On ''Prison Break,'' a locked cigar box leads Michael and Sara to Warden Pope; meanwhile, C-Note fears for his daughter's life

By Kate Sullivan
Updated February 20, 2007 at 05:00 AM EST
Credit: Prison Break: Bill Matlock/FOX 

”Prison Break”: Guess who’s back?

Reunited and it feels so… okay.

Sucre and Maricruz finally came through for each other and met up in the airport as planned. The reunion was exciting mostly because it means we’ll stop seeing him pine for her. (There’s only so much pining in a bus, pining while driving a punch buggy, and pining while riding shotgun in an airport security guard’s car we can take.) Without his interactions with Michael, Sucre has become dull. Here’s to hoping we see less and less of him. If we love them, we have to let a lot of characters go.

Pope’s being a member of the cigar club was a clever way to have him cameo without making him part of the overall conspiracy. Fans of PB can suspend their disbelief. (Especially when it comes to small details like the escapees’ grooming habits: C-Note keeps his head Britney Spears-smooth and Linc has kept a perfect amount of stubble on his face for weeks.) But what fans can’t do is stay engaged in so many competing plots.

PB needs to (and looks like it will) pare down the escapees. It was a relief when C-Note turned himself in to get his daughter proper medical care. But instead of that taking C-Note out of one of many B-stories, it put him in the already crowded A-story, with his promise to help Mahone find Michael. Best case scenario for the next episode: C-Note will give Mahone whatever information he has and then step aside. Sucre and Maricruz will escape and live south of the border as a family. Self-loathing T-Bag will take himself out of the picture.

But back to this episode: Once again, the show reminds us that it’s all about daddy. Michael reunited with father-figure Pope to get a USB flash drive locked in Sara’s father’s cigar humidor (in order to prove Linc’s innocence of a crime he was framed for because of his father’s betraying The Company). Sucre met up with his unborn fetus. C-Note turned himself in so his sick daughter could have a mother at home. Mahone tortured himself for his inability to be there for his son. T-Bag, ”the sin” of his father, revisited the site of his painful childhood and confessed to Mrs. Hollander and kids that he can never be a biological father, and is glad to be the last of his cursed bloodline.

And T-Bag might end that bloodline sooner than anticipated. The last we saw of him this episode, he was wildly sobbing and had just told the police where to find his unharmed victims. He had asked Mrs. H. to love him a little and she told him she couldn’t. At the time that seemed like a foolish answer to give Captain Crazy while so near a weird steel killing shack — but it turned out that her answer (combined with the atmosphere) drove something home to T-Bag.

And the direness of his daughter’s illness was driven home to C-Note in the dankest-looking doctor’s office on the planet. Could that office have been any more sinister? It had a lightness waiting room full of blank-faced patients, no receptionist or nurse, and a doctor smoking a cigarette in his examination room. (I wouldn’t have let that guy give my daughter a catheter either.)

The first hospital’s refusal to see Dede was puzzling. Yes, the staff knew C-Note was a wanted man and they argued to stall him. But you know what else takes a long time, hospital staff? Treating a kidney disease. They could have seen his daughter just as easily as argue, and thus kept C-Note there for the cops to arrest. Even a criminal’s daughter deserves care. That was inhumane.

Apparently, exclusive cigar clubs are much more accommodating than hospitals. Guys just hanging around will say ”Yeah, stranger, go ahead and use my laptop.” When Kim showed up at the club to take the USB drive from Pope, I was sure he wouldn’t leave alive. It’s understandable why Linc wouldn’t have shot Kim (he does after all want to be cleared, not convicted, of murder), but why didn’t Kellerman take that opportunity to take Kim out? He already had shot Kim’s doughy thug/chauffeur (who the burly Pope could have gotten past on his own, quite frankly). It would have been nice to see Kellerman and Kim in fisticuffs at the very least. They are the characters who most inspire air-punching dangerously close to the television screen. (Hence why Michael’s nailing Kim with that soccer mom car was the best moment in the episode.) Watching them kick the crap out of each other would be so satisfying.

But it will never happen. Kellerman is too fond of guns over fists (unless he’s beating up a girl). In previews for the next episode, the now-solo Kellerman gets himself a ”big game hunting” gun. While any number of people could be on his killing list, my money is on the president. When Kellerman was talking to Linc on the roof, he sounded like a crazy stalker. ”You’re not capable of understanding our relationship,” only comes out the mouth of a man who has a crawlspace wallpapered with photocopies of a woman’s license photo. And ”You don’t love someone who loves power more than life” only comes out of that man’s mouth when he’s been burned one too many times.

So what do you think: Is Kellerman going to shoot the president? Will C-Note’s information lead Mahone to Michael? Is T-Bag suicidal or about to find God? What is PB saying about fathers? And off-topic: Is there significance to multiple characters having historical names (Lincoln, Theodore, Franklin)?

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