain the vision, she says it encompasses an entire wardrobe of a woman from San Francisco — which was basically made up on the spot as Kelly points out. Laurie can’t stay silent and admits there was never a clear vision and too many feelings were involved.

Heidi can tell Ashley is upset, so she asks her opinion about the collection. Ashley says she struggled with being picked last and begins crying. It’s heartbreaking to watch — but it’s nice to see Laurie stick up for her. She said that Ashley was never listened to throughout the challenge.

Kelly takes a minute to tell Ashley she’s going to need thicker skin to be in the fashion industry (true) before the judges begin bashing the collection. Heidi calls it “amateur hour”; Nina says it’s “joyless”; and the biggest compliment it receives is for the manicures. Ouch.

When Heidi asks each woman who they think should be sent home, Kelly, Lindsey, and Amanda say Ashley. Nina is doing her signature eye-roll — because Ashley’s look is clearly not the worst — when Kelly butts in. “This seems like a bit of a bitch fest,” she says and I applaud. So Candice changes her answer to Laurie. And Ashley and Laurie say Amanda.

Back in the waiting room, things are getting awkward. Ashley is crying even harder; the other women won’t look at her; and Blake calls them out for being mean girls. He says they acted that way the whole time and “that’s what brought you down.” Umm, guys, do I like Blake now!?

The judges bring the Blue Team back to the runway and announce…

Winner: Edmond

The Red Team get their turn on the runway, where Kelly, Amanda, and Candice are asked to stay as the bottom three. And what we’ve seen coming since week 1 finally happens…

Out: Amanda

After the questionable judges’ decisions over the past couple weeks, it was nice to finally see them get it right, but overall that group challenge was a little disheartening to watch. Were you as surprised as I was at how poorly the women worked together?

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