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Project Runway All Stars

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“Fashion’s New Superstars” begins with Alyssa Milano — who reminds the designers that they’ve been working with some of the biggest brands in the fashion business — introducing the founder of the Rodial skincare group, Maria Hatzistefanis. She’s holding envelopes for everyone, and the designers know that’s not a good sign. Stanley, last week’s winner, has the privilege of opening the first envelope and handing out the rest.

“I have no clue what’s going on, but any man who gives me an envelope and calls me ‘darling,’ I’m just going to take it and just see what happens next,” says Anthony during his confessional.

When the designers open their envelopes, they find cards with cryptic phrases and words:

  • Stanley: smokey
  • Amanda: pink diamond
  • Anthony: dragon’s blood
  • Helen: 24 carat gold
  • Marline: magic gel
  • Char: bee venoms
  • Joshua: concealer
  • Edmond: contouring
  • Kimberly: illuminating
  • Ken: super acids
  • Fabio: snake

Maria explains that the phrases are associated with her company’s “hero” products, which “encourage women to imagine there is no box” when it comes to skincare and makeup. The host then reveals this week’s challenge: superheroes. Each designer must create an “elegant, high fashion” look that celebrates a woman’s inner superhero. Plus they must imagine a secret power inspired by the Rodial product they found inside their envelopes.

The challenge sounds exciting until the designers discover their budget: $150. And they only have one day to create their superhero looks.

Inside the workroom, the designers get to test and play around with their luxurious skin care products. “You can tell this a luxury product because you can smell the luxury,” Anthony says about his dragon’s blood thing.

Maria enters the workroom to chat with each designer about their product and the inspiration behind it. With Anthony’s dragon’s blood creme, she says that the inspiration was Game of Thrones mixed with edginess and coolness. As for Fabio’s snake ingredient, Maria tells him that it is powerful but also gothic — and yes, edgy.

Now, time to sketch! Ken’s superhero has the ability to shed skin and reveal inner beauty; he decides to make a “tailored and flowy” jumpsuit inspired by super acids. Designer Edmond is making a dress for a “glam god” who inspires other women to appreciate their inner beauty. I’m so into this challenge — we love powerful women!

At Mood, the designers are all being ambitious with their superhero designs and their low budget. Amanda doesn’t know how to work with the color pink and has basically nothing figured out, so she buys paint? Girl, what are you doing?

Back inside the workroom the designers get to work fast — they only have one day. Anthony is sneezing and coughing everywhere because he’s a little sick. Helen says Anthony’s sickness is why the work room “is so tranquil,” and Anthony thinks her comment is rude. And so the drama from last week is revived and I am LIVING for it.

“I think that adults who act up in public are no different than children,” Anthony says before delivering some shady comments about Helen’s design from last week. Anthony is out for Helen, and he won’t stop until she has learned to behave or she gets eliminated. My god, Anthony can read a girl for filth and it is fascinating to watch.

When it comes time for Anne to offer advice, she starts with Amanda, who loves to color-block and is doing so with pink. Anne tells her to make sure that her idea translates to her garment. In other words — make it work! Anthony is enthusiastically explaining his elegant and voluminous sleeves, which he has not constructed yet, but Anne tells him that his design is coming off as a wedding look and not fashion forward.

“I naturally don’t receive her advice because she has yet to see these amazing sleeves I’m about to create,” says Anthony about Anne’s critique during his confessional.

Stanley tells Anne that his woman can manipulate any situation for good, hence the smoke inspiration. He’s making a “pretty” dress, and Anne warns him about the dangers of making pretty dresses. Ken and Anne have a special moment as he explains to her his jumpsuit design with ruffled sleeves. Anne tells Ken that his designs have “a subtle elegance” and that the color of his fabric is really going to add to his creation.

On the other hand, Joshua and Anne have a face-off, sort of. Joshua tries to explains his lingerie-inspired look. Anne, with a smile, tells him that his look “is just not a lot. It’s very small.” When Joshua retorts that lingerie is in fact small, Anne interrupts him abruptly and lays down the law: “Yes, but lingerie is not a full look. I’m concerned about you.”

Joshua, trying to hide his frustration, walks off camera while whispering some words under his breath.

“Anne, it’s challenge five babe, we’ve been through this now. Like you know trust the McKinley magic,” says Joshua during his confessional, topped off with an arched-brow side eye.

Almost everyone has a fabulous fitting with the models, especially Anthony, who lets out one of those so-Anthony joyous screams once he sees his “amazing” sleeves come to life. I am in awe of Anthony’s talent; he was born to dress women and make beautiful creations. *Insert Anthony scream here.*

Amanda…well, she has nothing to put on her model, and that’s that on Amanda. Kimberly is also in trouble: She decided to go with her gut on her design, and she shouldn’t have. Her design looks like a hot mess, straight up — or as Helen puts it, “Kimberly’s look makes me think of like  My Little Pony, with like the wide hooves.” It’s a major laugh-out-loud moment because it is SO true. May the fashion gods help Amanda and Kimberly.

On the day of the runway, every single designer in the workroom needs more time. There is just too much to do and there are not enough hours. Ken words it better: “Time has snuck up behind me and slapped me like a bitch that owed him money.” This has to be, hands down, the best thing anyone has ever said on Project Runway All Stars.

As everyone finishes their looks, it seems like Amanda came through, and I’m impressed. Marline has now lost her mind and is running around like a crazy gal, but everyone makes it to the Rodial glam room, where Maria is there to guide the designers on their looks. Then it’s off to the Humberto Beverly Hills salon…and the runway. I am so ready to see these lewks slay. (Recap continues on page 2)

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