The twin is revealed — and so is something else
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Last week, Spencer said something so familiar on this show that I almost didn’t even register it: “All roads lead back to Radley.” Well, folks, we’ve always known it, and this week’s finale proves it even further. While we might have been shocked at the twin reveal the show had teased all week — and the other major reveal that we’ll get to in a bit — I don’t think any of us should have been shocked that Radley held the answers all along.

So without further ado: Your season 6 finale! We begin with the Liars absorbing the aftermath of Hanna’s (false) confession to A — who Caleb brilliantly dubs A-moji later in the episode. Why didn’t we think of that? “If you’re lying, I [gun emoji] all of you,” A-moji texts Hanna. Then, “No [pigs].” Hanna assures A-moji that this is between the two of them.

Ali and Rollins are spending some time together before Rollins leaves for his conference in Chicago. He tells her that she and Charlotte have their strength in common. Rollins admits that he still feels responsible for Charlotte’s death, and Ali assures him, “You gave me back my sister as a healthy, helpful person.” In related DiLaurentis news, apparently Jason is doing well running the Carissimi Group.

Toby, in a sharp new pair of glasses (possibly to confuse us about a bespectacled Cavanaugh twin), and Spencer bond while looking at Sara Harvey’s Radley plans. They realize there’s a secret records room in the basement that was sealed off when Radley became The Radley and decide that Sara Harvey must be hiding stuff there. Spencer says she can go to the room alone, but Toby says he’ll skip Yvonne’s mom’s campaign party tomorrow because he needs to help Spencer instead. She doesn’t want to mess things up for the two of them but accepts his help anyway.

Aria and Ezra finally finish their book: Ezra is emotional, but it looks like the book has been a cathartic act for him. “I’m never going to see her again,” he tells Aria. “I haven’t said that out loud until now.” He thanks Aria for pushing him to finish the book. But she deflects, and they decide they did it together.

Ali, meanwhile, is alone watching Elizabeth Taylor in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof when she hears a commotion in the house. She gets up and sees her mother again — this time, covered in dirt and half-zombified, looking like she just crawled out from her grave. I have to admit, when I saw this clip online earlier today, I screamed. I’m glad to have been prepared to see it a second time. The vision is gone as quickly as it appeared, but then Ali gets a phone call. “Did you miss me?” says the voice. NO, SHE DIDN’T!

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Emily assures Ali later that it was just a dream — she had a similar one about her dad after he died. “Those painkillers are really strong,” she tells Ali. “I hate that you have to babysit me, but I’m really happy that you’re here,” Ali says. Someone is watching through the window — I forgot how those shots always used to make my stomach churn in fear.

Toby’s already told Spencer he’ll help her on election night, but when it comes time to tell Yvonne, she is not having it. “I have to do a favor for a friend,” he says, but then Yvonne quickly realizes, “It’s not something you’re taking care of, it’s someone. Would her name be Spencer?” Toby is cagey about telling Yvonne what it’s about, but Yvonne is no fool! “Do you hear how that sounds?” she says. “I won’t let you turn me into the woman who says, ‘Pick me, not her.'” Well said, Yvonne — and I think we can assume she’s not a Grey’s Anatomy fan.

Aria stops by Emily’s Ali-sitting gig, where Emily tells her the book she and Ezra wrote is incredible. But Aria is worried that Liam will notice the chapters she wrote were too honest — and weren’t exactly about her current relationship.

That night, Ali has another vision — this time it’s even closer. Detective Wilden, that long-dead creep, is lying in bed with her. She screams and later tells Emily he touched her. Ali starts to worry something’s really wrong with her. She calls Rollins, who says that she needs to remind herself it’s not real if it happens again. “These visions are about misplaced guilt,” he explains. But when they hang up, she sees her mom outside again, pointing inside the house. When Ali turns around, there’s Wilden again, with blood dripping down his shirt from where he was shot. “You’re not real. None of this is real!” Ali cries, begging them to go away.

In another bedroom (well, a barn), things are looking sunny: Caleb and Spencer, both in various states of undress, have coffee and talk about panties and a bit of light jealousy. The mood dissipates when Mr. Hastings knocks on the door, forcing Caleb to sneak out — but not before Spencer tells him she loves him.

Speaking of love, Jillian loved Ezra and Aria’s book — and she is not one to overuse that word. She plans to put all her marketing muscle behind the book to try to make it a best-seller, complete with prequels and TV and movie deals. The emotion is just too much for these paramours-turned-co-writers: Soon, Aria and Ezra are making some very adult love in the bedroom. Ezria, together again! Is it awful that I don’t feel the slightest bit guilty about Liam? Didn’t think so.

In the third reunion of the night, Caleb and Hanna are checking out the motel where Hanna will “meet” A-moji later when Hanna has a flashback to the night they broke up.

FLASHBACK: Hanna is about to leave the apartment. “If I don’t go, I’ll lose my job,” she tells Caleb. “You said that on my birthday. Your birthday. New Year’s Eve,” Caleb argues. “Your life is on a loop. I’m barely a part of it.” Hanna asks what he wants her to do, and he says, “Say no to your boss and come to Europe.” She says she can’t, and he says that if she walks out the door, he won’t be there when she gets back. Hanna is pained but promises they’ll work it out like they always do. She’ll call him from the cab.

When she’s in the cab, though, he doesn’t pick up. After sitting in the pouring rain in traffic, she jumps out of the cab and runs home, bursting into the apartment to apologize. But it’s too late: All his clothes are gone, and she’s been calling his phone in vain. It’s sitting right there on the desk. END FLASHBACK.

