On the season finale of ''Prison Break,'' although Lincoln and Sara are exonerated, Michael is going to have to try to escape from another jail

By Kate Sullivan
April 04, 2007 at 04:00 AM EDT
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The ”Prison Break” finale: A whole new con game

This episode of Prison Break was all about the last ten minutes. Linc found out he was cleared of murder. Sara committed murder. And Michael turned himself in for murder. We also got a look at next season’s set, which so far is terrifying. Who knows what Michael was walking into in the final shot?

The most exciting development is that Mahone and Michael may finally interact on the level fans have been craving. The two have always been intellectual equals, and they’ve both done the wrong thing for the right reason. Suddenly seeing them outside of Sona prison, face to face, is what’s going to make me watch next season. Could the enemies possibly reconcile and work together behind bars? Or will Mahone be too enraged that Michael foiled his escape plan by planting drugs in the boat?

No matter what, the two together will make for interesting television. Personally, I’m hoping to see Mahone and Michael fighting on the same side next season. Their two brains combined might have a chance against the Company and the General (formerly known as ”Pad Man” or ”That Not Really Mute Bald Guy”). And prison does make strange bedfellows. Maybe the new tag team could even help Bellick, if only to be humane. (Did you see Bellick writhing on the floor of the prison when Michael entered? Maybe his ”banana benders” line didn’t go over too well at Sona. Bellick was so brutalized I had to rewind and replay twice to be sure it was him.)

Now that Sucre is near dead in the street, Bellick’s safety may be irrelevant. And I have to say I found myself kind of pissed off at Sucre this episode. I’ve always liked him, but his running out of the hospital with only two-thirds of his blood, crying about Maricruz, just got under my skin. Suddenly I felt he didn’t have the right to feel victimized anymore. Maybe it’s because he’s been feeling sorry for himself for so long, but it’s also because I feel sorrier for Maricruz than I do for him. I know he’s understandably worried about his woman’s safety, but man, he put her in that position. When Linc was making his speech to Mahone, telling him (from experience) that a man needs to keep the cancer of his life from infecting his family members’ lives, the man I immediately thought of was Sucre. Sucre ruined Maricruz’s life (and his own). I don’t know what to do emotionally with his character anymore. Of course I want him to find Maricruz and live happily ever after; I just don’t want to watch all it’s going to take to get to that point. I’m done with him. And I think the show is too. I’m putting money down now that come season 3, episode 1, Sucre won’t be near dead in the street; he’ll be dead.

The show is clearly done with the fabulous Kellerman. He owned up to everything on the stand at Sara’s trial, but how did he prove it? What documents corroborated all of that evidence? Was he hiding that stuff in his boxes of jerky? Anyway, the prosecution immediately dropped its case against Sara and took up one against Kellerman, not that he’ll ever see his trial date. I thought he went out like a man. A man assaulted by masked gunmen. It will be interesting to see whether his testimony will have any effect on the former president. (I bet she’s suddenly going to ”die” of her ”cancer,” much as her brother was ”murdered.”)

While I fully expected Kellerman and Kim to get theirs tonight, I thought we might have one more dead secondary character on our hands. I was so pumped that Bellick and T-Bag were going to face off at Sona, and instead T-Bag was left in local lockup the whole episode. The two men only exchanged quips before Bellick was pulled out of the cell and cuffed. I like the idea of T-Bag being stuck in a mundane jail (he might have too much fun at Sona) and just rotting quietly. It would be a painful end for him. But it might be too hard for the show’s writers to leave their most dynamic character behind. What a season it has been for T-Bag; Robert Knepper deserves an Emmy nomination. Seriously, his 2006 nomination for a Satellite Award is not enough to honor what he’s done in this role (especially because I had to look up what that award was right before I wrote this.)

There are a lot more things I want to lament or wonder about here, like Linc, Michael, and Sara instinctively running into the woods after Sara shot Kim. There had to be a better way to handle that; maybe they could have taken the boat they’d purchased? The brothers were quickly separated, and Michael and Sara shared an ”I love you” exchange in one of the many abandoned houses in the Panamanian jungle (last episode, Michael wrestled T-Bag in another one) before Michael turned himself over to the police. So frustrating! What about that bag of money that is being swept out to sea right now? It has to be gone forever. Sorry, Westmoreland’s daughter. And why does the General want Michael to break out of Sona? I think he must need to know how secure the prison is before he moves genius war criminals or detainees there.

What do you think? Are you happy that the title Prison Break makes sense again? Or can you not handle another jailbreak plot? Is there hope for a Mahone and Michael collaboration? And who do you not see returning for a third season?

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