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Episode 10 of finds the designers strolling through Times Square, where they see a marquee with the Project Runway All Stars logo above the famous Hard Rock Cafe. Inside they meet with host Alyssa Milano, who is rocking a look Rihanna invented in 2009. She introduces Kitsy Phillips, who is in charge of merchandise at Hard Rock, because we all know that you want your burger with a side of fashion.

Alyssa explains to the designers that Project Runway has never messed with “performance wear” and then reveals this week’s challenge: Design a dazzling performance outfit for the stage. Finally, something exciting? The designers must pick a song (more like a melody?) from an iconic jukebox to find out what genre of music they’ll be designing for.

Turns out this is also a face-off challenge as there are two designers to each music genre. Well played, PRAS. The face-offs are as follows:

  • Pop: Anthony vs. Ken
  • Country: Helen vs. Fabio
  • Rock: Edmond vs. Stanley

The winning designer will also create a new Hard Rock T-shirt to be sold at all locations, plus a four-day stay at Hard Rock Hotel Cancun in Mexico. The designers seem to be more excited about the trip than anything else. “I’m gonna sit on the beach and have a cocktail,” Ken hopefully says during his confessional. Let the cut-throat competition for four days at the beach begin!

The designers sketch and head off to Mood for some stage-worthy fabrics. Back in the workroom, everyone sort of pairs off by music genres. Helen is busy at work on her “fun and flirty” country design, which translates to sequins. Fabio tells her that he was thinking of doing sequins, too… awkward.

“I’m not trying to be a mean b— or anything, but I wanna win,” Helen says about going head-to-head with Fabio. That’s the attitude I’ve been yearning for from this girl.

Anthony is helping Stanley manage his time and edit his pieces. Stanley is ambitious, aiming to make four or five pieces, but Ken is trying to keep him in check. Overall, the designers seem to be hiding their anxiety and nerves pretty well; they’re dancing, helping each other out, and designing some killer stage looks. Suddenly, the guest-mentor of the week, designer Rebecca Minkoff, makes her entrance into the workroom. What happened to Anne Fulenwider? This is a case for the FBI. But Minkoff’s vibe is so much more relaxed. I heart her already.

Rebecca offers real feedback and pushes the designers to really think about the functionality of their designs. For example, she encourages Anthony to practice some dance moves (to Beyonce’s Lemonade no less) to test his fabric’s movement. She encourages Helen, the last woman standing, to think how she can make sequins country, and she questions Stanley’s ability to complete all his pieces. The designers loved the feedback, and so did I. No tea, no shade.

The models come in for their fitting, and the performance looks start to come together. Fabio is confident about his romper (think Taylor Swift at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards). Anthony is super proud of his 13-minute shorts and wants to try them on himself. (“B—, what you know about these shorts!” I love him more than I love myself.) I’m super excited for Helen’s look, but I’m worried because the stress of the sequins is getting to her, and she might not dazzle the judges…

It’s runway day, and everyone’s performance outfits look fabulous. They might not all be screaming the genre they represent, but they look like stage fashion, so I’m here for it. Time to hit the stage, designers.

Alyssa’s stylist finally did her justice and dressed her well. That white-fringed blazer looks fan-tas-tic. Brava. She welcomes back regular judges Georgina Chapman and Isaac Mizrahi and introduces this week’s guest judge, an editorial model and former Miss Universe, Olivia Culpo.

The models strut the designs down the runway in pairs, and All Stars delivers a true fashion face-off. Since there are only six designers left, no one is safe. Each genre face-off had a high and low score. The judges decide the highest scores are: Edmond (rock), Fabio (country), and Ken (pop).

RECAP: Project Runway All Stars
RECAP: Project Runway All Stars
| Credit: Pawel Kaminski/Lifetime

Stanleydescribes his look as being inspired by rock legends. Mhmm. Georgina calls his look “contrived” and too matchy-matchy. Isaac simply thinks that Stanley didn’t get it at all. Olivia calls his look “too cute.” Ouch. Alyssa wanted more.

RECAP: Project Runway All Stars
| Credit: Pawel Kaminski/Lifetime

Edmond won the judges over with his amazing rock look. Georgina thinks the outfit screams rock & roll. Isaac has nothing but praise for his glam-rock design. Olivia tells Edmond that he did a good job, and Alyssa loves it.

RECAP: Project Runway All Stars
| Credit: Pawel Kaminski/Lifetime

Fabio tells the judges that his lil romper combines Carrie Underwood and Dolly Parton. Not one of the judges buys it. Isaac doesn’t like his basic jumpsuit, and Georgina thinks his look is cute but “too on-the-nose.” Olivia likes the color Fabio chose, and Alyssa tells Fabio he pulled it off, even though she was worried.

RECAP: Project Runway All Stars
| Credit: Pawel Kaminski/Lifetime

Helen explains that she wanted to make something that put a twist on the prairie dress. Alyssa tells her that the dress looks like a costume, and Isaac thinks her design looks like a country star going to a Bar Mitzvah, LOL.

RECAP: Project Runway All Stars

Anthonytells the judges that he wanted to make something “festive” à la Jennifer Lopez in Las Vegas. Georgina just loves his design. Olivia hates the embroidery on the model’s crotch. And Isaac loves the front but thinks the back is “hilarious.”

RECAP: Project Runway All Stars
| Credit: Pawel Kaminski/Lifetime

Ken explains that he wanted to create a versatile look for a pop star. Georgina calls his look “chic” and “beautiful,” Olivia says it gave her life, and Alyssa calls it “forward.” Isaac loves his jumpsuit but hates the “bathrobe” coat.

Winner: Edmond, FINALLY!

Out: Helen. This one hurt, a lot.

Do you agree with the judges? Let me know your thoughts about “Rock Your Face Off” and what you think of All Stars season 6 so far. Sound off below!

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