Just as Ghost eliminates one threat, another arises
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S3 E6
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Who is Jamie “Ghost” St. Patrick? For the past three seasons, we’ve watched Jamie/Ghost navigate between identities; Jamie St. Patrick is an upstanding businessman with three successful nightclubs, a devoted husband and father. “Ghost” is a cutthroat mobster who’s left a bloody trail of bodies to reach the top of his game. This cognitive dissonance came to a head in tonight’s episode, as Jamie/Ghost realizes a frightening truth — there is no getting out.

After helping Tommy cover up Holly’s murder, Ghost tries to get Tommy to focus at the task at hand: to kill Lobos. In order for their plan to work, Ghost enlists Tasha. Ghost has already established his alibi by accepting Karen Bassett’s invitation to spend the night at her estate. Tasha will accompany him so they can appear as a happily married couple. Still worried about Tommy’s state of mind, Ghost suggests that he spend the night over at Tasha’s. Unaware of Holly’s death, Tasha wonders why she hasn’t heard from her. “Did they break up? Is it about the baby?” While Ghost hides his surprise about Holly’s pregnancy, Tasha blames herself for pushing Holly to tell Tommy the truth.

Greg and Michael have a department meeting to coordinate Lobos’ transfer to Washington D.C. Agent Donovan points out that moving Lobos will be risky since the Jimenez brothers have put a hit out on Lobos. Greg suggests they avoid using armored transport and stay off the main roads in civilian cars. Donovan approves and makes Greg the point man for the mission.

Dean stops by Ghost’s office and instead of showing Dean gratitude for rescuing him and his son from the Jamaicans, Ghost chastises him and tells Dean he will no longer need his security services. Dean asks Ghost if he plans on killing Lobos. Ghost is visibly shaken by Dean’s insight, but maintains his composure as he tells Dean to leave the premises.

Later that evening, Ghost packs for his overnight trip and invites Angela along. Angela declines (which Ghost expected her to do), since she will be part of coordinating Lobos’ transport. As usual, whenever Ghost and Angela keep secrets from each other, they resort to having sex.

The next day Ghost and Tasha arrive at Karen’s estate with smiles planted on their faces. Karen stops by to check on her guests; Tasha tells Karen that Ghost is in the shower, but Karen tells Tasha she can wait until the next morning to meet with him. Tasha walks over to the empty shower and turns off the water — it was all a ploy to aid in Ghost’s alibi while he’s off to kill Lobos.

Greg and his team are on the road with Lobos, when they’re ambushed by a group of masked men. In the mayhem, Lobos is taken by two of the attackers, and his ankle monitor is cut off. Once they take off in the getaway car, the identities of Lobos’ rescuers are revealed: Hugo (Lobos’ henchman) and Tommy. Tommy decides to take a different route to avoid “eyes in the sky,” which makes Hugo nervous. Tommy parks under a highway underpass, when Ghost comes out of the shadows and shoots Hugo right between the eyes. Lobos laughs when he realizes Tommy double-crossed him. Tommy and Ghost take Lobos out to an abandoned field, where Ghost has already dug his grave. Lobos laughs and tells Ghost, “One day you will find yourself standing right here. God doesn’t take men like us peacefully.”

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Tommy is about to pull the trigger when Lobos’ cell phone goes off. Ghost and Tommy panic, knowing it will only be a matter of time until the feds track Lobos’ location through the GPS in his phone. While Tommy and Ghost argue, Lobos runs away. Tommy and Ghost split up, and when Ghost has his back turned, Lobos attacks him. Ghost overpowers him and shoots him twice in the chest. When Tommy asks what they should do with the body, Ghost replies coldly, “Let the vultures have him.”

Angela is freaked out by Lobos’ escape and frantically texts Ghost. She is relieved when Ghost texts back, assuring her he is fine. What Angela doesn’t know is that Tasha is the one texting her. When Ghost returns to their hotel room, Tasha hands him back his cell phone and taunts him. “She’s been texting you all day. Doesn’t she have a job?” Ghost takes a look at the text exchange and comments that Tasha sounds just like him. Tasha tells him it wasn’t hard, because that’s how he used to communicate with her when they were in love.

Tasha then confronts Ghosts by handing him the separation papers she found in his overnight bag. Tasha shows her hurt and tells Ghost getting rid of his old life won’t be so easy. “You think Angela will cover for you when she finds out you killed Lobos?” Ghost reminds Tasha that since she accompanied him on his trip, she is now an accessory to a crime. Tasha comes to the ugly realization that Ghost only included her in his plan in order to blackmail her into signing the separation papers. Disgusted with the man she once loved, Tasha hands him the documents; she had signed them earlier.


Tommy is livid when he gets the news and takes his anger out on Ghost. “He was in your clubs and around your family. How could you miss that?” Tommy then turns on Ghost and tells him they wouldn’t be in this mess if Ghost had killed Angela the minute he found out she was working for the Feds. Tommy, still in anguish over Holly finds a way to get back at Angela. As long as Angela is around, she will be a weakness Milan will use against him. “You know what you have to do,” Tommy tells his best friend, as an evil smirk covers his face.

Ghost goes back to Angela’s and announces he’s breaking up with her. Angela, confused and hurt, asks why. Ghost lies and says they were living a dream by living in the past. “Do you really want your 15-year-old self to make decisions?” Ghost walks out, leaving Angela falls to the floor, emotionally devastated.

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