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In their final challenge, the designers must make two separate looks to see who will make it to the coveted Lincoln Center runway show.

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October 10, 2014 at 02:31 AM EDT

We all make mistakes. We all have moments that we regret and wish to take back. And life doesn’t always present us with the opportunity to make these situations right.

Korina is one of the lucky few: Here, life (or, you know, the producers) gave her the opportunity to apologize for the childish, mean things she said. She could prove it was just exhaustion and emotion that caused her to belittle a fellow designer on the runway. She could apologize and demonstrate that there were no hard feelings.

But that’s not what happened. Much like the overly dramatic build-up from the Lifetime previews, I’ll just leave that there and get back to it later.

Instead, let’s start with the most ridiculous part of the episode: Tim telling the designers they have 10 minutes to jump out of bed and get ready. (There’s no way Mr. Gunn himself can pull off his polished look in just 10 minutes. He probably spends that time alone selecting his suit.)

But somehow the designers pull it off and meet him on the roof of Gotham West (“what a beautiful view!”). They are joined by Brian Bolain, corporate marketing manager of Lexus. The challenge—a two-day street chic challenge—has seemingly no connection to Lexus, but the designers get to cruise in style for .2 seconds before checking out the NYC streets.

Amanda is inspired by graffiti; Emily graphics and architecture; Sean a clean, white kaftan and pants; Kini … denim?; and Char a cool window display with a yellow dress—noooo, Char! Stay away! Luckily, it’s the paper airplanes behind the dress that inspire her.

After Mood and some leisure workroom time, all the designers can’t say enough about how slow they are going to take things. “Today, I’ll work really slowly so tomorrow I can spend even more time working on one little thing.” Basically. Not to mention how much they enjoy the space without Kormeana (thank you, commenters) around. Either these designers have been in the Parsons workroom so long they are delusional or they are very good actors, because ain’t no way they don’t know there’s a catch coming.

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Karlie Kloss and Christian Siriano guide undiscovered designers through the harrowing rites of fashion.
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