Will Angela let Ghost go down for something he didn't do?
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As James tries to keep it together while in jail, Marshal Clyde Williams continues finding ways to pick on him. The marshal catches James off guard while the inmate is bench pressing and pushes the barbell against his neck, essentially choking him. Apparently an inmate died in a similar incident last year. As always, the marshal reminds James that no one cares about what they perceive as his "cop-killing" self. Breathe in, breathe out, James.

And James isn't the only one going through something. Tommy slept over Tasha's place, and he wakes up to Keisha's texts asking his whereabouts. When Keisha comes over later, she finds out that Tommy slept over. She tries to play it cool, which we know isn't her strong suit.

Meanwhile, Saxe and Sandoval are upset with Angela over the traffic stop, as if that were her fault. Maks doesn't take her seriously, and although he defends her, he needs his team to get tighter evidence now that the DNA has been thrown out. He wants James to get the needle more than ever. As they're leaving, Maks — who knows she offered Ghost that bum deal behind her team's back — pulls Angela aside. He isn't thrilled but decides to use her inability to follow the rules to his advantage, asking her to dig deeper into Tasha since the gun they raided from the penthouse came back clean.

The lawyers' cupid shuffle continues as Silver and Proctor question James about knowing Bailey, Julio, and Dre. James describes Julio and Dre as guys he pulled from the hood and employed for their betterment but insists he doesn't know Bailey, the ex-CI who was helping Knox.  After finding out Dre and Julio were questioned by the feds, Silver wants to know what James thinks they would have said. James replies, "The truth: that I'm an upstanding, respectable businessman." We hear you, James.

Silver is wary of James' association with felons, saying it will confuse the jury. If they're going to file a motion to throw out the gun, Silver wants to make sure they're covered in all aspects or he's a dead man walking. James, questioning whether Silver is on his side, loses his cool, and Silver makes it very clear that if he does that in court, it'll play into the prosecution's image of James St. Patrick as "just another angry black man." That said, when James confirms he's not connected to the gun, Silver and Proctor decide to file the motion to get it thrown out. Before Proctor leaves, James asks him to look into the marshal regarding the inmate who died last year.

At James' request, Proctor meets up with Tommy. James needs another way to get out of Tony Teresi's blackmail, so he wants Tommy to make the money drop while seeing if Tony had a hand in killing Roberto Stiletti. This is the most worried I've ever seen Tommy. He agrees to handle business like a G, making the drop to Tony's home and doing all the reconnaissance he needs to get Ghost out from under Teresi's threats.

Julio and Tommy are on different pages, and that's becoming clear to Cristobal and Dre. Julio didn't know that Tommy broke Domingo's legs, and Cristobal's people aren't happy about it. Dre and Cristobal also missed the payment drop, and although Tommy isn't thrilled, he thinks it's Julio's problem to deal with. Tommy questions Julio about spending more time with the feds — but how would Tommy know that? Remember when Dre put that bug in Tommy's ear? It's obvious Dre is trying to knock Julio out of his post, which was made clear when Cristobal visited Dre in the club. Dre doesn't think Julio is ready for prime time and wants Cristobal to tell him more about Julio messing up. Dre, you're still green yourself. Cool it now.

Angela just won't quit. She meets with Tasha to play to the emotions they're both feeling about being betrayed by Ghost. Tasha finally says what we're all thinking: "Are you trying to get me to slap the f— out of you?" Angela tells Tasha about the deal she offered James and adds that Tasha could get tried as an accomplice. Tasha pretends James already told her, but you can see in her eyes that she's going to let him have it later. Angela keeps trying to break Tasha down, making James the enemy who would choose himself over her and their family. "What if this is the answer?" Angela says. "That he goes down and you and I are the ones that survive?" Lawd, pray for her, please! Tasha makes it clear that she knows about the deal that was offered and that Angela offered one too. She also makes it clear that he'd better not make any more moves without her.

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The pre-trial begins, and defense is trying to get the gun dismissed. Proctor cross-examines Special Agent Donovan about the gun he found in James' nightclub office — yes, the same gun that Sandoval planted. Proctor really goes in with his questions, even accusing the agent of being the mole whom Knox found. Donovan gets hot headed — the same anger and attitude that Silver warned James about — and the prosecution isn't happy.

Proctor tries to get Bailey on his side by playing to the fact that James doesn't think Greg is the mole either. Bailey baits Proctor with the recording of Tommy admitting to killing Lobos, asking to meet Proctor at his place. He makes it very clear that when he hears it, he'll have to choose between Tommy and James. When Proctor tells Tommy about the recording and the upcoming meeting with Bailey, Tommy invites himself against Proctor's request — as if he really had a choice.

At the meeting, Proctor plays the recording — and hears Tommy kill Ruiz. Remember: Knox offered Ruiz a deal if he agreed to wear a microphone. Since the evidence would implicate Tommy and possibly James, Proctor wants to know if the prosecution team has heard this. Although he mentioned the recording to Saxe, Bailey confirms that only the two of them have actually heard it. And then Tommy jumps out like the Scream killer and stabs Bailey to death.

Tommy thought Ghost and Proctor were plotting against him, so he wipes blood from the knife on Proctor's sweater. When Proctor tells Tommy that Ghost went to Greg's place looking for the same recording they just heard, Tommy realized he just messed up. (Read actor Joseph Sikora's thoughts on Tommy's actions here.) Now, Proctor is left with the laptop of the recording and a dead man lying in a pool of blood in his apartment. Just another day in the life of Joe Proctor.

On their mission for better evidence, the FBI rolls up to Keisha's hair salon and Truth nightclub with court orders that shut down both indefinitely. Keisha calls Tasha, and Dre calls Julio. (How convenient, calling Julio now.) Dre goes to Kanan's place to drop off his cut, not knowing where the next payment is going to come from now that the club has been shut down. When Dre sees Tariq, he tries to get him to leave, but unsurprisingly, Tariq decides to stay. A girl Tariq was eyeing earlier invites him to the back bedroom as Kanan and his goons egg him on. With Tariq acting shy, the girl consents to him touching her leg. I'm still over Tariq.

Ghost finally has what he needs to shut down Teresi's blackmail. Using Tony's dying wife as collateral damage, he taunts him about Stiletti's family finding out who killed their father, which could affect his upcoming trial. Case (hopefully) closed.

Remember when I said Maks would use Angela's bum deal to their advantage? He does just that by presenting evidence to get Proctor removed as James' lawyer. The argument is that Proctor is compromised since he also used to represent Tommy — and since James didn't take the deal, it makes their case stronger. Proctor gets thrown off the case as the lawyer, but at least the gun gets thrown out in their favor. Judge Tapper is the king of tit for tat. Now it's Silver or bust.

Proctor breaks the news to Ghost, then heads to Angela's apartment to let her have it. He gives her a whole speech about how innocent James is. "You want to know what the worst part about it is?" Proctor says. "Everything he's done, he did for you." He tells her that the gun doesn't belong to James, adding, "What does that say about the rest of your case?" Trying to look too cool for school, Angela finally digs deeper into the club footage, only to find that James really didn't hide the gun and that Sandoval was the last person who viewed the footage. Deleting footage won't save you, Sandoval. Someone please show Angela to her several thousand seats.

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