Tasha seeks her own redemption
Power Season 4 2017
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S4 E7
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Tommy is back in New York. Fresh off his trip to Chicago, he heads to the stash spot, only to see B.G. tied up on the floor. B.G. tells him that Ghost and Kanan robbed the place and killed Tommy’s guy, Marcus, in the process. Surprised to learn that Kanan is still alive, Tommy picks up a call from Ghost and starts yelling, but Ghost asks him to meet somewhere so he can explain what happened.

As soon as Tariq sees Tommy, he runs into his arms. Ghost explains Tariq’s kidnapping and the part Kanan played in everything, and Tommy tells Ghost about the ransom text Tasha received that showed a burnt arm, which she didn’t want to believe was Kanan’s. Of course, Tariq is still up to no good; he lies when asked if Dre knew that Kanan was alive.

Tommy takes everyone home, and when they walk in, Tasha goes off on Tariq about his so-called overnight with his friend. Ghost tells Tasha their son was kidnapped by Kanan, while Tariq makes it a point to stand up to his mother about the lies she told about Shawn’s death.

Ghost pulls Tasha into the bedroom, and even after all she did for him while he was in jail, he still tries to pull the “you had one job” card. Tasha lets him have it: “One job? I was dealing with your lying son, on top of scraping together money for your bail and playing wifey in court while your oblivious ass was sitting around in prison because Proctor didn’t want you stressed out.” As they argue, Raina overhears Tasha saying Ghost should’ve killed Kanan 10 years ago. She interrupts their conversation so she can see her dad for the first time since his release.

Stern and his team make a surprise visit to the St. Patricks’ home so they can talk about his brand makeover, which includes an on-camera interview with the whole family. Even though he’s hesitant to have their kids anywhere on TV, Ghost doesn’t really have a choice, so he agrees.

As for the prosecution, Maks calls in his old team to let them know they’re still suspended and that they should look for jobs in the private sector. Rubbing it in, Angela argues that Maks deserves suspension too, but apparently he made his status as the team newbie work for him.

Although they’re not feeling Maks, that doesn’t stop Sandoval and Saxe from trying to form an alliance with him to “find” Greg’s killer. Sandoval’s new spin is to pin Donovan as the mole since he “found” the gun in the nightclub. Angela meets up with Donovan, who still believes Ghost is the killer, and starts asking the real questions. For instance: Who knew the surveillance was getting cut off? Angela asks for Donovan’s help; he’s the only one with access to the resources they need, even though he was relegated to a desk job.

Saxe catches Maks in the subway station to get updates on Donovan, but Maks is more interested in what Saxe knows about Bailey. Saxe admits he met with Bailey about evidence he had on Ghost and Tommy, but Maks thinks he did it for his own selfish reasons — in the same way they’re trying to throw Donovan under the bus now.

Sandoval is getting so desperate that he even makes plans to kill Donovan, until Donovan’s daughter answers the door instead. Her dad isn’t home; he’s at Angela’s place combing through the club raid footage that shows Sandoval going upstairs by himself. Just then, Saxe stops by to vent about Maks suspecting him of the murder and mentions that Sandoval thinks Donovan is the mole. Surprise — Donovan heard you.

Tommy and Dre meet up at the warehouse where Julio was killed, and Tommy threatens Dre about Kanan. Dre lies again but gets off the hook, diverting Tommy’s attention to an alleged meeting Julio had without Tommy. They enter the warehouse to find Julio dead, and the tattoo cut from his neck is an indicator of a Toros Locos hit, which enters new disrespectful territory for Tommy and Ghost.

Dre puts on an ignorant act and tries to promote himself now that Julio is gone. Tommy gives him the gig, but he wants him to set up a meeting with the Toros Locos about Julio’s death. Tommy then visits Ghost at Truth to tell him what happened; Ghost tries to talk Tommy out of getting revenge, but Tommy is his own man now, and he doesn’t listen.

Tommy and Dre roll up to the meeting with the Toros Locos, and Julio’s killer (the one Dre colluded with) pawns off one of his guys as the culprit. Tommy kills the guy, but he’s not done. In exchange for Julio’s death, he wants the Toros Locos’ territory back, along with a meeting with the Jimenez. Dre is not making promises he can’t keep, especially since Tommy is getting wary of him.

