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After figuring out sports, the designers must create high-end athleisure looks

April 08, 2016 at 12:48 AM EDT

Ken has had enough of Project Runway All Stars — and based on the comments on these season 5 recaps, he’s not alone. But he’s not able to fast-forward through the drama or turn off the TV. Instead, he just packed up a bag, told the producers “see ya later,” and hailed a cab.

But after he got a good night’s rest, he calmed down and returned with a more level head on his shoulders. Maybe that’s what all of these designers need: a really long nap. Because — although the highlighted drama of the episode was Ken’s — there still is that underlying tone of bitterness and hostility. And it’s getting old.

How can the designers stay mad at one another even over a good ol’ game of baseball? I don’t know, but they can.

Alyssa has the designers meet her at the Brooklyn Cyclones stadium on Coney Island. From center field, she talks to them about how she launched her clothing line, Touch: She went to a baseball game and couldn’t find anything cute to wear while “flying her team’s colors” (I refuse to use that phrase more than this once, even though Alyssa said it about 100 times).

In that vein, the designers are being asked to create a high-end athleisure look that a women could wear to the runway, to a game, or to dinner. Sam and Layana are excited for this challenge the most because this is the kind of clothing they design… Runway history indicates they will do poorly.

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After sketching in the stadium and buying lots of neoprene and mesh at Mood, the designers begin working. Asha is making a skirt playing on a baseball uniform and a top playing on a sports bra; Sam is going to do a cheerleader-style circle skirt out of mesh (no surprise); Layana wants to make detailed leggings; Emily is riffing on the basic white tee; Dom is doing a wing-sleeve dress with a detachable skirt like those popular cargo pants back in the early ‘00s; and Kini is doing denim (also no surprise).

A small bit of drama bubbles over at the beginning when Kini and Sam realize they’re both using mesh. “Maybe I can show you how it’s really done,” Kini says in his confessional. But that mesh matching isn’t as bad as what Dom notices: The whole room is using blue textiles. It’s going to be a one-note show, but oddly it doesn’t cause any of these designers to worry.

Zanna’s critiques, on the other hand, do cause some panic. For Sam’s lace and mesh dress, she says he’s creating two different looks instead of a cohesive one. She’s worried that both Kini and Layana are leaning too “sporty” and less “athleisure.” She tells Emily not to go too “ladies who lunch” and gives the whole room a “don’t play it safe” baseball pun before leaving.

Based on previews, I was expecting Zanna’s critique to be what set Ken off, but she likes his design. When the models come, all Ken has to fit is a hood and headphones “from the BaubleBar accessories wall.” But even that doesn’t set him off. All it took was an incorrectly sewn shoulder seam to make him lose it.

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