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S3 E8
November 05, 2017 at 09:00 PM EST

With Jamie now squared away, Claire finds Jenny sitting outside. Jenny tells her that she never questioned Claire’s word in the past, even if it involved planting potatoes for an untold reason. But this, this she needs some explanation for.

“What I can tell you,” Claire says, “is that I love your brother very much. I never forgot him, or any of you. I never stopped wearing his wedding ring.”

“You were a sister to me,” Jenny says.

“I loved you too, Jenny,” Claire replies. “I still do. I’m only asking for a second chance.”

We’re left wondering whether Jenny will, indeed, give Claire that second chance.

Someone who’s not getting a second chance is Laoghaire. Jamie dispatches trusty lawyer Ned Gowan to see what can be done about his unfortunate union. Thankfully, given that Jamie’s marriage to Claire is still binding, his second marriage to Laoghaire isn’t legal. But that doesn’t mean she’s not going to try to weasel alimony out of him. Twenty pounds, to be exact, plus 10 pounds a year until the girls are wed. With Jamie no longer able to make money through smuggling and printing, he needs to come up with a way to pay her. Come to think of it, there is that box of treasure he left behind…

And so, Claire, Jamie, and Young Ian set a course for the island. Young Ian will do the swimming, as Jamie’s arm is still healing. Afterward, the three will go to France to have Jamie’s cousin swap the trove for pounds sterling. While Claire and Jamie wait atop an overlooking cliff for Young Ian, Claire makes known her reservations about the couple’s future.

“I’m afraid this is all a mistake,” she says. “I’m just not sure if we belong together anymore.”

“How can you say that?” Jamie asks.

“I had a life. We both had lives and families. It wasn’t the plan, but I didn’t hate Boston. I had a career, a home, friends, and you had your print shop in Edinburgh. It wasn’t really so bad, was it?”

“Being a printer was naught compared to being your husband.”

“Ever since I’ve arrived back, it’s been so much harder than I could ever imagine.”

“When has it ever been easy? But I apologized for it. I’ve done all I can to make it right. You belong with me. We’re mated for life, Sassenach. Will you risk the man I am for the sake of the one you once knew?”

Before Claire can give her answer, she notices a ship off in the distance — headed straight for the island Young Ian is on. Despite their screams of warning (I’m not sure how that would have really helped anyway), Young Ian is intercepted by the sailors, who steal him away unto their ship.

So much for “You can trust us.”

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Diana Gabaldon’s genre-bending time travel novel series comes to life in Starz’s series.
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