We officially meet Clone Krystal.
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Yikes! We are no longer in respite mode. Episode 8 made it very clear that the Ledas are up against some powerful enemies, including the government who has planted a mole inside their tightly knit group. And we are hurtling toward the finale as the episode aptly titled: “Ruthless in Purpose, and Insidious in Method” from Eisenhower’s farewell address showed us tonight. This high-stakes game has officially launched into overdrive. We finally got to meet Krystal Goderich, the clone from the season premiere who was almost kidnapped by Rudy and Seth. And her position is a precarious one. She’s one more clone deemed expendable in the name of this crazy experiment. What happened to Krystal in this episode is exactly what Sarah has been fighting against this whole season in her never-ending quest to save her sisters.

Everyone is after the clue to original genome that will hopefully save Cosima and provide the answers for how the cloning is possible. Duncan’s crazy sketchings in his Dr. Moreau paperback provides those clues and it’s not only Cosima and Scott that know about it now. Rachel has tipped off Dyad and a mole inside Leda has informed the Castors. It’s Shay right? She told the CIA and they sent Rudy to retrieve it from Scott’s apartment?

But on top of the Castors, Rachel and Dr. Nealon have their own agenda going on, and Delphine only knows part of it. Lots of secrets revealed as a lot more questions are raised. Just who is Rachel’s new blonde caretaker? Someone new? If Mrs. S. gets to the Castor original, she kills him. What does Rachel do? But beyond the questions it was an episode that made us understand the motives of these characters even better, especially Sarah and her aching need to save her family. But she’s not the only one suffering. Cosima is clearly conflicted and Krystal is the saddest victim of all. Let’s put the clones through the Orphan Black Clone Status Hyper-Sequence Generator Calcutron to see just who we grieve with the most this episode.

1. Krystal

The newest clone is no dope. Though we don’t get to meet her for long, just like American-accented Felix, we feel for her right away. She’s obsessed with her near abduction by Rudy and Seth—the one who left her previous boyfriend (i.e. Monitor) Hector dead. And she’s taken to investigating the weird happenings in her life on her own—the security guards with machine guns, the boyfriends who disappear on schedule every two years. Yes, she can’t keep her mouth shut to every client she meets and her taste in clothing is questionable but I was on Felix’s side—I wanted her in Clone Club. I get why Sarah was hoping she could keep her naïve. That ignorance is a source of freedom but perhaps ignorance wouldn’t have landed her in a coma about to lose an eye to Rachel and Dr. Nealon.

2. Rachel

We begin this episode feeling actual empathy for Rachel. She’s been totally neutered at Dyad. Delphine finds her a threat and wants to eliminate her. (I tell you straightening that hair has done things to our favorite French scientist.) And while Rachel’s getting stronger—and incredibly more manipulating—she is still not back to herself. Or is she? Turns out the Clone Club’s need for her translation skills overwhelms any better judgment to not trust this woman. And so Rachel, Sarah, and a dangerous pencil are reunited once again. We learn a snippet of Duncan’s work: “In London town we all fell down and Castor woke from slumber.” And then all hell breaks loose with Delphine and Dr. Nealon breaking up the sister reunification. But Rachel and Dr. Nealon pulled a fast one over on everyone, including Delphine. The kidnapping of Krystal allowed Rachel to get to London to find the original genome, while poor Krystal is in a coma, awaiting a surgery that will leave her cycloptic. Is there any justice?

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3. Cosima

Ahh, Cosima, drunk in lust. Bringing her pretty Bohemian to the top-secret lab against her better judgment puts into action a series of events that ultimately ends in Castor Rudy showing up at Scott’s house to get all Dr. Evil up on the nerdy scientist and his poor kitty cat. (“What kind of monster threatens a man’s cat?”) I hope Scott’s more of a formidable opponent in his Rune Wars game then he is as a protector of Dr. Moreau. Cosima may be in lust with Shay, but her feelings for Delphine are not totally gone. She admits that it was the vision of Delphine that brought her back from her near-death experience and that Delphine really crushed her upon her return. But, alas, no French kissing with Frenchy will bring her to fully trust her, and Cosima ultimately resigns her position at Dyad while she’s orchestrating Rachel’s escape. It’s a resignation Delphine finally accepts after learning that Cosima had no intention of ever telling her the truth regarding the Dr. Moreau book. And then Delphine drops the bomb, informing Cosima that Shay is a Castor spy and therefore the one that turned Rudy and his CIA bosses onto the book. Now it’s a race to London to nab the original genome. Who will get there first?

4. Sarah

Sarah and her need to solve this mystery is an obsession that has overtaken everything. She’s doing it for her sisters, for Kira, and even for Beth, trying to finish what her deceased police officer started. And her unwillingness to educate Krystal on the story of the clones is bred from both a desire to protect and an inability to bring anyone else under her web of protection. Her burden is overwhelming—and it’s causing her to take unnecessary risks—like trusting Rachel and agreeing to her demands. She of course ropes Felix into her plan—trekking out to Krystal’s manicure shop to steal her identity to help Rachel achieve her idyllic future of tranquility in Taiwan. (Taiwan? Why?) And all Felix asks in return is to control the playlist. One of my favorite scenes this episode was Felix in the manicure chair with his Bluetooth in, his American accent on, wrestling with his desire to educate Krystal with his need to respect Sarah’s wishes. Jordan Gavaris was just so good in this episode with his truth voice and his invaluable advice to Krystal. I just loved his line “You’re a survivor Krystal, and you’re not alone.”

5. Helena

Oh Helena! You crazy loon! Coming on to Donnie, “the baby ox.” Playing dress-up with Alison’s daughter. Hiding the nitrogen tank she believes carries her babies at Bubbles. Who else thought the place was going to blow after Jason knocked Donnie out during their big confrontation? And her sweet moment with Gracie, when she promises her she will be the auntie to her baby. Even dressed up in Alison’s preppy clothes can’t keep the crazy inside and Helena gets more interesting every episode. She and her nitrogen tank will clearly be integral parts of the final two episodes as the season finale looms.

6. Alison

Well Alison finally got the kiss from Jason Kellerman she really wanted, but it’s not going to be enough to make her leave Donnie. I mean why would she? Donnie, the man who took her name, is growing bigger cajones each week. First he tries to man up, ineffectively, with the Portuguese mafia, and now he threatens Jason flat out, surreptitiously arranging a date to meet him at Bubbles. Yes, he gets knocked unconscious but first he gets in one of the best lines of the night: “I may be a bitch, but I’m Alison’s bitch. You’re just a stupid dropout.”

This episode was action-packed, Clone Club. And I’m sure I missed some key details. But the season is all coming together in an exciting way, making me forgive the creators for some of the early detours. Do you all agree? Until next week, stay away from sexy bohemians, high-school boyfriends and baby oxen.

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