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December 03, 2017 at 09:00 PM EST


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Drama, Romance, Sci-fi
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Caitriona Balfe, Sam Heughan
Ronald D. Moore
We gave it an A-

Here we rejoin Claire and Jamie, who have just arrived in Jamaica. Jamie tells the men to make quick work of unloading the Artemis so it won’t be spotted by Captain Leonard. On the docks he meets Jared’s employee Kenneth MacIver, whose welcome to Jamaica includes an invitation to the governor’s ball that evening. Jamie and Claire demur as they need to focus on finding Ian. MacIver tells them the Bruja came and went about a week ago and suggests they inquire after Ian at the slave market. There, one slave trader tells Jamie that the governor bought the slaves off the Bruja — good thing he and Claire have an invitation to his party.

Claire, meanwhile, has wandered off on her own through the market, viewing the trade with her rightfully disgusted 20th-century perspective. When she comes upon a slave trader attempting to demonstrate his slave’s virility, she loses it and rounds on him with her parasol. Jamie has to jump into the fray to rescue her from the growing melee, and she pleads for Jamie to help the slave. His solution? He buys the man in Claire’s name. When Claire learns of this, she insists they free him, but Jamie warns that it isn’t safe for the man in Jamaica. Claire tells the slave, Temeraire, that they will free him when they can but perhaps in the meantime he can do them a favor and they will be indebted to him. They task him with speaking to the governor’s slaves at the ball, to see if they know Ian’s whereabouts.

And so it is, Claire and a slightly incognito Jamie (that powdered wig!) arrive at the governor’s manse. Within minutes, Claire runs into a familiar face: Archibald Campbell. He and his sister Margaret have been working in Geillis’ employ in Jamaica (though Claire doesn’t know that just yet). The two make pleasantries while Mr. Willoughby and Margaret make some very meaningful eye contact. Jamie, too, finds himself reunited with a man from the past. As it turns out, the governor is none other than Lord John Grey! They exchange a few words before Lord John asks Jamie and Claire to speak in private.

Jamie’s first order of business is to inquire after Willie. Lord John explains that Willie and his wife will be along later in the summer, adding that Willie does, in fact, speak of Jamie from time to time. Jamie seems pleased but says that the only thing that really matters is that Willie is happy. Grey confirms that he is and goes on to explain how he ended up at this post through a series of “promotions.” He then offers to help find Ian any way he can. As he gestures, Jamie catches a glimpse of sparkling blue underneath Grey’s coat. It’s the sapphire Grey confiscated from Jamie while in prison. Grey has kept it all these years to remember their friendship. Claire, no dummy, senses Grey’s deep affection for her husband.

As the trio leave the governor’s quarters, Claire spies Geillis from afar. Or at least she thinks she spies Geillis, considering she thought her to be burned at the stake years before. (Recap continues on next page)

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