Trust is a matter of life and death

By ReBecca Theodore
September 05, 2016 at 01:51 AM EDT
Myles Aronowitz
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Trust is a rare commodity in the world of Power. Tonight, friendships and relationships were put to the test as Angela, Tasha, and Tommy were pulled deeper into a web of lies to protect Ghost and his connection to Lobos’ murder. Meanwhile, Ghost’s two most dangerous enemies, Milan and Kanan, are using the mistrust for their own evil ends.

Ghost has finally met his match in Milan. The Serbian drug lord has proven even more deadly and cunning than Ghost, and continues his vice-like grip on Ghost’s life. Dre informs Ghost that Karen Bassett has taken her hotel deal elsewhere, killing Ghost’s dream of expanding his nightclub empire. Ghost also gets a visit from MJ, who offers Ghost full immunity in exchange for his testimony against Angela.

Tommy wakes up in Milan’s headquarters, still bruised and bloody from his beatdown at the hands of Milan’s henchmen. Milan, sensing a rift between Tommy and Ghost, tells Tommy that if he plays his cards right, he can take Milan’s place when he retires. He orders Tommy to call his other drug lieutenants for a meeting at Truth to discuss pushing more product in Ghost’s nightclubs.

Tasha gets a surprise visit from Milan at Keisha’s beauty salon. Milan seems impressed by Tasha’s scheme of laundering Tommy’s dirty drug money through the salon, but Tasha warns Milan that Keisha is in the dark about their operation and it should stay that way. An eavesdropping Keisha accidentally drops some hair rollers and Milan helps her clean up. When Milan leaves, Keisha tears into Tasha, livid her best friend would betray her so deeply. “I could go to jail! If I get caught, who’s going to raise my son?” Now that Milan knows about the salon being a front, Tasha tells her she can’t stop the money laundering or it will raise suspicion.

Milan isn’t the only threat to the St. Patrick family; Kanan follows Dre and Tariq and introduces himself as an old family friend of Ghost’s. Dre, all too familiar with Kanan’s murderous tendencies, cuts short Tariq’s basketball practice and takes him home. Kanan stops by Tariq’s school the next day and offers to give him a tour of the neighborhood where Ghost grew up. Kanan takes Tariq back to his apartment with the intent to kill him, but when Tariq confesses he hates his father and wants to get back at him, Kanan realizes Tariq can be of use to him in his vendetta against Ghost.

Tasha comes to Ghost and Tommy’s rescue yet again when Angela presses her about the two men’s alibis on the night of Lobos’ murder. Tasha lies and claims Tommy spent the whole day with his mother, and gives Tommy a heads-up that Angela is hot on his trail. Tommy finds Angela interrogating his mother at her home in Long Island and backs up Kate’s story that he was home with her watching television. Tommy and Angela can barely conceal their hate for each other, but both realize they have to work together to avoid jail time.

Tommy gathers his drug lieutenants for a meeting at Truth to discuss distributing Milan’s product. When Tommy informs them they’ll have to pay upfront, Jae Shin stands up and objects. Just as Jae Shin tells Tommy his suspicion that he was behind his son’s death, one of Milan’s goons grabs Jae Shin and kills him, driving a knife into his neck.

Angela makes a desperate decision to cover for both herself and Ghost. She visits Greg and shows him the surveillance video of Ghost going out for a run at the hotel on the night Lobos was murdered. She allows Greg to make love with her in the hopes he’ll give up his pursuit of Ghost, but Greg doesn’t fall for it. While Angela is in the bathroom, Greg texts Medina: “I think Angela is working with St. Patrick. I think we can get them both.”

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