Hanna worries about being safe in the motel, but Caleb says there’s no way Sara Harvey is going to get in. “Have I ever let you down before?” he asks. “No,” Hanna says. “But I’ve let you down.” She tells him that there’s something he doesn’t know about the night they had their big fight and explains that she came back. “If I’d just come back a few minutes earlier or hadn’t left, things might be so different now,” she says.

“Yeah, they might be,” says Caleb. Then Hanna, crying, says, “I never stopped loving you,” and they kiss!!! So far, we’ve got Ezria, Haleb… Is there hope for Spoby?

They’re interrupted when Aria and Ezra arrive at the motel, and it’s time for Hanna to text A-moji that she’s alone and ready.

Meanwhile, Emily is searching for Ali and finds her in the church: The same one where everyone’s funerals have been held and, of course, the scene of Charlotte’s death. “I knew they wouldn’t follow me here,” Ali cries. “They came back for me, and they’re gonna take me straight to hell.” Emily tries to tell her the visions are all in her head, but Ali says, “I can’t tell what’s real anymore. Emily, I need help.”

We know where she can’t go to get help (unless she’s looking for some nice room service or a hand-me-down pair of leather gloves): The Radley, where Spencer and Toby are sawing through the wall to the old records room. Someone comes down the hall, but it’s just Mona, who tried to show her true colors earlier by helping out with Spencer’s mom’s last-minute campaigning. The trio head into the room but finds only empty, cobweb-laden shelves…except for one telltale file folder lying there all alone.

NEXT: What’s in the folder?!

The file is for a “Mary Drake” (hmm…Drake…who else did we know with that last name?), who had a child at Radley 25 years ago. The child’s name? Charles. Charles was adopted by Jessica and Kenneth DiLaurentis. “Charlotte wasn’t Jason’s older sister,” Spencer says. “They were practically the same age.” Now those home videos from the dollhouse make even more sense — those boys always looked closer to twins to me. So there you have it: Charlotte’s birth mother was Mary Drake, and Mary Drake just might have been the person to go to all the trouble to hide this file.

Hanna is still waiting for A-moji, and Ezra, Caleb, and Aria see her through the window as they run over to the electric fence Caleb has set up as a trap. They see electric flashes…but no A-moji lying on the ground. They run back to Hanna, but the worst has happened: She’s gone, and there’s a big hole in the floor where it must have happened. “I should have checked the floors,” Caleb moans, and when someone tries to reassure him, he reminds them that A would have remembered to check.

While Ali, with Emily by her side, is checking into a treatment facility — of which the nurse says she might not be able to check herself out — Spencer and Toby are at Veronica Hastings’ victory party. Melissa is suspiciously absent. Spencer gets a call and they race to the Lost Woods motel. When they get there, Caleb yells at Toby, “Why the hell did you bring her here?!” But soon they’re distracted by the video from the cameras Caleb set up by the electric fence: Who runs up to it? Jessica DiLaurentis! Or…

At the DiLaurentis house, Wilden stands and peels off his mask like a Scooby Doo villain, revealing underneath: DR. ROLLINS! And he’s British, just like Huw Collins, who plays him — which now makes perfect sense. This is why they had the actor hide his accent. “I just got a call from the hospital,” he says to his companion, who is most definitely a dark-haired Mary Drake. “She signed the papers,” Mary asks. Rollins says yes — and he controls 50 percent of the Carissimi Group now. “I would have done anything for Charlotte,” he says. Ah, so that’s it! Whether or not he’s a real doctor, he has some connection to Charlotte, and they must have fallen in love.

“You proved that when you married her cousin,” Mary says. “We’ve finally taken back what was supposed to be mine.” She gazes at the picture of Charlotte on the table. “And that’s what our Charlotte would have wanted.”

While the Liars are still confusedly gathered around the laptop in the middle of the woods, they get a text: “Thanks for giving me Hanna. You’re free to go. —A.D.” A.D.? It must be a coincidence that those are Ali’s initials. Does Mary go by some other first name? Is there another Drake around that we have yet to meet?

There’s definitely someone we have yet to meet, or at least to unmask: In the last scene, we see someone dragging a body up to the bell tower. It’s Hanna, with dried blood on her mouth and flowers placed on her chest as if she’s in a coffin. This is not looking good, you guys. And also, I’m pretty sure A.D. must have access to some sort of wormhole because, unless Rosewood has an underground subway system, I’m not sure how someone could have dragged a body through a tunnel from the Lost Woods motel all the way to the church in the center of town.

So here we are! But of course, these answers definitely leave some questions:

  • Answer: Mrs. D has a twin, Mary Drake, who was a patient at Radley. Jessica DiLaurentis adopted Mary Drake’s son. Questions: Is Jessica DiLaurentis’ maiden name Drake? I find that hard to believe, or CeCe Drake would have stood out more to Ali and Jason years ago. And why did being in Radley screw Charles/Charlotte up so badly if his actual mom was there, too? Did she escape long before? Or did they just not have any interaction? And most importantly, Is Mary Drake A-moji? It makes perfect sense that a mom would textually torture some teens to try to figure out who killed her baby. And, not to insult any mothers out there, but perhaps this would explain her awkward use of emojis? No self-respecting millennial could have sent those messages.
  • Answer: Rollins is evil (and British). Do you people who thought Wren was guilty of something last year feel satisfied that there’s at least a guy with an accent involved? Questions: Is he really a doctor? How does he know Mary Drake? Was he another Radley patient? What’s going to happen to Alison? Is Jason involved in any of this?

Thoughts? Theories? Did you call the #TwinOnPLL? (Not to toot my own horn, but…I suspected it. I think we know by now that a hallucination on this show always has an explanation behind it.) What’s Rollins’ deal? Is Hanna alive? And who killed Charlotte?!

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