The designers strike a Posen on the red carpet.
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The ninth episode of All Stars kicks off with the remaining seven designers walking down New York City’s Fifth Avenue, or “the glitzy part of town,” as designer Joshua puts it. Eventually they end up at Zac Posen’s atelier, where they are greeted by the designer himself, along with host Alyssa Milano.

The host throws some praise around for Posen, saying he’s dressed everyone “from Oscar winners to First Ladies,” and the famous designer reveals this week’s challenge: to create a red carpet look that showcases each designer’s unique technique, using Zac Posen fabric. It all has to happen in one day. But wait, there’s a plot twist right away: Mentor Anne is out this week (!?), so the designers must give each other constructive feedback, à la Anne Fulenwider. “Well damn!” exclaims Anthony. Let the shade games begin!

Zac Posen then reveals there’s a special prize for the red carpet winner: The designer who lands the top spot will be the wardrobe designer for a leading lady of a Lifetime original movie.

“It’ll put you on the map, it’ll do exactly what you need to do,” says Ken regarding this week’s special prize.

The remaining seven designers get a small private tour of Zac Posen’s atelier, including a show-and-tell of some of his most famed creations, including the undergarment to Claire Danes’ glow-in-the-dark Met Ball gown. After choosing the Posen fabrics, the designers get to sketching.

Once inside the workroom, every designer is focused on executing their technique with immaculate precision. Joshua is going to attempt to “wow” Zac Posen with his pin tucking, Ken is going to showcase his sculpting skills, and Fabio wants to deliver a classic Fabio gown using his mastery of pleading. Red carpet challenges are always cutthroat because this is what the designers know how to do best — in most cases. Helen can make a gown “with her eyes closed,” according to Fabio. We know from past challenges that Anthony can deliver elegant, fashion-forward designs, so the competition is fierce. I’m clutching my pearls on this one.

Edmond chose a busy brocade print of a fabric and is sort of struggling to find his way. Ken is also having a hard time with his fabric choice; it turns out to be heavier than he expected. He has a little moment of self-doubt, and I’m starting to worry about him. Recall that last week we saw him in the same mindset, which is not the mentality for an All Star.

Finally, it’s time for some designer-to-designer mentoring, and in classic Project Runway fashion, the button bag makes a comeback. Every fan knows what that means: drawing names and hoping for a good pairing.

Stanley pulls first and gets Anthony — a match made in gown heaven. Stanley has nothing but praise for Anthony’s soft blue gown but does slightly remind him of his position at the bottom from last week. Anthony has very little to say to his mentee, Joshua, and his pin-tucked gown.

“If it’s true to Josh and his aesthetic, I’m sure she’ll be naked and there will be some level of streetwalker to it, for sure,” Anthony says in his shady confessional.

For the most part, the designers give each other decent feedback during the mentor sessions, but at the same time, everyone takes the advice with a grain of salt. After all, this is a competition!

When it comes down to Stanley’s mentor session with Helen, all eyes are on them. “Stanley’s a really seasoned designer, so to have any of us go mentor him. I just wanna see, front row, what the hell’s going to happen with this,” Fabio says during his confessional.

The models finally come in for a fitting, and the majority of the designers are in good shape on their designs — except Edmond and Joshua, who didn’t have one single piece to put on his model. It feels like Joshua’s time on All Stars is about to come to an end; we’re ready for the real talent to stay on top. No shade. Fabio has a fantastic fitting that gives him (and me) life.

The day of the runway arrives, and every single designer is shaking with anxiety and nerves. I thought the designers were doing well with their time management, but seeing as they are ALL stuck in the sewing room having freak-out moments — I put too much hope on them. They need to step it up, regardless of their bleeding fingers (Joshua). After all, this is All Stars.

As the gowns miraculously start coming together, I can already spot the best and worst designs of the night. The designers send their models to hair and makeup before applying the finishing touches to their red carpet designs. Seven gowns walk out of the workroom, and it’s time to hit the runway, honey. (Recap continues on page 2)

Alyssa appears on the runway wearing a pair of awful white pants. This woman deserves better! Her all-white look is cringeworthy. I hate saying negative things about the way a woman looks, but this has nothing to do with Alyssa herself; it is about the people who dress her and the choices they are making. She is the host of an iconic fashion reality TV show — dress her as such!

Anyway, the host welcomes back regular judges Georgina Chapman and Isaac Mizrahi (plus Norman, a jeweled tiger sitting on his shoulder) and then proceeds to introduce the two guest judges of the week: Iconic actress Rosie Perez and Zac Posen, of course.

The gowns glide down the runway, and the judges agree that the red carpet fashion dos and don’ts were Fabio, Ken, Stanley, Joshua, Anthony, and Edmond.

Project Runway All Stars
| Credit: Pawel Kaminski/Lifetime

Fabio explains his “full out” pleating technique. Zac thinks it’s a spectacular dress and tells him that the fabric he chose was for a dress that Amy Schumer wore to her first big red carpet. Isaac tells Fabio his dress “nods” to the future. Georgina loves the back of the dress. Alyssa recognized Fabio’s dress instantly.

Project Runway All Stars
| Credit: Pawel Kaminski/Lifetime

Ken tries to explain his sculpting skill, but the judges didn’t quite get it. Alyssa doesn’t like the thing hanging on the side. Isaac points out that the deep-V cleavage is a little too messy. Rosie thinks the dress isn’t red carpet, and Zac feels like the dress isn’t romantic enough, or 100 percent finished for that matter.

Project Runway All Stars
| Credit: Pawel Kaminski/Lifetime

Stanleytells the judges about his impactful big skirt and they love it. Alyssa loves that the dress is simple. Georgina thinks it is too simple. Rosie points out that the dress might not fit everyone. Isaac thinks it looks like a “really expensive” dress.

Project Runway All Stars
| Credit: Pawel Kaminski/Lifetime

Joshua attempts to make a case for his cheap-looking pin-tucked dress. Isaac loves the colors and that’s it. Zac thinks there’s too much going on and calls the dress trashy. Georgina agrees. Alyssa doesn’t know if she loves it or hates it.

Project Runway All Stars
| Credit: Pawel Kaminski/Lifetime

Anthony tells the judges about his sculpting technique. Isaac thinks his dress is great and praises the “pretty” color. Georgina calls the dress “easy and light,” while Zac tells Anthony he nailed the challenge. Rosie absolutely loves the dress and calls it “fantastic.”

Project Runway All Stars
| Credit: Pawel Kaminski/Lifetime

Edmond explains his ruffled technique, and Georgina doesn’t like the contrast between his roseand the brocade fabric. Isaac calls his dress inexpensive, and Alyssa compares the ruffles on his dress to a throw pillow. Rosie absolutely hates the dress. Edmond gets destroyed on the runway. R.I.P.

Winner: Anthony, for making a beautiful and glamorous red carpet gown.

Out: Joshua, for not knowing how to edit.

Like I said, I felt that Joshua’s extreme confidence led to his downfall. He’s a good designer, but his attitude overshadows him at times. “The witch is dead,” as Anthony put it. Do you agree with the judges? Let me know your thoughts on the Zac Posen challenge and what you think of All Stars season 6 so far. Sound off below!

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