Can Ghost keep up his 'family man' persona?
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Ghost, back at it with the white Vans, hovers over the toilet in his jail cell. He’s hurting, physically and mentally, after being denied bail, and we’re seeing the aftermath of the guards beating him down. He’s limping; there’s blood. It’s bad. Proctor pays his client a visit and suggests that Ghost keep a low profile. Behind bars, he’s no longer Ghost — he’s James St. Patrick. I’ll take the family man alter ego for $1,000, Alex.

James’ kids, though, are butting heads about their father. Raina believes her father is innocent, while bratty Tariq thinks he did it, no thanks to Kanan. At this point, Tariq is over his parents and doesn’t trust them, leading him to look to Kanan as a father figure. I can’t wait to see Tariq’s face when he finds out he’s being used as a pawn. (No new friends, Tariq. No new friends.) Tasha, trying to keep the kids in line, takes them to school and gives them a pep talk: They shouldn’t discuss their father with anyone or call him Ghost. Tasha tries to get Tariq to talk and asks him about Kanan, which will come back to bite her later. I think he’ll be the first to turn, but don’t let me speak too soon.

Keisha, meanwhile, runs up into Tommy’s place, demanding that he and Tasha remove their names from the shop. She wants her life back, and she deserves it. Although Tommy shuts that idea down, he assures her she’s safe. We saw what happened to Holly, but something’s telling me this will end differently. And here’s something I don’t think anyone saw coming: Later, Tommy and Keisha hook up. Yes, I know. Keisha feels like Tommy’s the best thing that’s come out of all of this, but both of them agree to keep it hush around Tasha, as they should. We’ll have to revisit this one; I’m still not sure how I feel about them.

Angela is pretty much Hester Prynne in her office, as she overhears her colleagues plotting to exploit her sexual relationship with both Knox and James as an angle for the trial. She interrupts the festivities when her fave, John Maks, interrogates her about her relationships with James and Knox as if she’s on the stand — where everyone agrees she shouldn’t be called. Anyway, introducing the love triangle discredits their office since they all knew about it.

Proctor does a similar mock interrogation with James after his client suggests using the love triangle as their angle. Proctor shuts that down since it gives the prosecution the “jealous ex” motive. They’re going to have to work harder if they want James. Proctor’s advice? He should make phone calls letting people know he’ll be in there for a while. He has to appear to be the family man at all costs.

In James’ absence, Dre is running the nightclub and finding new ways to run weight through the club. Business is booming, but for how long? Personally, I think that even though Dre comes off as an eager beaver, he’s green and can’t be trusted.

While Dre is moving drugs through the club, Tommy is also trying to keep up business as usual — until he finds out that Cristobal, one of his guys, went rogue. Since Tommy needs to lie low, Julio offers to handle it on his behalf. He runs up on Cristobal to confront him about leaving, and Marcus, one of Tommy’s guys, gets punched by Cristobal’s guy, Domingo. When Tommy finds out that Julio didn’t step up like he should have, he takes matters into his own hands, taking Domingo’s car and running him over. Domingo isn’t dead, but that still must’ve hurt. Tommy doesn’t take disrespect lightly. Ouch.
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James is being tested as he tries to suppress Ghost. A guy who tries to flirt with James while he’s eating really goes for it, and his hand ends up in the wrong place. Ghost isn’t having that, and he takes care of that man’s hand rather quickly. Don’t let his “family man” front fool you. He still needs to protect himself. I respect it. Tasha takes the kids to visit James in jail, where Tariq puts on the biggest front. I’m over him and his teenage shenanigans.

Proctor continues to work his magic, taking his efforts to the media to publicly discredit James’ arrest. The prosecutor’s office tries to get a gag order and is denied, just like James’ bail. Forced to find other ways to keep their evidence airtight, they raid Truth nightclub, where Sandoval plants the gun in James’ old office. It’s a foolish place to put it, but since they find it, they’re convinced they’re almost home free. Not so fast. I hope security footage catches Sandoval sooner rather than later.

Finally, Proctor gets the intel he’s been waiting for about the prosecutor’s narrative: They want to prove James killed/silenced Knox to protect Tommy, whom they think is Ghost. If they can prove Tommy’s a drug dealer, it’s a wrap. Proctor gives Tommy a heads up about the story angle and says he needs him to lie low, but Tommy doesn’t listen. He summons his mother, Kate, into town to give her a warning about everything that’s going on, then gives her the keys to his car– which the feds put a tracker on — while he dips out with B.G. in a different car. Like I said before, it’s still business as usual with Tommy. I just hope his mother doesn’t end up somewhere crazy.

Meanwhile, Angela just won’t let it go. The gun thing at Truth isn’t sitting well with her, and she decides to talk to Sandoval about it. She thinks it’s a trap and doesn’t think James would’ve left a gun at his nightclub. Of course, Sandoval strongly disagrees. John Maks rolls up in the middle of their chit-chat to announce he filed for the death penalty and got it. So if James St. Patrick is convicted, he dies. Sandoval and Angela try to keep their poker faces, but you can tell the girl is sick to her stomach. That’s what she gets. Maks blocks Angela out of any future strategy meetings since the stakes are higher. He’s excited about the death penalty and assures Angela they’ll be able to watch it.

When Tasha gets the call about death row, she rolls up to Angela’s place to let her have it: “You had my kids here, and you’re going to let their father die for something he didn’t do.” Angela pretends to not be fazed, telling Tasha that James’ fingernails were at the crime scene, that his DNA was under Greg’s nails, and that Greg was her boyfriend at the time she ran into James at his club. Angela tries to flex since she can hide behind being a cop, which I’m sure is the only thing that’s saving her. As Tasha leaves, Angela makes her position known. “For what’s it worth, I wish I never walked into Truth that night. I wish I’d never seen Jamie again.” Now that we can all agree on.

James’ last call of the night is to Tommy. The fact that he might die here is starting to set in. My heart keeps breaking slowly.

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