Cue 'Eye of the Tiger': It's training day

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S2 E9

After last week’s bit of wheel-spinning, I was looking forward to exciting, plot-propelling action on Outlander. But “Je Suis Prest” amounted to little more than a 60-minute training montage — without the benefits of a Survivor soundtrack or meat punching bags. So with that in mind, I’m going to eschew my typical recap format for a bulleted list of noteworthy things/moments:

  • Dougal, Angus, and Rupert are back! They’ve come to join forces with Jamie’s Lallybroch gang to fight on behalf of Bonnie Prince Charlie. (Dougal is especially chuffed that Jamie has joined the Jacobite cause. Little does he know the Scot’s true intent…)
  • Claire is suffering from PTSD. Watching Jamie train his rag-tag group of warriors causes the Sassenach to flash back to her time as a nurse during World War II, and the memories are disturbing, to say the least. (During one particularly terrifying recollection, we see Claire’s Jeep take fire, after which she’s left alone — the sole survivor, apparently — trembling in a ditch until morning.) I don’t remember author Diana Gabaldon exploring in-depth the emotional scars of Claire’s wartime occupation, and these events add yet another facet to our complicated heroine. Jamie ultimately offers to send Claire home, but she won’t have it.
  • A bit of a power struggle ensues between Jamie and his uncle, with Dougal eventually (and surprisingly) relenting to Jamie’s authority. How long will this last?
  • The one bit of intrigue to happen this episode (which readers will certainly recall from Dragonfly in Amber), is a scene in which a young British soldier wanders into camp and tries to kill Jamie. Being the benevolent lord he is, Jamie decides to spare his life but uses a little subterfuge to do it (saving some of the boy’s dignity in the process). He grabs Claire and threatens to ravish her if the soldier doesn’t divulge where his fellow troops are hiding. He ultimately does, and Jamie and his men infiltrate the camp in the middle of the night and burn their wagon wheels. The Red Coats won’t be carting their cannons anywhere anytime soon.
  • The episode closes with Jamie, Claire, Dougal, and the rest of their clansmen joining Bonnie Prince Charlie’s encampment, which means war is upon us.

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Weigh in below, and be sure to tune in to Outlander Live on SiriusXM 105 for a deep dive into “Je Suis Prest” with Lynette Rice and me.

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