Don't mess with Mrs. S.
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Does an eye for an eye make the whole world blind? Siobhan doesn’t seem to think so, or at least not in the case of Detective Duko and her mother.

I was slightly surprised that she did shoot him — at the very least, Duko could have been useful had he been willing to double-cross Evie and help them — but then again, everyone’s moral compasses are a bit skewed on this show. What surprised me even more was that for a moment there, I did think Alison might betray Sarah to help Donnie. Should’ve known she’d pick sestras over mestras.

As another episode passes without a glimpse or mention of Helena (Seriously, where is she?! What is she eating? I demand answers!), it’s time to put the Leda clones we did see this week through the Orphan Black Clone Status Hyper-Sequence Generator Calcutron and see where things stand now that we’re getting into the season 4 home stretch.


Donnie Hendrix, chatty jailbird. Before even getting to enjoy his gross prison food, Donnie talks himself up to a seemingly friendly inmate, bragging about his “alleged” (wink wink) trafficking in prescription pills and how it was a large-scale operation. Big mistake. A much less friendly guy drops in and warns that he knows everything about Donnie and is there to keep an eye on him… literally, since the guy has a Neolution eye symbol tattooed on his hand. Yikes.

Lucky(?) for him, Felix has gotten Adele to offer her legal services — she’s a lawyer, or was one until she got suspended for being drunk in court, but the price is also right since the Hendrixes’ accounts are frozen. But Felix forgot that Adele wouldn’t know that Sarah and Alison are clones, so when she walks in he spins a story that they’re twin sisters. Sort of true! Adele’s take on Alison: “You look just like [Sarah], except with less anger and more hygiene!”

Donnie’s stuck in jail the whole weekend because he was arrested on a Friday and there won’t be bail hearings until Monday. This is a problem, but also obviously planned as such to threaten him and put pressure on Alison. And it does — when she meets with Duko, he says her family will be left alone so long as he can find Sarah. Understandably, this puts her on edge, enough to swear for real — in front of a priest, no less! — when she drops that box of costumes at the church and make her consider downing an airline bottle of vodka she finds during Jesus Christ Superstar rehearsals (Yup, those are still happening. The show must go on, right?).

After insisting she doesn’t know where Sarah is, Duko offers her a phone with a final threat — Donnie is on the other end of the line, being threatened with a shank. She caves (or seems to) and gives up that Sarah will be at the Rabbit Hole comics shop that night.

And in one of the most bizarre sequences I’ve seen on this show in a while, we get Alison performing in JCS rehearsals while Donnie gets pummeled in prison. Of course, it turns out, Mrs. Hendrix didn’t really give up Sarah – she just sent Duko straight into their waiting hands (more on that below). As Sarah puts it, “I guess genetics are thicker than water. Funny how that works.” With him cornered, Duko calls off the hit on Donnie, and a relieved Alison gets the word from Felix while she’s on stage, mid-performance.


Even when she’s nursing a two-day hangover, Sarah is the glue that keeps these sisters together, just like Felix said the other week. She promises Cosima they’ll find Delphine if she’s alive, and she allows M.K. back into the sestra fold even after her incident with Ferdinand.

But while she’s teaming up with M.K. and Cosima, Mrs. S has vengeance on her mind — namely, she’s taking a day trip with her rifle in tow to try and track down Duko. Art and Sarah race to find Duko before she can (he’s a crooked cop, but killing a cop would still be bad for everyone, Art warns), but she beats them to it only to see Alison getting into the detective’s car. So she’s the one who realizes how Evie and Neolution were trying to track down Sarah & Co., and it was through putting pressure on Alison.

When they have him captive in the comics shop, S restrains Duko and tortures him with jumper cables, demanding to know what Evie’s next movie is. He says she’s gotten approval for her bot program and wants to implant them in millions of people under the guise of gene therapy. But what do they really do? He doesn’t know. He also claims Neolution threatened his niece and that he took payments from them in an offshore account so his niece could be taken care of. It was all for his family, he pleads with her.

But S swapped the jumper cables for a gun, which she loads and shoots him with head-on. “This is for my Ma.” For family, indeed. Don’t mess with Mrs. S.

NEXT: Cosima re-teams with Susan Duncan and gets a new idea


With M.K.’s help, Cosima makes contact with Susan Duncan in her island hideout and proposes they work together for a cure — so long as Rachel and Ira stay out of it. (That “Yo, Rachel” was pretty great, wasn’t it?) She shares what’s left of her lab notes and begins consulting with both Susan and Scott, discussing what they’ve tried before, and gets an idea — the original is gone (RIP, Kendall), but there’s another way to unite her DNA: a Leda egg fertilized with Castor sperm from Ira. Paging Sarah…

She’s hesitant, but Cosima assures Sarah it’s the best plan they’ve got. “This is the breakthrough we’ve been waiting for,” she says. But they can’t do it alone, and she needs to go to Duncan HQ to make it happen. So Sarah goes through with the egg extraction and Cosima takes a ride in a helicopter to what Scott calls a mad scientist’s island hideout. But she’s okay with that. “We’re all mad scientists,” she tells him, “don’t be a hater.”


Rachel is fueled by her ambition to find a cure for the clone disease and reclaim Neolution from Evie — so much so that when she talks about it to Ira, she stands without crutches and her struggle to speak disappears. And when Susan agrees to start working with Cosima, Rachel wants her to think bigger — she wants to team with Sarah & Co. to oust Evie and return Susan to her spot as the head of Neolution.

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But there’s still the problem with that swan. She only sees it in her cyber eye, and it glitches and shorts out. Ira says everything appears to be normal, but something is obviously amiss. And when she gives that final rallying cry to Duncan, she sees it again — but this time, it’s not just glitching, but also beheaded. That can’t be good.


“What we don’t know about M.K. could fill a library,” Sarah comments at one point in this episode, but it’s true.

Her hacker skills come to good use in finding Susan, and also tracking down Duko’s offshore accounts. Her thank you to Sarah is also touching, grateful for being allowed back in the fold after realizing they’re all stronger together than they are alone.

But there’s a big thing M.K.’s hiding. Once the computers are off and the masks are away, we see she’s coughing up blood — meaning she also has the clone disease, and Cosima isn’t the only one who needs a cure fast.

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