One shocking death (and another near-miss) leads to Ghost and Tommy's reconciliation
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Tonight’s episode reached peak critical mass as Ghost, Angela, Tommy, and Dre all faced the consequences of their actions. Since Angela decided to be with Ghost, she’s been struggling to reconcile with his life of crime. Now that Ruiz is in federal custody to testify against Lobos, Angela is well aware her future with Ghost is at stake. Angela tells her lover there are too many obstacles for them to overcome. When Ghost asks her to elaborate, Angela uses a bit of misdirection by reminding Ghost he’s still married to Tasha.

Michael visits Lobos and updates him on Ruiz. Livid, Lobos tears into Michael and demands he send his hit man, Hugo, to find Ruiz and kill him before he testifies. Michael tries to talk Lobos out of this idea, saying “I can’t have another witness killed on my watch.” This further enrages Lobos, who turns the tables and threatens Michael. “I sometimes ask myself who I should kill first — you, or your daughter?”

Angela heads to Greg’s apartment in an attempt to dissuade him from his campaign to take down Ghost, but Greg’s pride won’t allow it. Later, when they meet with the task force, Greg asks to change strategy: Instead of just giving up Lobos, Greg also wants Ruiz to reveal Ghost’s real identity. Angela warns this might anger Ruiz and his lawyer, but the opportunity to take down Lobos’ whole network is too good a chance to pass up, so their boss signs off on Greg’s plan.

Tommy, still shaken from the Koreans’ drive-by shooting, gets a surprise visit from his mother, Kate. Holly witnesses firsthand the unconventional relationship Tommy shares with his mother. As they snort lines of coke together, Kate asks Holly how she and Tommy met. When Holly says they met at work, Kate remarks that sleeping with the boss is a good way to avoid work. Holly is too distracted to trade barbs with Kate, secretly texting the Jamaicans she hired to kill Ghost.

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Ghost decides to spend the day with Tariq and takes him to Truth, surprising him with tickets to a basketball game later that night. But Ghost tells Tariq he’ll have to help around the club to earn the tickets, and hands him over to Dre. Tariq confides to Dre that he’s disappointed with his father because he didn’t seem affected by Shawn’s death, but Dre assures him Ghost was deeply affected. Dre explains all fathers want the best for their children, and the reason he’s working at Truth is to provide a better life for his daughter. When Ghost checks in on Tariq, his son lets him know his affair with Angela hurt his family. “You just moved in with her, what kind of father does that?” Tariq asks, deeply upset. Ghost owns up to his mistakes and hugs Tariq, saying “A real man apologizes when he does something wrong.”

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Ghost’s day quickly goes downhill when his lawyer, Joe Proctor, informs him he spotted Ruiz being escorted into federal court. Proctor wonders why Angela didn’t tell him about this crucial news and concludes Angela isn’t out to protect Ghost. When Angela stops by, Ghost lays into his girlfriend and warns her that if she doesn’t care of the situation with Ruiz, he’ll have to take matters into his own hands. Knowing she’ll have to sabotage Ruiz’s testimony to protect Ghost, Angela says aloud, “I used to be a good person.” Angela asks to see Ruiz alone, and reminds him that he’s bound by honor to protect Ghost. “Soldado law says when a man saves your life, he is your brother for life.” When the state’s prosecutor asks Ruiz who Ghost really is, Ruiz stays mum.

Dre comes home from work and finds his baby daughter in the arms of Kanan, who reminds Dre of his betrayal as he stands precipitously close to the window. Dre pleads with Kanan not to hurt his child, offering to spy on Ghost in return.

Tommy finds out from Julio it was the Koreans who tried to kill him, and guesses it was Ghost who saved him. He tells Holly he’s headed over to Truth to thank Ghost, but Holly says it’s too late and tells him about the hit she put on Ghost. Tommy throws her against the wall, enraged by Holly’s actions, but she’s unapologetic. “You weren’t going to do anything, so I did it for you!” Their argument escalates quickly when Tommy orders Holly to leave and she taunts him, “Now that Ghost is dead, you don’t exist!” Tommy blacks out and chokes Holly to death.

Ghost and Tariq are rear-ended on their way to the basketball game. Ghost steps out of the car and comes face-to-face with the Jamaicans. Ghost looks back at Tariq (who has on his headphones and can’t hear anything) and closes his eyes, ready to meet his fate, when his security detail comes to the rescue and takes out Ghost’s would-be killers.

Ghost visits Tommy and is shocked to find Holly’s dead body. Ghost assures his best friend he’ll take care of everything. Ghost buries her remains, but not before handing Tommy the engagement ring he had given to Holly. The estranged pair realizes the only way they can survive is to team up and take down Lobos together.

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