Will Ghost turn on Tommy for Angela's plea deal?
Power Season 4 2017
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This doesn’t look good. At the start of episode 3, Dre, Keisha, and Julio are snatched up by the feds for questioning. Julio and Dre see each other in the process. While all of that is happening, Angela is at Greg’s funeral lurking in the back of the church — I mean, patiently waiting for the family to leave so she can pay her respects. I’m sure the family’s not too fond of her. (Join the club.) While she’s paying her respects, she’s spotted by Bailey, Greg’s cheerleader and ex-CI agent. It’s not a coincidence that he’s eyeballing her.

Uncle Tommy drops off Raina and Tariq at school and questions Tariq about his attitude toward his mother. Tariq is awfully apathetic about his family and the outcome of his father’s case. Tommy understands Tariq’s position but tries to convince him of his father’s innocence. We already know how that conversation goes: in one ear and out the other.

It doesn’t help that Raina gets picked on in school right after receiving a text about her dad possibly getting the death penalty. As a group of guys start teasing her, Tariq steps in to defend his sister, then storms out. When Raina runs outside after him, a paparazzo catches her crying. There go the headlines. James gets wind of his daughter in the paper and calls Tasha to check on her, but Raina’s torn up. At least she’s still defending her father. As for Tariq, he and his best friend Kanan are up to no good after Tariq gives Kanan the code to the school bully’s penthouse. I know I wasn’t the only one who thought Tariq allowed this man to break into his own family’s home.

As for their father, it’s very apparent that James needs as much legal armor as he can get. Enter Terry Silver (Brandon Victor Dixon), the second-chair counsel whom Proctor hires to assist them. Silver boasts a high success rate at winning capital punishment crime cases, so I approve, but James isn’t too fond because of his judgmental demeanor. Proctor needs James to cooperate if they’re going to win this case, so Silver lays out pictures from the crime scene, asking James to run down his timeline so they can form an airtight alibi. James finally admits that he broke into Greg’s home when he wasn’t there to find evidence that Greg and Angela were back together. In one of the pictures, James notices the burner phone, which wasn’t there in his recollection. He and Angela knew this belonged to the mole, but James doesn’t have proof of the phone playing a disappearing act. There goes that airtight alibi.

Julio and Dre both get questioned about their relationship with James, including whether James ever mentioned his plan to kill Knox. I’m not an FBI agent, but blatantly asking a suspected killer’s friends if he planned on killing someone doesn’t seem like a good way to get a truthful answer. They both portray James as the hood’s street hero. Meanwhile, Angela digs into Keisha about Tommy, his relationship with James, and James and Tasha’s marital issues. Keisha’s smart mouth makes the interrogation too easy for Angela. From Keisha’s responses, Angela can try to prove Tasha and James weren’t together when Knox was killed — meaning Angela would be able to break spousal privilege and potentially force Tasha to testify against her husband. If Tasha refuses, she could be prosecuted. Keisha walked right into that one.

Since the prosecution is playing dirty, Proctor has to step up his game. He’s adamant about getting James’ DNA thrown out. But when he and his second-chair counsel meet at the jail, Silver — who’s yet to find proof of that illegal traffic stop — questions Proctor’s relationship with James and Tommy. “If you represented Egan, you can’t represent St. Patrick,” Silver argues. “That’s a clear conflict of interest. You have to recuse yourself.” Regardless of what Silver thinks, Proctor believes James, and he eventually finds the footage of Knox illegally pulling James over. This works in their favor later. (Recap continues on page 2)

Tommy and Petar are preparing for their big shipment. Tommy gives Julio the heads up, but Julio is getting concerned that the heat is on them, so he goes to the nightclub to ask Dre about his date with the feds. He tells him to lay low when it comes to moving drugs through the club. Not only does Dre not listen, but he stops by the warehouse to snitch on Julio to Tommy’s crew. Too late. Tommy already knew about Julio talking to the feds. Try again, Dre.

