Who's still alive at the end of season 3?

By ReBecca Theodore
September 26, 2016 at 02:42 AM EDT
Jessica Miglio
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What goes around comes around, and tonight, karma came to collect with a vengeance for Ghost, Tasha, Angela, and Greg. Greg’s plan to use Ruiz to take down Ghost goes terribly wrong when he gets the call that Ruiz was found dead in an abandoned car. Greg arrives at the crime scene to identify the body, and quietly retrieves the wiretap he had given Ruiz to wear when he met with Milan the night before. Unbeknownst to Greg, Ghost is parked across the street, where he calls Angela with suspicions that she might have had a hand in Ruiz’s murder. Angela coldly reminds Ghost that protecting him is in her best interest — if he goes down, so does she.

Ghost meets with Joe Proctor to see how much exposure he and Tommy could face now that Ruiz is gone. Proctor warns him that if the wiretap is played in court and Ghost is implicated in Lobos’ murder, game over. Proctor tries to assure Ghost he will work to make the recording inadmissible if they go to trial, but Ghost doesn’t seem convinced.

Milan summons Tommy to his headquarters and announces he’ll hold off on killing Ghost until he signs the agreement with Karen Bassett to expand Truth globally. Milan reasons that right now, Ghost is more useful to him alive than dead. Tommy reports back to Ghost and urges his partner to take down Milan and his drug cartel on the night of the party. Ghost is hesitant to take such a big risk at first, since the Bassetts will be in attendance, but Tommy convinces him this might be their only chance to get rid of Milan once and for all.

Kanan continues his plan of vengeance against Ghost by further corrupting Tariq. He asks Tariq to do a drug drop for him and when Tariq hesitates, Kanan challenges his manhood, which of course Tariq falls for. When Tariq meets with Kanan’s client, it turns out he’s an undercover cop who arrests Tariq. When he’s placed in the back of the squad car, the cop and his partner try to scare Tariq into giving up the name of his connection. He adopts the “no snitching” front and remains silent, at which point Kanan opens the door and tells Tariq he passed.

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The “cops” are actually Jukebox and one of her minions. While Tariq celebrates this rite of passage by playing video games back at Kanan’s apartment, Jukebox comes up with a plan to hold Tariq captive and ask Ghost for a ransom.

Ever the control freak, Ghost decides to break into Greg’s apartment to find the wiretap recording, but Greg’s already listening to it with his mentor, Bailey Markham. They hear Tommy admit to killing Lobos and his last words to Ruiz when he stabbed him to death. Greg is ecstatic that he finally has evidence to take down both Angela and Ghost, but Markham reminds him the audio will be inadmissible in court. Greg is undeterred and decides to share the recording with Sandoval. Greg is giving Sandoval the rundown when the Mexican authorities give him a call, at which point he realizes Sandoval lied about his deal with Lobos and the Federales. Greg finally puts it together that Sandoval is the real leak in their department, but it’s too late — Sandoval pulls out his gun and shoots Greg.

The internal investigation wraps up quickly, thanks to Sandoval planting evidence in Greg’s apartment to make him look like the leak working with Lobos. Angela is devastated by Greg’s death; when she meets with Ghost later that morning, she becomes suspicious that he may have killed her ex-lover. She heads over to Greg’s apartment and notices the lock to the kitchen window has been tampered with. She lifts prints off the glass and runs the fingerprints through the NYPD database.

Ghost and Tommy put their plan in motion to take down Milan. ‘Dre and his crew neutralize Milan’s bodyguards in the club, while Tommy and Ghost escort Milan to the shipping dock. Milan laughs at their audacity and asks mockingly, “Is this it? This is your plan for revenge?” to which Tommy replies “Don’t take it personally.” Tommy and Ghost kill Milan.

Tasha comes home from the party and asks her daughter about Tariq’s whereabouts. She then receives a text — it’s a picture of Tariq and Kanan together with the message “If you want him back, you’re gonna have to pay.” 

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