Tommy meets with the Jimenez and airs out his grievances with a pretty hefty request: their old territory back, plus six Toros Locos corners in exchange for Tommy killing Lobos and the Toros Locos killing Julio. They don’t feel like they owe Tommy for Lobos until Tommy makes it clear that Lobos survived the hit they had on him and that it was Tommy who finished the job. Crickets. The Jimenez just ran out of chips to play. (Recap continues on page 2)

After everything that’s happened with Tariq, Tasha tells Raina to stay away from Kanan. Raina wants the truth and makes it clear she’s not here for her mother’s lies, so Tasha tells her enough to somewhat quell her concerns.

Tasha reaches out to Silver for advice about this on-camera interview she’s been signed up for. Although Silver thinks it’s a bad idea, Tasha has to do it for image purposes in case Ghost gets re-indicted. “If he is going to do the interview, it has to be letter perfect,” Silver says. “You’re part of the image. You’re part of the redemption story. You’ll be there to course-correct if he says something wrong.” That boy’s good — so good that Tasha feels confident in him representing her husband, but he doesn’t want to anymore. That being said, it doesn’t take much convincing to get Silver to stay.

James and his family sit down for the interview, and he gets grilled about the case and his relationship with Angela. The interviewer holds nothing back and zeroes in on the fact that Tasha isn’t wearing her wedding ring. Tasha, looking to Silver, puts on the performance of a lifetime, replying that she sold the ring to support their family and insisting that she’s willing to rebuild her life with James. Okay. We know what’s up.

Ghost meets up with Proctor to grill him on not telling him that Ruiz’s wiretap surfaced, which is when Proctor tells him that Tommy killed the Homeland Security agent in Proctor’s apartment. Proctor tries to convince Ghost that the tape was destroyed, but Ghost doesn’t seem to buy it.

Meanwhile, Tasha is at karaoke with Silver and his friends, where she performs Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing” like she’s singing the song right to Silver — which doesn’t help how obviously smitten he is. He kisses her as they leave.

The next morning, Tasha is fresh faced and thinking about Silver as Ghost surprises her with a new wedding ring. He’s grateful for the way she came through in the interview, and he waxes poetic as he puts the ring on her finger: “First time I did this, it was because you made me a better criminal. But yesterday, you made me a better man.” Tasha is pleasantly taken aback, and Ghost looks hella good saying it to her. He seals the new ring with a kiss, asking Tasha to look the part tonight at the club for Stern and company. Unfortunately, she’s been over them for some time now.

Ghost is hobnobbing at the club with Stern’s people when he gets approached by Queens Councilman Rashad Tate (played by the handsome Larenz Tate), who suggests checking out a property in his area before committing to anything with Stern. Ghost likes the sound of that since Stern’s people aren’t interested in placing businesses in boroughs outside Manhattan. Stern wants James to stay away from Rashad, but James reminds Stern that he’s a silent partner.

Silver pops up at the club and sees Tasha with her wedding ring on, which doesn’t make him too happy. Later, she goes to the apartment to talk, one thing leads to another, and just like that, Silver is sleeping with his client’s wife. This could get ugly.

Tommy stops by the club to see Ghost after the event, and Ghost asks him to call Teresi, which leads to Ghost admitting that Teresi helped him cover up the marshal’s murder. He also confronts Tommy about killing the Homeland Security agent. Ghost is paranoid about the situation with Proctor, but he acknowledges their criminal way of doing things. “You f—ed up when you killed the agent and I f—ed up when I killed the marshal, so here we are yet again, needing each other to set some s— straight.” Ghost agrees to talk to Proctor, and Tommy agrees to call Teresi — who says he’s Tommy’s father.

Tommy insists that his father is dead, but Teresi describes meeting Tommy’s mother in detail and says he has a “thing” for redheads. Sounds about right. His only request is for Tommy to come see him.

As for Maks, he isn’t letting up, and he sets his sights on Proctor, whose apartment is the last place Bailey’s phone was traced to. Maks asks Proctor if Ghost and Tommy got rid of Bailey, and Proctor plays it cool. Using a scare tactic, Maks invites Proctor to come over to the dark side to save himself since they’re probably going to kill him anyway. As Maks drives away, we see Ghost watching from the shadows. Yikes.

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