While Ghost and Tasha fall into an old pattern, they take care of a problem together

By ReBecca Theodore
September 19, 2016 at 12:33 AM EDT
Jessica Miglio

This week’s episode proved to be two steps forward and three steps back for Ghost St. Patrick. Ghost has always believed he can control the people and circumstances in his life, but his vendetta against Lobos has led to poor decisions in both his personal and professional lives. His relationship with Angela is in shambles because he betrayed her trust, and his obsession to take out Lobos left the door wide open for Milan to infiltrate his nightclub business. Ghost’s lies and manipulations have alienated him from the two people closest to him — Tasha and Tommy — which lead to a tragic turn of events.

Dre visits Tariq and gently advises him against spending time alone with Slim (Kanan). When Dre meets up with Kanan for more intel on Ghost, Kanan assures him that he has no intention to kill Tariq, now that he knows Tariq can be of use to him to get back at Ghost. While Ghost fulfills his fatherly duties by speaking at the Career Day fair at Tariq’s school, he texts Kanan and makes plans to meet up after school.

Kanan uses his usual Jedi mind trick of challenging Tariq’s manhood and convinces him to steal a pair of expensive sneakers.

NEXT: Getting rid of Milan … by getting rid of Ruiz

Ghost is still scheming to get rid of Milan and asks Ruiz to meet up with the Serbian drug lord so he can get Milan on tape admitting to his illegal activities. Ruiz reaches out to Greg, who provides him with a wireless bug in the shape of a button, for his meeting with Milan. When Tommy confronts Ghost about following him the other night, Ghost uses the opportunity to have Tommy set up a sit-down with Ruiz and Milan.

Ghost’s former manager Kantos, stops by Truth and informs him he is now working for Ghost’s competitors, Andy and Alby. Kantos also demands that Ghost hand over the VIP guest list he built and throws in a subtle threat for good measure. The next day, Ghost goes over to Andy and Alby’s club to bring Kantos the guest list, when the cops come in with a search warrant and find Milan’s drugs hidden in the ceiling. Andy and Alby are arrested, unaware that Ghost had Julio plant the drugs in their establishment.

Tasha, who was moved by Ghost’s speech about family at Career Day, takes Ghost back into her bed. The two fall into a familiar pattern, as Ghost reveals his plan to use Ruiz to take down Milan. Upset that Ghost would take such a risk with the safety of his family, Tasha tells Ghost to leave and frantically calls Tommy. Tommy, who is at Milan’s warehouse with Ruiz, assures Tasha he will take care of the situation. Tommy offers to drive Ruiz home, and pulls over, pretending to have car trouble. Tommy asks Ruiz to bring him a flashlight, and when he hands it to Tommy, Tommy pulls out a knife and stabs Ruiz while repeatedly saying, “Ghost did this to you.”

Tommy finds Ghost at Truth and informs him Ruiz is dead. Ghost tells him he will never stop trying to get rid of Milan and he needs to get on board with his plan. Tommy refuses to play second fiddle to Ghost anymore and lays down the law, “I call the shots now.”