Remember Bailey? Maks and Sandoval sit down with him, asking him to lay out the timeline of Knox’s murder. Maks reveals there was evidence implicating Knox (cough, the burner phone), but he won’t reveal it. Bailey is willing to cooperate if it will help clear Greg’s name as the mole — he thinks Angela is the mole, and he wants them to go after her. But since Maks is unwavering in his position about Greg, Bailey walks away from helping them and pays Angela a visit in her office, where he wastes no time letting her have it: “If you had never left Greg for St. Patrick in the first place, Greg would still be alive.” He not only blames her for Greg’s death but thinks she should ‘fess up to being the mole. Yeah… okay.

On his quest to clear Greg’s name, Bailey meets up with Saxe that night and reveals there’s a recording of Tommy admitting he and Ghost killed Lobos. It’s inadmissable evidence, though. Since it doesn’t identify who Ghost is or that Angela’s the mole, Saxe says it would contradict their narrative that Tommy is Ghost, doing nothing to clear Greg’s name. Bailey begs to differ. He really wants Angela, James, and Tommy to go down for his friend’s death. Bailey is the only one who can put the heat on Sandoval. Saxe takes the information about the illegal evidence to Judge Tapper to see if he can use it in their trial, but given how questionable the prosecution’s tactics have been already, the judge isn’t having it.

Sandoval rolls up to Bailey at a bar to try to win him over. He tells Bailey he doesn’t believe Greg is the mole but “doesn’t know what to do,” since Maks wants to push that story. Ugh, sit down somewhere, Sandoval. Bailey discloses that he has inadmissible evidence to help exonerate Greg, so they agree to meet at another time and place. Bailey then goes back researching Sandoval. He don’t trust him, either.

Tony, James’ inmate, got the intel he wanted on Tommy and Ghost. He approaches James in jail with “proof” that he’s Ghost and blackmails him, requesting $20,000 weekly not to squeal. I think James gave in too soon. At least make him wait until the second date before accepting the bribe. I’m not here for Tony.

James tells Proctor about Tony’s expensive blackmail, while Angela has the nerve to pay him a surprise visit in jail with a selfish plea deal: “Confess to killing Greg, give us Tommy for the Lobos murder, and I promise I will get your sentence reduced as much as I can,” Angela suggests. Is this the best that she can do? Bailey must’ve gotten to her, because she’s lost her mind. James thinks she’s only offering the deal because she set him up, but Angie makes her point clear: “If you’re a man with any ounce of goodness left in you, the man I thought you were, take this deal, stay alive, and spare your wife and kids all the pain you’re causing them.” James replies that he’s only thinking about his family.

Silver thinks they should consider it since he believes they’ll lose, but Proctor shuts it down. He doesn’t think Angela is authorized to make that kind of deal, especially knowing the type of person Maks is. Proctor really needs the DNA thrown out to get some type of win in his favor. Cue the traffic stop footage that Silver initially didn’t believe existed.

In a pre-trial with the prosecution and the defendants only, Proctor files a motion to get the DNA dismissed for James. The footage of the illegal traffic stop makes the prosecution look like they were intentionally trying to hide something. James’ DNA wasn’t on Greg’s nails because of the murder but because of Greg hemming him up during this stop. Maks and his team (except for Angela) are caught off guard and have no choice but to dismiss the DNA; if they kept it in play, Judge Tapper would’ve allowed Proctor to imply that they intentionally lied about the info. Maks apologizes to Angela for not taking her seriously. (Yawn.)

In the wake of this small win, James tries to shake Silver’s judgmental views of him, but to no avail. Silver’s not convinced. He assures James that he’s going to do everything he can to get him off this crime, but beyond that, he says, “I know what kind of man you are, James… and no matter how hard you try to convince yourself otherwise, you know it, too.”

Every brother ain’t your brother, Ghost.

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