The designers create looks for the "girl on the go"
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You know what a “girl on the go” loves? A Fitbit. Or at least that’s what Project Runway Junior led us to believe this week.

To coincide with the challenge, Tim introduces the designers to the director of product marketing from Fitbit. She tells them about Fitbit’s newest products: bracelets and pendants. After designing a versatile look for a fashionista to go from a daytime activity to a night out, the designers must pick one of those Fitbits to accessorize their models. Sounds simple enough!

Tim tells them they have 45 minutes to sketch and “shop” at mini Mood (the closet). When he calls time, the teens rush to pick out their fabrics. Izzy wants to do a darker color palette to show the designers she has range. Allie starts grabbing up everything so she can decide later. The others swap and share ideas like the sweet kids they are.

After Tim closes mini Mood, he tells them they’ll have model fittings at the end of the day along with his critiques.

Setting off to work, the designers waste no time. Allie decides to do a fitted pant in a sky-blue neoprene (which sounds terrifying to me); Chelsea wants to do a bandeau (which also sounds terrifying); and Tieler says something about making “a giant balloon” (which sounds really terrifying).

Halfway through the day, Izzy decides she’s going to scrap her look. Chris gives her fabric to use, which isn’t a big deal but goes to show how willing these designers are to help one another. An hour into her change, Izzy changes her mind again. She says the person who does this on Project Runway is always the person who goes home. Smart girl.

Tim comes in a little bit later to do his critiques. He helps Chelsea re-envision her jumpsuit and makes Cartier worry about her simple shift dress. They both have to reconfigure their looks, but the other designers are staying pretty much on track, including last week’s on-the-bottom designers A’kai and Hawwaa.

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After some last-minute scrambling, the designers get their girl-on-the-go models ready in time. All 10 looks walk down the runway and Hannah applauds them for such a great show. Then she announces A’kai, Molly, Chris, and Tieler safe. The remaining six get critiques from the judges.

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Allie took the traditional wrap dress and put a twist on it (literally turning it around) and added a cigarette pant for her modern girl on the run. Kelly loves the sophistication in the front and femininity in the back. Christian enjoys how there’s a bit of evening wear to it. Aya says it has total 360-appeal. And Hannah says it’s youthful but sophisticated and ladylike at the same time.

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Even though Tim was nervous about Cartier’s shift dress, she’s confident in her look. The judges… not so much. Kelly and Aya ask to see it without the vest and think it’s too short and simple. Christian says he likes the functionality of the vest but it already exists. No one can get out many more thoughts before Cartier starts crying. But Kelly is super sweet and tells her to be confident in her work, regardless if they like it or not.

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Always one for a great backstory, Chelsea says her girl is the CEO of a spy company who works during the day before going to an art gallery to meet government officials. This look is definitely a risk, and luckily it pays off for her. Aya says it’s the perfect girl-on-the-go look — she can feel her active lifestyle. Hannah loves its sportiness, and Christian says it has a strong point of view.

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Following Chelsea’s fun and youthful backstory probably didn’t do Rene any favors, but when he tells the judges his “girl” is 60 years old and has probably had a facelift, he really doesn’t do himself any favors either. (Someone please gif the look on Kelly’s face at this moment.) Christian says the cage technique he keeps using is cool but looks dated here. Hannah says that technique just doesn’t add any value to the outfit.

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Bouncing back from last week, Hawwaa explains her girl runs her own boutique and parties at night. Aya says it has the perfect fun, playful attitude. Kelly loves that it’s different and the fabric placement is thought-out and well done. Christian says it feels forward-thinking.

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Izzy tells the judges her woman is artsy and goes out in Soho. All Christian reads from it, though, is “cute dress” but just “okay.” Kelly points out that it is beautifully made, but there’s not much to it. And then Aya goes in for the gut punch: “This isn’t special.” Ouch. Hannah agrees because she knows Izzy is capable of more.

Winner: Chelsea

Out: Rene

When you design for a 60-year-old woman during a “girl on the go” challenge, it’s no surprise you get sent home. But still, I was expecting Rene to go farther in this season, especially based on his look in the premiere. What did you all think of this week’s episode?

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