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June 29, 2016 at 04:03 AM EDT

Emily decides the best way to get to Ali is through Mary Drake — she is Ali’s aunt, after all. Spencer talks to Mary about being in Radley when Mary comes into Veronica Hastings’ office. She was serious earlier about not being a secret anymore: This woman is popping up in every scene! Mary Drake is not hiding, and strangely enough, it makes me trust her. Although her past is definitely creepy (and not necessarily the truth): Spencer asks why Mary went to Radley, and Mary tells a story about a time when Jessica was babysitting and couldn’t get a 10-month-old baby to stop crying. She called Mary and begged her to come help, and when she finally got there, Jessica told her the baby was asleep upstairs and then left to meet up with someone while Mary covered for her. When the parents came home… it turned out the baby was dead. HORRIBLE STORY — and doesn’t it seem slightly familiar to the one about Charles/Charlotte almost drowning baby Ali in the tub? I’m inclined to think maybe Mary and Jessica’s roles were reversed and baby-suffocating was passed from mother to child.

Liam’s first notes session with Ezra is rough, to say the least. Liam immediately dives into a character critique that’s actually a thinly veiled (and not exactly false) critique of Ezra himself. Liam reads the “character” as “predatory,” and the situation in the book as a Lolita myth. In other words, he’s basically calling Ezra a pedophile, while Ezra tries to argue his character wasn’t that much older than Aria’s character. Ezra tries to ask why Liam’s being so outwardly hostile, but Liam just says he’s trying to protect the book — and both of its authors.

Later, Ezra expresses concern to Aria that every editing session is going to end up like that, then asks what Liam really knows about their relationship. Aria talks to Liam and says she thought they agreed to be adults about this. “He has a way with words,” Liam says. “I used to admire that. Now I’m suspicious. It was a lot of unconnected things I didn’t want to connect.” Eventually he just comes out and says it: “I think you were seduced by your English teacher when you were in high school.” I know there are a lot of you Ezria fans out there — and I’m sometimes one myself — but it’s kind of nice this stuff is finally coming back out into the open, especially since we learned a few seasons ago that Ezra did know Aria was a teenager when they met. Anyway, Aria basically explains she wouldn’t take back anything about her life, even all the murdered people, because all those events have made her who she is today. Sweet, but also… what?!

Back at Chateau Radley, Emily talks to Mary Drake herself, and eventually convinces her to go to Ali’s sanitarium with her so they can visit. When they get there, Ali’s a little delirious, telling Emily they’re going to miss their flight. And when she sees Mary, she asks, “Mommy, why did you leave me? I woke up and there was dirt all over me and you wouldn’t help.” (Why do I always forget she was buried alive by her own mother?) She also says, “You were wrong about Elliott. He’s not like what you said.” Did Mrs. D not trust him? Or did she think he was great and Ali’s finally realized he doesn’t exactly have her best interests in mind? We don’t get to find out what she meant, though, because Rollins barges in and says, “I didn’t authorize this! Everyone out!” Ali screams, but Rollins flips off the light and closes the door.

“What happened to her?” Emily cries. “She wasn’t like that when we came here.” But Rollins whisks Mary away to have “a word,” and Emily watches their silhouettes fight in a different room. Mary has apparently been calling Rollins for two days, but he says, “Your being here was not part of the plan.” “Neither was what you’re doing to that girl,” Mary shoots back. Elliott says she got what she wanted (the money) and should be satisfied. Does Mary Drake have a heart after all?

Spencer and Caleb have hearts, but can’t quite figure out what to do with them. Spencer gets fired from her D.C. job over text — not a huge shock, since she’s been in Rosewood for months now and everything in their lives has to happen over ominous texts — so she’s drinking alone at home. Caleb comes home, and they briefly check in about Hanna, before Spencer says, “I’m afraid to ask you this, but I really have to. Did we make a mistake, you and I?” Caleb says they didn’t, but then Spencer asks why he’s talking about them in the past tense. Yikes… but I don’t think they’ll be over so soon.

In the final scene, Emily is frantically texting the Liars that Ali is much worse off than they thought. She tells them something’s going on between Mary Drake and Rollins, and then asks, “Is Rollins in charge?” Sure seems like it at this point. But as the other Liars check or ignore their phones, Ali gets something injected into her IV, and someone rolls her down the hall — presumably to the surgery Jason supposedly authorized. What do we think is happening to her? A lobotomy? Something to erase her memory? A freaky cosmetic procedure? The possibilities really do seem endless now that the show is Freeform dark…

Share your thoughts and theories below!

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Four little liars and a being named “A” (who may or may not be the fifth little liar) try to live their lives in Rosewood. It’s complicated.
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