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S3 E10
November 19, 2017 at 09:00 PM EST

As Claire continues to minister to the sick, she gets a call about a new victim — the husband of Mistress Johansen, who tends the ship’s goats. But it isn’t typhoid the man suffers from; it’s alcohol poisoning. He took it upon himself to drink nearly a whole jar of the distilled liquid meant to serve as a disinfectant. But he’ll live. As she makes to leave, Claire spies a colorful swathe of fabric — it’s the Portuguese flag. Hopeful, she seeks out the captain to identify the ship they rendezvoused with a few weeks prior. He’s not in his office, so Claire leafs through his log. She finds the ship in question (it’s not the Bruja), and she also stumbles upon some troubling information. It turns out, a Mr. Harry Tompkins recognized Jamie, and they’ve jotted down the traitor’s information, including his whereabouts on the Artemis.

In order to track down this Tompkins, Claire tells Elias a lie (so many lies this season!). She tells him the man is a second typhoid carrier on the ship and needs to be brought in. It’s not long before a ragged man is dragged in front of her — and it’s not a new face. It’s the exciseman’s sidekick who attacked Ian in the print shop! She asks to examine him privately, grabbing one of her many sharp surgical tools.

“Now, you’re going to tell me exactly what you know about my husband,” she warns him.

He doesn’t blanch: “I’d be more than happy to see the inside of a casket,” he replies. After all, he’s been disfigured from the print shop accident and forced into service on a ship full of disease. Anything would be better, really. But he does tell her what he knows: There’s not only a warrant out on Jamie for treason but also for murder, because that body entombed in the keg of creme de menthe has been uncovered. (You’ll remember the deceased was Claire’s victim, not Jamie’s.) Claire realizes she has no way of warning her husband about his fate once he steps onto the beaches of Jamaica and, in fact, she’s being used as bait.

Claire tells her woes to Mistress Johansen, who wants to help. But her advice is puzzling: “My goats need grass.”

One thing Claire needn’t worry about is the spread of typhoid — the disease now seems to be contained. Except, it claims one final victim: poor young Mr. Pound. Claire missed the signs — she thought he was just overworked and tired. As his body is being stitched into a bag for his burial at sea, Claire drops the rabbit’s foot he gave her onto his chest. The man preparing Elias’ body offers Claire the final stitch: “It should be done by a friend.”

The next day, the Porpoise reaches Grand Turk, and Claire finally understands Mistress Johansen’s words. She and Claire embark for the island to feed the goats, and Mistress Johansen tells her to flee and she’ll cover. Claire doesn’t get very far before running into Captain Leonard doing rounds on the island. She lies and says she was looking for herbs. He says she must go back to the ship: “I cannot let you warn your husband,” he says. So he knows for sure about Jamie and isn’t going to “look the other way.”

Mistress Johansen isn’t done with Claire yet, though. That night, when she spots lights on the horizon, she tells Claire to jump overboard — she’ll throw a few floating barrels after her to use as a raft. Claire, obviously, is not keen on throwing herself into the ocean in the middle of the night. But Mistress Johansen insists. So, stripped down to her underthings, Claire takes the plunge. Literally.

Jamie, meanwhile, is finally being freed from his cell as there is an all-hands-on-deck situation on the Artemis. He’s given this “privilege” thanks to Marsali petitioning the captain, and he’s forced to give his word that he won’t try to escape. (We know Jamie is a man of his word.) Touched by Marsali’s act (and perhaps even by Fergus’ defiance), Jamie gives them his long-awaited blessing to get married in Jamaica. By a priest. Here’s hoping fugitive Jamie actually makes it to the ceremony!

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Diana Gabaldon’s genre-bending time travel novel series comes to life in Starz’s series.
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