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Hold on, because Power season 5 is kicking into gear.

This season has been more of a slow burn than the last few, but the seventh episode, “The Devil Inside,” serves as the year’s high point and an indication that things are about to get interesting — and deadly.

All of that action also means a lot of movement in the Power power rankings, so strap in and strap up, because this is where it goes down.

1. Kanan

Throughout the season, Kanan’s played everyone masterfully, especially Ghost and Tommy. Now, after killing Diego for Ghost and saving Jason from Dre, his plan of taking over Tommy’s business is finally coming together. And maybe best of all, he gets to do his own version of the famous Wire chess scene. Perfect timing since it’s almost checkmate time.

2. Jason

He’s not dead — that’s a win.

3. LaKeisha

Someone is smitten! She sure got over being mad at Tommy very quickly. I guess the key to a woman’s heart is asking her to go to dinner with your mobster dad who just got out of prison and who you just met and who is secretly helping the feds build a criminal case against you. I’ll have to try that move.

4. Mak

Pro’s of the new job offer: Great opportunity, more power (isn’t that what this is all about?), and getting away from Saxe. Con: Helping your archenemy get away with covering up a murder (and probably more). Tough choice. Well, it actually seemed pretty easy for him.

5. Teresi

Busy episode for Teresi, who in 60 minutes finds a way to kill a dirty prison guard with a drill, have a heart-to-heart with his wife, get some dirt on Tommy, invite his son over for a family bonding dinner, and rat out Ghost to the feds for killing Marshall Williams (you know, the prison murder that Teresi helped clean up last season?). All that and the biggest moment for Teresi may have been when Tommy called him “dad.” That one word clearly hit him hard. Will he regret his snitching ways?

6. Proctor

Look who’s a lawyer again! Too bad he had to turn snitch to do so. Proctor’s desperation to get his license back causes him to look into Angela covering up a murder — and leads to the return of his lawyer-client confidentiality with Tommy. “Stop killing people,” he tells Tommy, who replies, “No.” I’d advise him not to look into Tommy and his connection to murders.

7. Tariq

“I’m ready to become my own man,” Tariq declares to Kanan. “I’m ready to be a hustler, like you.” Not to nitpick, but do you want to be your own man or do you want to be just like Kanan? I mean, there are worse people to be like than the No. 1 person in power on Power.

8. Tate

Yeah, Ghost is blackmailing him, but Tate still might end up becoming governor. Better to be a governor getting blackmailed by a drug kingpin than not a governor at all!

9. Tommy

Things are looking up on a personal level for Tommy, who now has a new dad, mom, and lady. Based on all that, Tommy sure thinks he’s living the dream. Too bad, though, that his doting father is helping the feds take him down, his best friend is plotting with his enemy to take his boss down, and Kanan is about to take his business. But yeah, other than that, life is good.

10. Dre

Yes, Diego is dead, meaning Dre won’t be forced to watch him have sex or vice versa ever again, so that’s nice. But, unbeknownst to him, his two closest allies 2-Bit and Spanky have betrayed him. And Ghost will surely be unhappy that Dre can’t fulfill his side of their arrangement.

11. Ghost

Until the last ten minutes of the episode, I was ready to declare Ghost the big winner. The man had truly gotten his power back, not to mention also getting Angela and the Queens Child Project back. He was riding high until his plan to intimidate Terry backfired and his wife’s lover made a run for it. The result: Ghost prepares to confess to murdering Ray Ray. Damn, will he ever go to jail for one of the many murders he actually committed?

12. Angela

Am I the only one who loves dirty Angela? She’s on a mission to protect herself at all costs, whether that means sweet talking Steve Tampio, bribing Mak with a new job, or being tempted to ask Tommy to kill Mak. Speaking of, this Tommy and Angela pairing is pure gold. I would totally watch a spin-off focused on their blossoming criminal partnership.

13. Terry

Whoever said love doesn’t cost a thing was clearly never asked to perjure themselves in a murder investigation, because love cost Terry everything. Well, not everything, since he had enough money left to hire the fastest movers of all time.

14. Tasha

Rough one for Tasha. Early on, she thought she had everything under control after Terry agreed to lie for her and to have very passionate sex with her. But Terry couldn’t stand up to the heat so he got out of the kitchen — and out of New York. Her lawyer/lover’s disappearance isn’t ideal for Tasha, who was relying on him to vouch for her whereabouts. Terry’s departure has her ready to take the fall for Tariq, until Ghost steps up and says it’s his responsibility. First she lost her boyfriend, and now she lost her chance to rescue her son!

15. Diego

He is dead — that’s a loss.

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