Ghost betrays his friend to save his son
Power Season 4 2017
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Fresh out of jail, Ghost is a "new man" — but he isn't free from all of his crimes. He abruptly wakes up to flashbacks of killing the marshal, and Tasha isn't in the bed beside him.

Ghost suits up for his first day back at the club, telling Tasha he wants to start over and that he's completely done with Angela. ("I wish Angela never came to the club that night, but I can't change what happened. I can tell you it's over… for good.") Tasha's not here for the lip service; she went through a lot for a man who decided to leave her for the woman who got them into this mess to begin with. "Are you kidding me?" she says. "I just watched that bitch blow up her whole life in court so you could walk." Oooh.

Ghost enters the club, surrounded by paparazzi, as the feds unlock the doors. He takes it all in. He almost lost his baby — the nightclub, that is. Kanan is sitting outside waiting for his chance to kill Ghost when he sees Stern hop out of the car. Tasha never told Ghost that she borrowed money from Stern. What a great welcome-home gift.

Stern breaks the news of his deal with Tasha and offers a deal to forgive the loan if James agrees to partner with him in a real-estate venture, putting James as the face of the company so Stern can take advantage of minority loan opportunities and tax breaks. See what he did there? James isn't stupid, but he left Tasha with barely any options.

In the midst of this dreadful conversation with Stern, Ghost gets a call from Teresi, who's still in jail, reminding him of the deal they made: He wants to talk to Tommy. But since Tommy dipped to Chicago and left his phone with B.G., Ghost hasn't seen him yet. He'll have to find out where the hell Tommy is if he wants to keep Teresi quiet.

James confronts Tasha about the loan from Stern, telling her the terms of the deal were a lie. But something tells me Tasha knew what Stern was up to. Ghost tells his wife what Stern was really after; Tasha thinks he can spin working for Stern, but Ghost isn't hearing her. He says he doesn't know how to trust her anymore. "I don't know how to trust you either, Ghost," Tasha says, "but if we're going to make this work, we don't have another choice." Fun times in the St. Patrick household.

Tasha and Keisha meet up, and Keisha grills Tasha about what life looks like now that Ghost has been released. Keisha wants her life back, and she wants her weave shop to be "normal," but Tasha says they need more time. Keisha makes it clear that she wants out. To lighten the conversation, Tasha asks about Tommy, but Keisha hasn't heard from him either. There goes that.

As for Tommy, he's meeting with Jason, the Chicago distro. Jason knows Ghost has been released, and he wants Tommy to cut all ties; he thinks it's a bad relationship, and since Tommy's been down that road before, he's not feeling it. With their business expanding, Jason makes it clear that he wants Tommy to run both coasts without Ghost — and Tommy is down. Tommy is ready to head back to New York, but Jason insists Tommy stay in Chicago to "celebrate." I don't trust it.

Sure enough, Jason gets Tommy super drunk, and Tommy boasts about killing Milan at the table, saying how surprised he was that Jason signed off on Milan's death. Jason gives this smug smile, like he wants to get Tommy back for killing Milan. As they're heading out, Jason pistol whips Tommy and has him thrown into the trunk of Tommy's own car.

After driving him to a second location, Jason's goons walk Tommy to a ditch. Tommy doesn't understand why all this is happening — until he sees Petar and realizes he's been set up. Petar told Tommy that he had Jason's approval to kill Milan, but apparently he didn't. Tommy's not going out like that; he explains that not only did Petar tell him to kill Milan, but he was there when it happened. Not knowing what's real, Jason turns to a woman named Tatiana to help him decide who to kill. When Tommy hears his name in a different language, he's sure he's going to die, but Jason kills Petar instead. After they clear that up, Tommy makes it clear to Jason, "I will never let you walk behind me again."

Tommy heads back to New York, but he makes a stop in Cleveland at what looks to be Holly's old house. He pulls over to see Holly's uncle, who used to rape her when she was young, trying to sell the house. Tommy enters the house and pretends he's interested in buying, but he kills the man when he tries to defend raping his niece. "You shouldn't have touched her!" Tommy yells, bashing Holly's uncle's head with a baseball bat. (Recap continues on page 2)

Julio meets up with B.G. to find out Tommy's whereabouts. When Dre rolls up, Julio confronts him about his conversation with Kanan, but Dre sells him a lie, and Julio falls for it. Dre tells Julio about a potential deal to make more money; Julio tells him to set up the meeting. But there was never a deal. After finding out that Julio should've been dead when he left the Toros Locos, Dre had heard all he needed, so he got in touch with Cristobal to find a way to get rid of Julio.

When Julio goes to "meet Dre," he realizes he's been set up. Julio is killed by his fellow Toros. At least he didn't go down without a fight. I hope Ghost finds out.

Meanwhile, Jukebox is waiting for Kanan to make a move on Ghost as she holds Tariq hostage in an undisclosed location in Queens. As Ghost is walking to his car texting Tommy, Kanan rolls up on him. Ghost is so startled, it's as if he's seen a ghost (no pun intended). He clearly thought Kanan was dead after he left him in that warehouse fire. Kanan holds Ghost at gunpoint, telling him they have his son and they want ransom money. Since Ghost is just getting out of jail, he barely has real money to his name, but if he wants his son alive, he has to get it done.

He decides to rob Tommy's hideout spot, where he runs into his people, B.G. included. Ghost pistol-whips B.G. to get upstairs. As he and Kanan get the money they need, they talk about what happened between them. Kanan and Ghost grew up together before things went sour. You can tell they still have a soft spot for their friendship, which makes Kanan rethink part of his original plan with Jukebox.

Kanan, knowing that his cousin is planning to kill Tariq once she gets the money, gives Ghost a loaded gun.  Ghost could use the gun on Kanan for everything they've been through, or he can use it to save his son — who, for all Kanan knows, could be surrounded by Jukebox's team. I didn't think I'd see this reunion, but I'm here for it.

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They move into the house, and Ghost pleads for his son's life. When Ghost pulls out the gun, Jukebox goes off about being set up and threatens to kill Tariq if Kanan doesn't admit the truth about who he really is. Kanan admits that he and Ghost used to run the streets together and that he ran game on Tariq to get the money and to get back at Ghost. He admits to killing Shawn. "I killed my own son, and I would do it again if I had to. He was soft, not like you."

Was that supposed to make Tariq feel better? Because he's hurt right now. When Ghost tries to reach for his son, Jukebox points the gun in his direction, and Kanan shoots her dead. Ghost unties Tariq, and I've never seen that boy run so quickly into his father's arms. When Ghost teared up, my eyes followed suit. Kanan has the opportunity to kill them, but he just takes the money and leaves. This won't be the last time we see him.

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