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Is it hot in here or was that just Sunday night’s Power?

“Are We On The Same Team?” was easily one of the show’s most romantic episodes ever, which was fitting considering your recapper watched and wrote this in Paris. (Also fitting for your recapper is that he was there alone…)

It wasn’t all romance, though, as a lot of the main characters continued to be dealt rounds of bad news. Like Tommy for instance, who consistently gets kicked when he’s down and, even worse, doesn’t realize how badly things are truly going. Unsurprisingly, our favorite new Italian remained at the bottom of this week’s Power power rankings, while some surprising names skyrocketed to the top.

So strap in and strap up, because this is where it goes down:

1. Teresi

That crafty son of a b—. The only times we’ve really seen Tony Teresi since his introduction last year have been in his interactions with Ghost and Tommy, and our No. 1 impression of him was that he’s no snitch. Well, wrong on that one. He’s more than a snitch, he’s a genius snitch mastermind. When Saxe and Mak come to try and get him to flip on Tommy, Teresi cracks an evil laugh, revealing that this has been his plan all along. And by episode’s end, he’s already free (that was suspiciously quick). Tommy comes to pick him up and tells his son that after they see Connie, they’re “going to get into some trouble.” More than poor Tommy even realizes.

2. Kanan

Life is pretty good for Kanan right now (helps when your portrayer is an executive producer!). Despite all that has gone on among the trio, he’s managed to slither his way back in with Tommy and Ghost. Not to say that he hasn’t been helpful, considering he seemingly gets 2-Bit to betray Dre and provide him the info to jack Cristobal. Although, I should add that he didn’t tell his buddies about the robbery, instead using that money to buy product from Tommy (which Ghost explicitly told Tommy he didn’t want to happen). The one knock I will put on Kanan, who we all can’t help but love even if he’s the worst, is that no one talks to Tasha like that and gets away with it!

3. Angela

A good alternate title for this episode could have been “How Angela Got Her Groove Back.” It was all coming up aces for Angela on Sunday night (if you ignore the whole obstruction of justice and murder cover up thing). Meet cute and sex with a handsome agent? Check. Continue to resist answering Ghost’s calls? Check. Shut down Blanca’s investigation? Check. Figuring out that Alicia is really the second Jimenez brother? Check. One thing I would suggest to keep an eye on is Angela opening up on the Jimenez case to this mystery hunk Steve Tampio. Knowing Angela’s luck, that will come back to bite her.

4. LaKeisha

Like Teresi, LaKeisha, who hadn’t really gotten any of her own material during the first two episodes, makes her debut in the rankings this week. Both of her scenes here are still mostly in service of other characters (Tommy and Tasha), but she comes in strong with truth bombs for her ex-lover and her best friend. First, she turns down Tommy’s advances, and then she tells Tasha that she shouldn’t be surprised Tariq is lying to her since they’ve been lying to the kids their whole lives. “What do you expect?” Harsh, but fair. “If you want things to be different, then you got to make them different.” Poetic. I hope you were listening, Carmelo.

5. Cristobal

Getting stuck up by Kanan doesn’t stop Cristobal’s rise to becoming Dre’s No. 2. Even better, the promotion comes directly from Diego. It’s always nice when the psycho, murdering drug kingpin takes a liking to you!

6. Tariq

I feel like I’ve rightfully been hard on Tariq, but I’ve got to give credit where credit is due. Here, after Tasha apologizes to lying to him for all these years, he finally comes clean about witnessing Ray Ray shoot Raina. The mother and son then share a cry and an embrace. And all this happens as they arrive at Chote in what appears to be the latest drop-off ever.

7. Tasha

“If you f— with me, you better kill me n—-a, because I swear to god, you best believe I will get you back.” Yoooooo, don’t come at Tasha! Naturi Naughton has been killing it so far this season, whether it was standing up to Kanan, or confronting Ghost about murdering Jeff, or her big heartfelt moment with Tariq. 2019 Emmy voters, take note!

8. Ghost

Honestly, I wanted to put Ghost at No. 1 for the sole reason that he got to hang out with Garcelle Beauvais. I can’t be the only one excited to see the Wild Wild West and Jamie Foxx Show alum, right? Well, Ghost did much more than hang out with Beauvais’ Linda; he got up close and personal. Linda and Ghost’s first interaction doesn’t go great, since the businesswoman decides to pass on investing in his and Tate’s project. But the second meeting goes much, much better, as Ghost’s bedroom skills seem to seal the deal. Wrong. Tate says pimping himself out didn’t work. The business partners get into a big argument, with Tate suggesting Ghost take a break from their enterprise (I bet he’s just jealous that he didn’t hook up with Linda!). With his fundraising efforts proving unsuccessful, Ghost reluctantly agrees to let Tommy begin laundering money through Truth again. Not ideal for Ghost, but Tommy really needs this one!

9. Proctor

While Proctor only shows up for one scene, it’s the episode’s funniest moment. Proctor and Tommy have their own cute meeting by the water because Tommy needs help laundering money and looking into his dad. Considering his tenuous situation with the bar, Proctor doesn’t want to hear any of this. Tommy is tired of talking about the bar, insisting the lawyer could make money plenty of other ways. “Legal ways?” asks Proctor, to which Tommy responds, “I didn’t say all that now.” Hoping to clean his hands a bit while he awaits the verdict in his hearing, Proctor suggests to Tommy that they should keep their distance. “In the mean time, we should stay far out of touch,” he requests, prompting Tommy to laugh and walk away (he’s definitely going to call).

10. Dre

What a historic fall. From No. 1 to No. 10 in just two weeks. Dre is quickly finding out why they say, “Heavy is the head that wears the crown.” Diego has taken a hands on (and clothes off) approach with Dre, and the arraignment doesn’t seem to be working for either of them. Also, Dre doesn’t know it, but he’s got a few disgruntled soldiers. I guess that makes sense considering Kanan’s hilarious take on Dre: “News flash: Everybody like everybody more than they like Dre. Facts!”

11. Dre’s team

It was rough being part of Team Dre this week. Cristobal’s getting jacked, Arturo’s being forced to kill some of his own men, and 2-Bit and Spanky are growing bitter over their roles. Sounds like the most chaotic team since last year’s Cavaliers (Spanky just sounds like a J.R. Smith nickname).

12. Tommy

Three weeks, three bottom two finishes. Before we dive into all of Tommy’s problems, let’s focus on the positive! Even in adversity, he’s still guaranteed to provide the comedy in each episode. We already touched on his hilarious interaction with Proctor, but he also had a gold response to Ghost’s press conference from last week: “I got a question for you: Why can’t you stay off the f—ing TV? I mean, you do understand the concept of being a criminal, right Ghost?” And that is why Tommy is one of my favorite characters on TV. And that is also why I have my own question for creator Courtney A. Kemp and the creative team: Why do you love to hurt Tommy?! I mean, you finally give this man the dad he’s never had and it turns out the guy is using him so he can get out of prison and Tommy can go into prison. Then, when he goes seeking advice on his concerns about daddy, he either gets shutdown by LaKeisha, blown off by Proctor, or, worst of all, advice from Kanan (ask Shawn how good he is at father-son relationships). And I didn’t even get to Kanan working his way closer to pulling a coup and stealing Tommy’s business right from underneath him. I really need something good to happen to Tommy next week, even if it’s only like he gets a free meatball sub because he finally filled out his punch card.

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