December 22, 2016 at 11:02 PM EST

They’re back! A new batch of the most creative kids on TV are with us for the next few months.

I’ll be honest: I was worried they might have exhausted the casting search last season, but based on this one episode alone, that was definitely a silly thing to worry about. There are so many talented kids out there!

Let’s meet them, shall we?

A’kai, 13, is from New York and is the most talkative person who’s ever walked into Mood Fabrics.

Allie, 14, is from Dayton, Ohio, and she nearly bursts into tears upon first seeing Tim Gunn.

Cartier, 16, is from Idaho and received very little screentime.

Chelsea, 14, is from California and wants to be adopted by Tim Gunn. (Although, that might just be because she’s mad at her parents for wanting her to be a doctor or lawyer instead of a designer.)

Chris, 17, is from Long Island, and that pretty much explains everything about him.

Hawwaa, 17, is from Minnesota, and she wants people to know that even though she’s Muslim, fashion means you can be whoever you want. (Seriously, how do they find these amazing kids?)

Izzy, 16, is from Michigan and wears sprouting plants on her head. I do not know why, but it makes me feel very old and uncool.

Lucas, 14, is from Florida and must have been hiding from the camera.

Molly, 17, is from Colorado and has participated in numerous fashion weeks before.

Rene, 17, is from Texas and likes to design “bondage couture.” There are children watching, no, there are children on this show, Rene!

Ruby, 14, is from Rhode Island and immediately my favorite.

Tieler, 16, is from Louisiana and has a cool name.

All 12 designers converge on Central Park, where Hannah Davis and Tim come to introduce themselves. The teens scream as if they’re in the presence of fashion gods. And then promptly freak out when they realize they’re starting their challenge immediately. The first challenge is to create a look that showcases who they are as designers, using New York City as inspiration.

After sketching in the park and shopping in Mood, the kids get their first look at the workroom. (A Brother sewing room — what!? Such a shock.) They work for a little bit until Tim comes to do critiques.

Chris tells Tim he’s never made pants without a pattern before, but it’s okay — he’s read about them before. Tim doesn’t seem convinced, but Chris says he’s not nervous. Tim warns Izzy to not overdesign, tells Molly to make her neoprene work, and advises Ruby to add another layer to her skirt.

But the best critiques are Rene’s and Chelsea’s. As soon as Tim walks up to him, Rene says “Hi, dad, how are you?” And then when Tim says he likes his edgy designs, Rene tells the confessional, “Tim confirms my fashion isn’t trash,” which is really all anyone can hope for — except Chelsea. She needs a hug. Luckily, Tim agrees to the hug. But not her dress timeline. He tells her to get moving and she starts panicking.

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