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November 26, 2017 at 09:00 PM EST

Realizing she’s at the Father’s mercy, Claire explains that, much like Fogden’s love for Ermenegilda, she has someone waiting for her in Jamaica, and getting to him (like, soon-ish) is of the utmost importance. He seems to understand — but adds that he’ll have to consult Coco tomorrow. Claire, always clever, beats him to the punch, though. The next morning, as she dresses in her freshly laundered and mended clothes, she begins a very loud conversation with Coco. When Father Fogden walks in on their discussion, she begins to relay the coconut’s positive outlook on the day’s travels. But cries of “Father, Father” soon interrupt. It’s Mamacita and she’s discovered the prized goat Arabella, slaughtered and roasted on a spit, the way the Chinese are known to do. Grief-stricken, Fogden pours a jar-full of bugs culled from the sacred cave at Abandawe in Jamaica. This cave, of course, was part of the ravings from Margaret Campbell in “Creme de Menthe.” (“Abandawe will devour ye!”) But that detail must sit for now as there’s another important one to be dealt with: the fact that a Chinese sailor has roasted the pig. Could Mr. Willoughby (and Jamie) somehow be on the island? Claire gets directions to the beach and runs.

We see that Jamie — and a much smaller crew — is indeed on the island, having washed ashore following a high-seas mishap. They’re repairing the masts in order to set sail once more, and here we get a nice juxtaposition of a sprinting Claire and a toiling Jamie. Will she make it in time? Not quite. The crew has already pushed back from the beach. She yells Jamie’s name to no avail, but then remembers the hand mirror she pilfered from Father Fogden and uses it to signal the ship. Jamie sees the signal and asks for the spy glass. “Sassenach!” he gasps, before returning to the beach and his wife. They have a lovely little reunion on the sand, where one of the Highlanders delivers the line of the night: “Mac Dubh’s wife turns up in the most unlikeliest of places, does she not?” Indeed she does.

As Mr. Willoughby sews up the gash on Claire’s arm from her jungle jaunt, Jamie is struck by inspiration. They have a bit of time before needing to sail off to Jamaica, so why not do something joyful…like throw a wedding. Yes, Fergus and Marsali shall be wed on the island that very night and, as luck would have it, Claire knows a priest. What Marsali really wants from Claire, however, is to know how to have sex without getting pregnant. She wants to enjoy marriage for now, not worry about a baby. Claire promises to tell her how once they get back to the ship, and Marsali seems to think Claire may not be “the devil” after all. During the ceremony, Jamie and Fergus also have a nice bonding moment when, in need of a surname for a proper ceremony, Jamie offers up his own to Fergus. Fergus Claudel Fraser. It has a nice ring to it.

Later, back on the boat, a turtle soup-slurping Claire asks Jamie to help administer her penicillin shot. She’s running a fever from her arm injury and needs antibiotics. “Here’s your chance for revenge if you want it,” she drunkenly teases him (the stew is spiked), handing him the needle. “You want me to stab you in the ass with this?” he asks. She nods, but he can’t do it. She takes the needle from him and stabs her bottom; he depresses the plunger. With a mischievous glint in her eye, Claire tells Jamie to the bolt the door. Mr. Willoughby comes knocking, asking if she needs more soup, but her hands are, quite literally, full at the moment…

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Diana Gabaldon’s genre-bending time travel novel series comes to life in Starz’s series.
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