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As Bree and Claire are walking home, Bree says she recognizes the woman and wants to know who she is, reminding Claire that there are to be no lies between them. Claire tells her the truth. Then she reveals the only truth that really matters: Jamie is, most likely, still alive in the 18th century. Bree insists Claire return so she can be reunited with Jamie: “I love you but I don’t need you,” she tells her mother. “Not the way I did when I was little.”

With Bree’s blessing, Claire is truly free to go. But will she? It takes a bit more coaxing from Bree and assurances from Joe that she’s sexually attractive (“You’re a skinny white broad with too much hair and a great ass,” he tells her), but Claire makes up her mind. For good measure, she swipes some scalpels and penicillin from the hospital, since they’ll come in handy in 18th-century Scotland. Roger even suggests she could fashion herself a utility belt like the Caped Crusader! (The pop culture references throughout this episode were fun, weren’t they?) To further prepare Claire for her journey, Bree and Roger buy her some old Scottish coins for a Christmas present and Bree gifts her with a topaz (the daughter’s birthstone), since a gem is required to cross through the stones.

After fashioning her utility belt and raincoat couture, there’s one last step Claire must undertake to truly be ready to reunite with Jamie: dye her grays. (Honestly, I think Miss Clairol can suck it.) With that, she gives Bree her grandmother’s pearls and the deed to the house and is off, leaving the two youngsters to celebrate their American Christmas, which includes lobster rolls, Boston cream pie, and A Christmas Carol. Oh, and how could I forget, a smooch, too.

Thankfully, we’re spared from having to watch Claire journey through the stones another time, and instead flash directly to historical Edinburgh, just yards from Jamie’s print shop. She locates the building, with a beautifully etched sign at the front, ascends the stairs, and pushes the door open with bells chiming above.

“Is that you, Geordie?” Jamie calls out. “Where did you go to get the ash, all the way to Glasgow?”

“It isn’t Geordie,” Claire replies from the balcony overlooking Jamie at his work. “It’s me, Claire.”

He turns from his leaflets very slowly. And then faints.

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Diana Gabaldon’s genre-bending time travel novel series comes to life in Starz’s series.
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